Dawkins organizes first Broncos workout


Members of the Broncos have gotten together for the first time this offseason to work out.  Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that safety Brian Dawkins, quarterback Kyle Orton, and others got together for a one-hour conditioning session.

Dawkins organized the session via text/e-mail over the weekend.  They plan to meet every Tuesday and Thursday.  For the first session, 15 showed up.

“This not about one way being the right way or another way is the wrong way,” Dawkins told Klis.  “This is about providing a safe haven for those who want to come out and work.”

Tim Tebow, arguably (or more strongly) the new face of the franchise, was not present.

“This was not a get-here-at-all-costs type of thing,” Dawkins said.  He explained that, in a few weeks, the players will hit the field and begin working through the playbook they received on April 29.

14 responses to “Dawkins organizes first Broncos workout

  1. A whole hour, wow. They must of met at a gym & this needs to be headline news. NFL Football players works out together, film at 11.

    We really need something else to talk about, like the NFL being in business instead of waiting until the regular season for the fans to force the players to concede.

  2. Conditioning is all these workouts really amount to– even if some players want to think they’re getting some type of competitive advantage.

    In reality, every offense and defense in the NFL changes on an annual basis; and if they’re working on anything other than route timing or conditioning they’re wasting their time.

  3. What’d they do, get together and play Madden 2010 for an hour? They would have gotten more out of it going to their local Golds Gym and lifted weights on their own.

  4. I don’t really care about how long they worked out. What I love is that two men have taken leadership roles on the team when some of their peers in the NFL would be throwing temper-tantrums that younger players have been drafted to replace them. This is how you last and are remembered in the NFL. Good job Dawk and Orton.

  5. Is Dawkins still under contract? I thought his deal with Denver expired after last season. I sure hope the Eagles do the right thing and ofter him a coaching job when he hangs em up. They need Dawk in the organization in some capacity to whip the young players into line.

  6. Brian Dawkins is just a class individual.
    Also, nice job getting a gratuitous cheap shot in on Tebow. You guys never miss a chance, do you?

  7. why so many thumb downs on my comment? dawkings is too old anyways and they can draft a good guy to replace at no. 1 overall….

  8. mfclock — chiefs just gonna light it up dude… when the broncos play us you guys better get out your paper and pen and take serious notes as we tear it up 😉

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