Team PFT moves to .500

So with the NFL and the players playing hardball, we’ve decided that it’s time to follow the sport from which that metaphor arises.

Apart from the fact that the Pirates have beaten the Dodgers to climb to one game above .500 a whopping 35 games into the season, the youth baseball team sponsored by a certain football website stands at .500 only two games.

Earlier tonight, Team PFT took down a squad sponsored by the local Waste Management branch by the score of 12-1.  The opposition featured a second basemen who mimicked Lil John’s trademark “Yeeeaaaah” whenever anything went well, which as the final score indicates wasn’t all that often.

Team PFT is back in action on Friday.  Which means that Team PFT will be on the field long before any NFL team is.

For the season, Florio Jr. is 1-for-3 with two walks and two runs scored.  Playing left field, he snared last Thursday night a line drive that likely would have bounced off my skull if I’d been the one out there.