If Bush wants out of New Orleans, he can get out easily

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As Rosenthal was writing his post today regarding the connection between Reggie Bush’s most recent social media session and his eventual departure from the Saints, yours truly was making the case during PFT Live for the conclusion that Bush wants out.  (Rosenthal claims that his Internet connection prevented him from watching today’s PFT Live.  We believe that, but only if he means he chose not to use his Internet connection to access today’s PFT Live.)

If Bush wants out, he doesn’t have to do much to make it happen.  Indeed, he simply needs to do nothing at all.

With an $11.8 million salary that becomes guaranteed as of Week One (if the rules relating to termination pay apply in 2011) — or sooner if he suffers a season-ending injury during post-lockout workouts — the Saints will want to push Bush’s situation to a resolution sooner rather than later.  The choices are simple; cut him or trade him.  And since no other team will want to inherit a one-year, $11.8 million contract for a glorified third-down tailback and punt returner, no trade can happen without Bush agreeing to a new deal.  So if he simply refuses to redo his deal, he won’t be traded.

As mentioned during PFT Live, I’m intrigued by the possibility of Bush joining the Rams, where he would add sizzle to the franchise and provide much-needed relief for workhorse Steven Jackson.  Other intriguing possibilities include the Dolphins, Steelers, Colts, Chargers, Giants, Redskins, Bears, Packers, and Vikings.  We would have added the Seahawks to the list, but coach Pete Carroll’s failure to defend Bush last year when the USC situation hit the fan could be an impediment — along with the perception that Seahawks players don’t really register on the national radar screen.

Either way, if Bush has decided he wants out of New Orleans, he doesn’t have to say or do anything to make it happen.  He merely needs to do nothing.

45 responses to “If Bush wants out of New Orleans, he can get out easily

  1. Are you drawing teams out of a hat? There’s no way Ted Thompson and the Packers would sign him.

  2. It’d be inaccurate for me to call Reggie Bush a bust…be can we agree he didn’t exactly live up to expectations?

    Also, wow kyleortonsarm, I never thought I’d see an >implying on PFT.

  3. I’d love the packers to sign him. But as packer fans know, we don’t sign big name free agents. Especially since Ted loves to build through the draft. However, he would be a good signing, if they somehow made a exception. Reggie would help the packer return game, and make a impact something they have lacked since they had returners such as, Allen Rossum, Wil Blackmon,and even superbowl MVP Desmond Howard!…Sorry Jordy Nelson,but your not return material.

  4. Doing nothing… Isn’t that pretty much what Reggie does anyway? He’s a scatback/slot receiver who has no prayer of success running between the tackles. I still cannot fathom why the Saints spent a high first round pick on him.

  5. The steelers, colts, and packers scenarios baffle me. How exactly does he fit in with any of those teams

  6. NO WAY he goes to the Pats….

    So in order to get out of NO alls he has to do is “DO NOTHING”…shouldn’t be hard for him, he’s been doing that exact thing the last 5 years….

  7. He has thus far been highly disappointing, I doubt GMs are tripping over each other to get him. Bush might consider shutting up before NO hears enough.

  8. Seaheawks dont register on a national radar screen…neither does the whole city of Seattle..Seattle could fall into the ocean and no one around the rest of the country would even notice untill their starbucks didnt have anymore coffee..

  9. A team that finished #5 in total offense, #7 in total defense(better than REX all time crew) and failed to make the playoffs because they were awful special teams sure could use a Pr/Kr that can play 3rd down RB.

  10. Then again St Louis is just the home of the ugliest city and uniforms in the us so it might cramp reggies style…

  11. Of the teams you mentioned only the Redskins make sense. The only other two teams that make sense are the Eagles and the Raiders.

    Bush has an inflated ego and a much higher opinion of himself than anyone else has. He’s a glorified punt returner and 3rd down back that will want every down back money. Only the Redskins and Raiders are dumb enough to shell out that kind of money for a player like him.

    If he under some strange circumstance comes to his senses and is reasonable I could see the Eagles taking a flier on him. He has a little Westbrook in him and they used him very well. I also think he’d be a good complement to McCoy. And another electric possibility on special teams. Not an Eagles fan but just the thought of Bush and Jackson lining up for a reverse or fake reverse on a punt, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It would be AWESOME.

  12. Chicago could be a landing spot.

    Martz was able to create magic with Marshall Faulk and Bush has that same type of ability catching the ball out of the backfield.

  13. It would have to be an offense that relies heavily on using the runningback for anything other than running. In that case, Andy Reid and Reggie Bush would be a match made in heaven.

  14. :SIGH: lockout, dear lockout, when will thou end our days of misery. Please release thy iron grip from our minds and lead us from this toil.

    This post tells everyone what they already knew. I guess there are a lot of clicks on the Reggie Bush posts so it’s good to milk that cow while it’s still spewing milk all over the place.

