PFT Live: Jason Campbell and Ravens talk

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One day after hearing from the head coach of “America’s Team,” PFT Live will feature the quarterback of one of America’s most popular franchises.

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell joins the show to talk about entering his second year in Oakland, and his first with Hue Jackson as his head coach.

After Raiders talk, we’ll also talk Ravens with’s John Eisenberg.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

8 responses to “PFT Live: Jason Campbell and Ravens talk

  1. Kind of a deceptive headline given all the articles coming out about improper contact between players and teams. Instead of “Jason Campbell and Ravens talk” how about something like “PFT Live looks at the Ravens and talks with Jason Campbell”?


  2. I say big deal and who cares to both since there is no football business being conducted…better yet why don’t you try getting the 8th circuit on and see what the hold up is????

  3. are you freaking kidding

    Campbell and Ravens talk should mean that is what the article is about

    whats next, “Favre and Vikings discuss future” or how about

    “owners and players reach agreement”

    so that can no mean the owners are agreeing to eat lunch and the players agree that lunch is a good idea?

  4. Wow, for a second I thought the Ravens might be considering replacing Flacco with Campbell and got really nervous. Fortunately, is was just another one of PFT’s Misleading Headlines®. Phew!

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