Vikings issue tepid response to Minneapolis offer

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With the Vikings finally managing to pit two local governments against each other in the contest to host the team’s new stadium, the franchise is playing the situation perfectly.

By feigning disinterest.

“The Minnesota Vikings appreciate Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis and Ramsey County for their participation in serious discussions regarding a new stadium for the team, our fans and the State of Minnesota over the last several months,” the team said in a press release, without acknowledging the fact that Hennepin County has declared itself out.  “Today the Vikings want to thank the City of Minneapolis for bringing forward a proposal to replace the Metrodome.  Team officials first saw a broad outline of this plan late last week.  The Vikings were not involved in developing the specifics of this proposal and have not agreed to any of the financing elements.  While we have concerns about provisions within the City’s proposal, the team will examine it in further detail and respond accordingly.”

In others words, “Guys, you’ll have to do better than this to top Ramsey County.”

That said, the Vikings shouldn’t be too coy.  At a time when the project finally is making progress, the worst thing the team could do is play too hard to get.

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  1. They might be tepid because Minneapolis screwed them out of a great deal in Anoka by offering to finance a new stadium and then withdrawing. once the Vikings moved further with Minneapolis and left the Anoka proposal.

    So you know, good history.

  2. After hearing this I hope the Vikings do move to LA-LA Land. Sports teams have taken public subsidies to far, especially with this crazy economy!

  3. Hey, they’re Vikings. They should just come ashore in their long boats along one of those 10,000 lakes, and pillage and rape and take what they want.

    They’re Vikings.

    Nothing “tepid” about a real Viking.

  4. How about the NFL pays its own way for a change… instead of bleeding it out of the taxpayers.

  5. Cat & Mouse with no current season planned seems like a terrible position for the Vikings to be in. It’s hard to commit to do business when your business is shut down.

    I think Ziggy needs to make some calls to the owners to get them to complain, then maybe this legal madness can end.

  6. Zygi has been eyeing the Arden Hills site all along, alot of room for additional development around that site, plus… wait for it….. ACTUAL STADIUM PARKING LOTS! No need to park in the HCMC parking ramp or any of the little 50 car lots downtown like you have to do now at the Metrodump.
    with actual on-site parking, you bring back tailgating and improve the overall experience. Plus being a land developer, they can put up new hotels, restaraunts, etc around the stadium and revitalize the area.

  7. They should just take the Ramsey Co. deal, they’re the ones that really wanted to give the Vikings the best offer in the first place. Besides, out in the burbs it’ll be just like the old days when they were in Bloomington.

  8. Get the deal done. I don’t like our tax money going towards a stadium either, but geez….take a look at some of the other stuff your tax money goes to.

    Last election, the state voted overwhelmingly to approve a .25% sales tax increase to be used towards “wildlife/parks” in a state that has a park on every corner already. The tax lasts for 20 years. I’ve already heard of some of that money going towards researching bowel movements in birds. ok? ya get my drift?

    but now we are gonna put up a stink about the Vikes? are you kidding?

  9. Just shut up and move the team to LA. They could play in the Rose Bowl and maybe draw 20,000 fans.

  10. Ramsey! Ramsey! Ramsey! Say it with me!
    Can you image what it would be like with an actual parking lot to tailgate? I heard it’s pretty fun to do before a sporting event. But wait, what will all the parking lot attendants do for income when they aren’t charging $20 or more for downtown event parking for 8 NFL games each year.

  11. At least they’ll save money on the facility by not having to make a room showcasing their championships.

  12. What a waste of time! Of course the Viking public in MN is going to end up financing the new stadium so that the team will stay in Minny. Just call us in six months after all the baloney is over with and tell us the shovel date.

  13. my forty yard line lower level season tickets are going to be sweet in the new place. ha-ha.

  14. The seas frothed with the blood of the slaughtered Sicilians after one of them called the Vikings “tepid”.

  15. So now Minneapolis wants in. Screw them. Arden Hills is where it will be. The Vikings are not interested in losing revenue by playing in the smaller TCF Stadium while a Minny stadium is built. They will be in the Dump Dome until the Arden Hills spread is ready.

  16. Enough with the “move them to LA” garbage, because it ISNT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    I’ve been to alot of the NFL stadiums, and I must say, the Ramsey County site has the room to put them all to shame.

    Anyone who has been to the Metrodome knows there is nothing down there. 1 bar across the street isnt the “downtown experience”. Downtown is Target Field, Target Center and Block E, NOT the Dome. The Arden Hills site has the ability to make more of a downtown feel across the board.


    Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on E-Bay?

