Report: Hasselbeck open to returning to Seattle

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In a report that echoes a recent item from colleague Mike Sando and that contradicts the draft-weekend proclamations of colleague Trent Dilfer, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck spoke during the temporary lifting of the lockout — and that Hasselbeck is open to returning to the team.

If Hasselbeck stays, it would arguably be a marriage of convenience.  The Seahawks have a need, and Hasselbeck may have no other options, if he hopes to be a starter.

Even if he returns to Seattle, he may have to accept a contract with money that hinges on whether he keeps the starting job.  Charlie Whitehurst engineered a victory over the Rams in a must-win Week 17 game, and given that the new regime in Seattle acquired Whitehurst and inherited Hasselbeck, Whitehurst could have an edge over the incumbent.

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  1. and in other news, the ‘hawks will pursue Jamarcuss Russell (nose tackle), Vince Young(left tackle) and tim Tebow(fullback) to round out their offense.

  2. At some point the Seahawks have to move on. That said, options are limited, for the franchise and for Hasselbeck to get a better gig, as I am sure both parties have discovered the past couple months.

    The issue will be how will the Seattle Qb progression play out. Matt isn’t exactly Mr. Miyagi when it comes to mentoring, as evidenced by the timeouts he requested from Holmgren after bad series, and, as Browns fans can attest to, the same green looking Seneca Wallace that throws rainbows when in trouble, who came out of college so many years ago to watch and learn from Matt.

  3. The whole Project:Whitehurst thing that Carroll has going on still completely baffles me. What they hell did Whitehurst accomplish in San Diego?

  4. It’s pretty clear here that Clipboard Jesus is not the answer at QB. To the extent Hasselbeck is an answer, though, for sure he’s not a long term answer.

    The ‘Hawks might as well go with Hasselbeck – and with better pass protection, he might play a full season.

    Of course, starting Whitehurst might yield a higher draft pick in 2012. Which Seattle will probably squander anyway (see Curry, Aaron; Jackson, Lawrence; Spencer, Chris; etcetera).

  5. Someone must have shown him his stats for the past 4 years or he read the articles linking him to the Redskins.

  6. Bah. Without looking it up, I’m guessing Hasselbeck has started more YEARS in this league than Whitehurst has games. No way Charlie beats Matt in an open camp battle. Hasselbeck has never been great, but he’s a perfectly solid starter when he’s healthy.

  7. Seattle needs to ask themselves can they win with Whithurst? If they can fully believe they can, then they should move forward. Alot like Green Bay did with Favre. If they don’t think that they can win games with him, then you keep Hasselbeck or look for a free agent. Hasselbeck however knows the offense, and has led them to the playoffs, and even a superbowl. He might not be the best qb but he would be the best qb for the seattle seahawks.

  8. What Seattle needs to do is let Hass go, start Charlie, and get a little “LUCK” in next year’s draft… and speaking of that, what would happen if their was no league this year and we get to next year’s draft?


  9. Duh. Hasselbeck realized the market for washed up QB’s is pretty tight – that combined with the facts teams with a new QB would never want a QB like MH who has a history of bad decisions which have contributed to his 2 turnovers a game.

    Dilfer was trying to create leverage for MH. End of day – MH is the 4th option for the Hawks – period, nothing has changed.

    1. K. Kohb
    2. C. Palmer
    3. Whitehurst / Leinert
    4. Whitehurst / Hasselbeck

  10. “Matt isn’t exactly Mr. Miyagi when it comes to mentoring…”

    Who can forget the images of Hasselbeck ignoring Whitehurst on the sidelines during the NFC West championship game. Matt was stewing because Charlie played and Matt didn’t. I hope they don’t bring Hasselbeck back. The Hawks will have a difficult 2011 with or without him, but it will be a valuable learning experience for Charlie. Whitehurst will play much better once he gets the weekly practice with the first team.

  11. Can we stop calling him clipboard Jesus? Not because it could be offensive, but because it’s incredibly unoriginal and dull. As a Seahawks fan, I would like to believe that my brethren have a little more wit than this.

  12. Your right about no other options for Hass. Oh wait, the Titans won’t have a QB even when Locker gets there.

  13. Keep the dude upright and he’s better than 3/4 of the starter’s out there currently. Was sharp in the playoffs, Bears game wasn’t his fault, his guys dropped like 20 passes.

  14. Translation: I’ve largely sucked the past 3 seasons, my agent put out feelers to see what I’d get paid, and I’ve realized that since the Seahawks currently don’t have any other QBs (yeah, Charlie Whitehurst isn’t an NFL QB), that’s my best place to keep getting paid.

  15. “…and given that the new regime in Seattle acquired Whitehurst and inherited Hasselbeck, Whitehurst could have an edge over the incumbent.”

    Um, have any of you guys actually watched Whitehurst play? Right now, he wouldn’t have an edge over Jim Zorn.

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