Jon Beason’s civil trial starts Monday


Panthers linebacker Jon Beason will be in court Monday for an incident in 2009 in which he is accused of punching a man in the face.

Gary Wright of the Charlotte Observer writes that Beason is accused in a civil trial of attacking Gregory Frye at a club after Frye told Beason’s teammate Donte Rosario that he saw Beason “up at the lake doing coke with some girl.”  That remark reportedly enraged Beason.

“I think Mr. Frye is living in fantasyland if he thinks Jon Beason ever snorted cocaine,” said Beason’s attorney, George Laughrun.

Beason was arrested in 2009, but a criminal assault charge against him was quickly dismissed for lack of evidence.   No witnesses came forward to corroborate Frye’s story.

(No word on whether any charges will be brought against NFL Network for their criminal underrating of Beason in their top 100 player series.)

12 responses to “Jon Beason’s civil trial starts Monday

  1. I bet Nate Newton and Johnny Jolly love this story… Maurice Clarett is STILL laughing.

  2. I think Mr.Beason is living in a fantasy world if he think’s i’m doing this for free said Beason’s attorney George Laughrun……..there fixed it

  3. This sounds like a guy just trying to make a buck off a well compensated player by abusing the court system.
    I am sick of lawsuit nation.

  4. This Frye kid is trash, I hope Beason turns around and sues him for defamation, etc… the real story here is that this Frye kid was going around telling the waitresses at the strip club that he played for the Panthers.

    One of the waitresses asked Beason about it and Beason called him out so the guy came back with a nasty comment and got his ass kicked for it, sounds like justice to me.

  5. How is it the NFL Networks fault that top 100 PLAYERS of 2011 were decided by the PLAYERS, not the MEDIA, COACHES or the FANS.
    The players, for the 1st time in a long time have the ability to rate the players they play with and against. Regardless of what the media pundits or experts say, Game recognize Game

  6. Catman..interesting. No wonder Beason is so extra ticked off. Can’t blame him. I can’t even imagine JB being on drugs anyway.

    martinmayhew-I agree that players vote is a much better way in general to rate other players but with this show I have no idea if ALL players were asked, what the criteria were, etc. But i have to say I watched the first one and since McNabb is in their top 100, I don’t have to watch any more.

  7. It only takes 2-3 minutes in a conversation with Beason to know that he is incapable of doing anything like this. He has worked hard to build a stellar reputation and is someone I hope my children immulate. This jerk tried to smear Beason down to his level and now thinks he is entitled to some of his money? If I ever see him, I will punch him in the jaw too.

  8. Oh, and Michael Edits: I hope your comment was the dumbest you make this week. I feel, however, there will be many others.

  9. I know many of people who would love to be character witnesses against stuttering “Casey” Frye. Hopefully he has no skeletons in his closet. Was he 18 when dealing with crime stoppers at North Meck in 98′? Hmmmmm?

    I know for sure him and a couple of his frat buddies stepped on some toes at UNCC and he had to be of legal age by then.

    PLEASE!!!!! go ahead and put in a counter-suit Beason and Laughrun. This kid is pure trash.

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