Bad tickets from Urlacher’s brother left New Orleans mayor out in the cold

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A corruption trial in New Orleans has produced today’s oddest NFL-related story, involving Brian Urlacher’s brother selling tickets to the 2007 NFC Championship Game to someone who then gave the tickets to the mayor of New Orleans — only to find out they weren’t valid tickets to the game.

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports that Ed Burns, a witness in the trial of a former city vendor, said Urlacher’s brother later apologized for the mistake, which left then New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his wife sitting outside in the cold and unable to enter the Saints-Bears game.

It’s not clear how Urlacher’s brother came into possession of the invalid tickets, which he sold to Burns. But Nagin did eventually get into the game after pulling some strings at Soldier Field.

Given that the Bears won 39-14, Nagin probably would have preferred to miss it.

25 responses to “Bad tickets from Urlacher’s brother left New Orleans mayor out in the cold

  1. They’ll have DNA tickets eventually, then public toilets will be good for ….

  2. They were magical Golden Tickets for his factory that he mistakenly picked up instead of the game tickets….. its really just a bad mix-up. Mayor Wonka, please just go away so we can forget you!

  3. Doesn’t surprise me to hear this. He is the ultimate hanger-on. He’s a fixture in the club scene downtown Chicago and, from what I hear, kind of a scumbag.

  4. At least tell us that Nagin was beaten up by a group of rowdy fans. There has to be some feel good aspect to this story.

  5. it sucks that Nagin was still able to get into the game. he seems like a total sleaze.

  6. Nagin was/is an embarrassment to the city of New Orleans, Cox Communications, America, and African Americans.

  7. I give the guy props for still getting in. None of us would be able to pull that off

  8. Trailer Trash. Just typical trailer trash, who is living off his brother.

  9. Nagin should still be looking for that missing fleet of school buses.

  10. The NFL is lucky Nagin didn’t handle the SB game the same way he (and the inept Gov)handled the hurricane crisis.The Mayor (and Gov) didn’t allow the Feds into the State ,although ther Feds(Bush) tried to get into the State to prepare for Catrina several days before the hurricane even hit. If they (Nagin and the Gov) handled the SB the same way they did Catrina the NFL would have had to play the game a few weeks late or maybe in another State ?

  11. This was all due to a terrible misunderstanding. Urlacher’s brother was told he should give fitting for the mayor. So he gave fraudulent ones.

  12. footballhistorian says:
    May 10, 2011 3:41 PM
    Nagin should still be looking for that missing fleet of school buses.


    wut missing buses???? Trust me they weren’t missing they were in plain sight, ready for use, exactly where he would’ve need to go find buses…. they were there. There is no “missing” about that! I bet if you ask Spike Lee he’ll tell you that all the spark plugs were removed by a “certain group of ppl” so they were’t able to run. Anybody else find the look on Mike Meyers face PRICELESS when Kanye West made the Bush comment…. haha gets me every time!

  13. TIM says:
    May 10, 2011 3:56 PM
    The Mayor (and Gov) didn’t allow the Feds into the State ,although the Feds(Bush) tried to get into the State to prepare for Catrina several days before the hurricane even hit.

    Carl!? Carl Rove…it’s you again isn’t it? Carl…Please! Let it go. It was over a long time ago! Brownie did a hell-of-a-job.

  14. Chicago is not a high character city and many of the posters here are not high character posters. Between poisoning fans with toxic grain alcohol, allowing a fan to display a “Bears finishing what Katrina started” sign during that game, and laughing about selling the mayor of a city reeling from a disaster invalid tickets, I don’t know what low move Bears fans can do next, other than maybe throwing their own injured QB under the bus? Maybe Tank Williams who played that game for the Bears while under house arrest for resisting arrest and having ‘other peoples guns and drugs’ found in his home forged the tickets that ended up in possession of Urlacher’s brother. More likely the way the invalid tickets occurred is that if you have a paper ticket, and you select on ticketmaster to email the tickets to a friend as pdf, then the original tickets become invalid when the digital tickets are generated on the automated email.

  15. Why was the Mayor of New Orleans forced to use the brother of an opposing player in order to get fraudulent tickets to the NFCCG? One would think that Mr. Benson could have gotten a couple tickets for him. Just goes to show how much respect this idiot earned from his masterful handling of a natural disaster /end sarcasm/

  16. the one thumbs down to my last comment…… is that you Spike or Kanye?!?!? 1 guy from New York 1 guy from Chicago… neither of which know anything about NOLA past, present, or future so it probably would’ve been best you guys just never said anything. Spike’s claims were the most irresponsible, illogical, dillusional, and top 5 racist things ive ever heard. Yeah Spike “ole whitey” was plannin Katrina for years and in just a matter of days they put together a highly skilled demolition/explosion in sections of the levee system during a 155mph storm. Oh and lets not forget how whitey took out lakeview….. for anyone lost, look up Lakeview…. rich white area.

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