    I put in a $20 bid for a “Mickey Mouse Outfit”

    Now it seems I’m only 7 hours away from possibly owning the Minnesota Vikings.


  18. NFL teams, while being very public examples, get very similar breaks as a lot of other, less publicized examples. It’s amazing how cities prostitute themselves what cities will do to attract new businesses. Some cities are even offering to change their laws, so businesses don’t have to comply with the same regulatory requirements mandated elsewhere. Righteous indignation and a buck will get you a coffee at 7-Eleven.

    So, it wouldn’t surprise me if certain cities proved to be inhospitable to the NFL or its teams, that there would be a laundry list of other cities desperate willing to host wayward NFL franchises.

  19. All you douche bags saying “move them to LA” can just shut your damn mouths. The Vikings aren’t leaving Minnesota, we aren’t giving that good-for-nothing city another one of our franchises. So to all of you Viking haters, eat me.

  20. Let me see if I understand this correctly… on one hand, with the current lockout, the owners/players are telling the fans they could care less about us… and on the other hand, they are telling us they want us buy them a new stadium.

  21. kernelreefer says:May 9, 2011 5:06 PM

    They might be tepid because Minneapolis screwed them out of a great deal in Anoka by offering to finance a new stadium and then withdrawing. once the Vikings moved further with Minneapolis and left the Anoka proposal.

    So you know, good history


    Poor little Rich Zygi. That’s what you get for screwing over Anoka County. Let’s see if we’ll drive our pickup trucks down to Arden Heights to sit in a toxic waste dump to watch terrible football…

  22. Didn’t they just report on this site that the NFL is considering “Shutting Down completely” if they loose the stay ruling?

    How do those economics work? They are saying that they are willing to kill the goose that lays the golden egg if they don’t get a bigger piece of egg… while telling those of us in Minnesota that we should pay more taxes since they will provide “such an economic benefit?” Really?

    Since you are still playing under a lease in the dome that we helped pay for shouldn’t you be more worried about fulfilling your obligation to your city to make sure no more games get missed? We already lost one last year and had another moved across town to a neighborhood that does not pay the higher taxes businesses in the shadow of the dome do “for the right to the economic benefit”.

    It is a joke to be asking for the public to finance this while simultaneously threatening to close up shop for good.

  23. How nice would it be not to have to drive down town to go to the game. I have driven throughout the metro and would much perfer to drive to Arden Hills than down town. All the “great” infurstructure that is down town is bs and with a little work everybody will get to the new site just fine and we wont have to walk blocks upon blocks to get get to the stadium. I don’t feel sorry for people who have drive 30 minutes (max) north to get the stadium , at least there will be ample parking and an opportunity to tailgate. Down town is so overated.

  24. loytomaki,

    If you dont want to pay for the stadium, its your choice. The state’s contribution would consist of a variety of so-called user taxes, such as a special lottery game, and would also have the state control revenue from the stadium’s naming rights.

    People bitched about The X. It revitalized St Paul’s business district and is one of (if not THE BEST rink in the NHL).

    People bitched about Target Field, and did the same as above for Minneapolis.

    If you cant see the loss financially letting the Vikings go will have on the state, youre very green on the issue.

  25. “shiftyshellshocked says:
    May 9, 2011 7:28 PM
    my forty yard line lower level season tickets are going to be sweet in the new place. ha-ha.”

    Based on the current trend of building stadiums, your 40 yard line lower level tickets will now be club tickets costing $350 to $500 a game per ticket with an added PSL price of $15,000 to $20,000 per seat.

  26. This is how a true Republican operates- he wants the government to pay his way through life so he can make money, and scream “socialism” when it tries to give a hand up to a poor minority kid who wants to go to college, or a senior citizen in need of medical care.

    The NFL ownership are a glaring example of the rich thieves who have usurped the government of the United States and who the wingers on here support. They’ve squandered trillions and you people keep on rooting for them.

  27. Just think….the stadium deal would be a lock if Favre hadn’t thrown that mind-numbing interception against New Orleans. Favre single-handedly caused nearly every fan/voter in the state to not care what happens to this team….then made sure of it by trying to come back. The effort to get the deal done now is ten times harder than it would have been with a SB trophy on the shelf.

  28. tombradysponytail says:
    May 9, 2011 10:17 PM
    Poor little Rich Zygi. That’s what you get for screwing over Anoka County. Let’s see if we’ll drive our pickup trucks down to Arden Heights to sit in a toxic waste dump to watch terrible football…

    I thought you were from New York, Tom? All of a sudden you’re driving your pickup truck to a fictional town. You sound a lot like a Packer fan to me.

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