Rivers on lockout: “It’s still early”


As part of a promotional appearance over the weekend, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers gave his take on the lockout.

“I think it’s still early. I’ve said that a bunch the last few months, but it is still early,” Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But as we get into May and June, football stuff will need to pick up, and we have a plan in place to make that happen.”

It feels increasingly late to many fans (and writers like us), but Rivers is right that we could still have a long way to go.

As Rivers pointed out, it’s only now that players are starting to feel the lack of organized football activities.  Rivers and many of his teammates have been quietly conducting workouts four days a week the last seven weeks, waiting to find out when they can return to work.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of fans, Rivers expressed excitement over at least one thing that happened this offseason.

“It looks like Vincent [Jackson] is going to be back with us,” Rivers said to big applause.   “Y’all think you’re excited about that?  I’m really exited about that.”

15 responses to “Rivers on lockout: “It’s still early”

  1. Rivers hardly talks to the press at it is Krow101…the guy is an elite QB, he can talk as much as he wants.

  2. As much as I dont like him personally he is a top 5 qb. With VJax back and if Ryan Matthews stays healthy they can be a force

  3. Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But as we get into May and June, football stuff will need to pick up, and we have a plan in place to make that happen.”

    Hey Phil. We’re already into May.

  4. As much as people want to hate a guy because of the team he plays for or the attitude he has, nobody can deny talent.

  5. Because he’s talked back to taunting fans and isn’t shy with his competitors on the field, people think Philip is a jerk. He isn’t a jerk at all, but a GREAT quarterback and leader who continues to get better every season. Ask anyone who knows him or who’s played with him what kind of guy he is, and you’ll get the same response from them. Good dude!

  6. Best QB currently playing, without a ring. And this is coming from a 49er fan. Let’s hope he doesn’t become the next Dan Marino.

  7. What has Philip Rivers ever done besides win the respect of his teammates by being a leader, make everybody around him a better player and dominate his division since become a starter? The nerve of the guy for drawing a few extra breaths to talk football with the local press.

  8. He is right. The lack of OTA’s on television and coverage on the web is absolutely KILLING me. To all you guys out there with your panties in a wad…….How many of you go to otas and/or watch conditioning drills? No NFL this time of year is a lot like dating your sister…..something you never miss. Glad that there is a lockout in a way…gives us all something to discuss, disagree on, and keeps the bloggers and networks in a job.

  9. Hey, schmitty2 where were you during the past football season. The Chargers were a force, only reason was because of their special teams last season, which the chargers fixed in the draft. Rivers lead the NFL in passing yards, and the Chargers had the number 1 in total offense and number 1 in total defense. Also, this was without V.J., Ryan Matthews, and Gates because these three key players were out for most of the season. I, would say Gates is a more key factor than Vincent Jackson; however, VJ is a key part to the Chargers. However, if I was given the option I would take Gates over Jackson any day of the year. With Rivers leading the Bolts, they will always be a force in the NFL.

  10. How, did I know that their would be a lot of River haters within these comment. What has the guy ever done wrong, besides having a winning attitude and winning ball games.
    Rivers was the only reason besides the defense that kept the Chargers in the race for contenders in the playoffs till the end of the season. Without Rivers SD Chargers would be at the bottom of the division every year.

  11. When your losses in the season include the Seahawks, Rams, Raiders twice, and Bengals when your playoffs are on the line and conceivably all you have to do is beat one of the worst teams in the league to get into said playoffs, you cannot blame that all on special teams… you have to throw some of the blame on the coaching.. which is ultimately why Phil will never get his ring….

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