  15. Yeah, even if you believe that Ted Thompson was high on Bush coming out, when you combine the Packers annual “I’ll pass” reaction to high priced free agency, and the fact that they just drafted a return man and a running back high in the draft last month, I would cross the Packers off the list.

  16. Not sure I would want him in MN for the kind of money he will want, because he’d be our #2. But it would be nice to have a RB to catch out of the backfield. They can trade him to us for Gerhart lol.

  17. This guy could be desean Jackson 2.0 if his next team play him at wr.
    Had saint switch him to full time wr desean Jackson would have been Reggie bush 2.0.

  18. What about the Jets? I mean, every player in the league wants to play for Rex Ryan, right?

  19. Yeah, name the last time the Giants signed a big-name free agent RB.

    Remove the Giants, please.

  20. I think any team should consider Bush at a reasonable price. His presence on the field alone has defenses re-align and plan, even if he ‘s not getting a touch. I think the Saints will miss his element of surprise type explosiveness. When he makes a play, boy is it a play.

  21. Wow, you listed 10 teams but the one team that fits him to a T wasn’t listed. He is probably a great fit for what the Eagles do. They shift their backs a whole lot. It appears the prerequisite for being a RB under Andy Reid is ability to block and catch the ball rather than actually running the ball. He also brings the added value of PR. In any case, Darren Sproles fits the mold as well

  22. Ted Thompson wouldn’t screw up the stew by adding the wrong ingredients.

  23. Seems like he has the best job in football. He gets about 100 touches, a lot less than a feature back, and makes more money than lots of feature backs. Seems like it would be in his best interest to stay in NO. He should be happy that the Saints have 3 feature backs, Thomas, Ingram, and Ivory, so that he can do what he does.

  24. “Of the teams you mentioned only the Redskins make sense. The only other two teams that make sense are the Eagles and the Raiders.”

    what kind of jacka$$ sentence structure is this???

  25. I can’t believe they didn’t cut this bust earlier. I didn’t think he was worth what he made last year at half the price. So far he’s been nothing but a third-down scat-back, and those types are a dime-a-dozen in Rounds 3-5.

  26. norcalmafia says:
    May 11, 2011 12:23 AM
    Then again St Louis is just the home of the ugliest city and uniforms in the us so it might cramp reggies style…

    Obviously your a 9er’s fan so I wont even bother with a rebuttal

  27. Patriots will be interested in Ricky Williams, not this guy. A back like that makes more sense for what New England has on its current roster.
    Is Bush even better than Danny Woodhead? Not to mention getting acrries for their 2nd round pick Shane Vareen. Both are similar to Bush.
    Hell, Woodhead had 900 combined rushing/receiving yards last year; guarantee Bush didn’t do that last season.

  28. Dude, Brandon Jackson had more Rushing yards this season than Reggie Bush ever had during a single season….and Brandon Jackson has absolutely no Trucking ability, no speed, he’s good at pass blocking thou, but c’mon man.
    Why would the Packers even consider reggie bush as a roster edition?

  29. As a Steelers fan, I don’t want to deal with Bush’s salary or his ego. No thanks.


  31. goforthanddie says:
    May 11, 2011 12:14 AM
    He has thus far been highly disappointing, I doubt GMs are tripping over each other to get him. Bush might consider shutting up before NO hears enough.


    We hear Loud and Clear and I for one defended him since day 1 but after yesterday he can go! The thing ab N.O. is that we have this chip on our shoulder that the rest of the U.S. doesn’t truly understand us or care about us (i dont think i need to explain that last one). From the outside we endure the cruel Katrina Jokes, oil spill jokes, Phil Jackson-esk remarks, etc… but when we were down we (NOLA) brought this place back to life…. regular people, we all put on our gloves and gutted houses and dealt with the smell of soggy sheet rock, spoiled fridges, dead animals and people…. so basically we take it personal when someone say things like reggie did and tells us “it was a joke, its called a sense of humor. Cry me a river why dont you…” If you dont waanna work hard and put in the effort to win a championship and are more dedicated making “appearances her and there” then we flat out DONT NEED YOU! People think down here we’re just lazy hicks with country accents when we are nothing but. We rebuilt a city that everyone said could NEVER be rebuilt with dedication, hard work, and desire…. and we did it in “100 degree heat”… Hit the Bricks Reggie bc we have another title to win and we dont need you to do it!

  32. R-Bush polarizes Saints fans to this day. I just hope that if he goes the fickle mob doesn’t start in with the “that wouldn’t have happened if we had Reggie” or “Bush would have made that play”. Turn him into a flanker, mismatches would be bound to happen. He’s no NFL running back, but he has good hands and is good in space.

  33. How smart do the texans look now, picking Williams over this guy and Young?

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