Sergio Kindle spent time in treatment, gets two years probation


As expected, Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle pleaded guilty to a DUI charge on Tuesday afternoon.

He didn’t receive any jail time, in part because he spent five days last week at the “Right Turn of Maryland” facility, which is an alcohol and drug treatment center.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Kindle was also ordered to abstain from alcohol.  He must continue to attend one to two self-help meetings a week.

Alcohol has been a problem for Kindle dating back to his days at the University of Texas, where he got a DUI and crashed a car.  The NFL has classified Kindle as a “stage two” offender of its drug and alcohol policy, according to Kindle’s lawyer.  (Yes, that’s usually classified information.)

The NFL can’t subject Kindle to random alcohol tests during the lockout, but it may discipline him after the lockout ends.

UPDATE: Here’s a discussion from Florio and’s John Eisenberg on Kindle’s future from PFT Live Tuesday.

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32 responses to “Sergio Kindle spent time in treatment, gets two years probation

  1. When the Ravens aren’t bitching & moaning to the league about something, they are busy trying to figure out how to squeeze more criminals onto their roster…

  2. Kindle did get a DUI at Texas, but the crash was not definitively linked to alcohol. He was ostensibly texting while driving, then crashed into the apartment building. With no one injured, he was within state legal guidelines when he drove away and took care of it in the morning.

    That said, I’d have to be pretty dumb to think he wasn’t under the influence when that happened.

  3. Has yet to step on the field and is already a “stage two” offender. I hope this works out for him/the Ravens but it isn’t looking good so far.

  4. @micksalot – every team has its issues with players and coaches and alcohol. better look in the mirror before you start opening your mouth.

    in general, the ravens keep very few “offenders” on the team as opposed to others within our division who do not.

    since you are obviously not a Raven fan and don’t have the stones to declare yourself, I will give you the official response from the Raven Nation. STFU. Opening your mouth only confirms the inbred nature of your intelligence.

  5. So he has 2 DUI’s, a “texting” incident where he fled the scence, and he went “sleep walking” down some stairs and will potentially never play again…

    When every bad thing that has happened to you involved alcohol. you might have a problem.

    Hopefully the guy gets real help and does the Brett Favre thing.

  6. goawayeverybody says:May 10, 2011 7:10 PM

    He has been given a gift. Let’s hope he uses it wisely.

    The gift of the drank? Or the gift of getting the drank on so well you fall down the stairs and fracture your skull?

  7. Isnt this the same dude who fell down his stairs and missed all of last season???.. Nope no drinking problems there

  8. @ onebadace

    “why don’t you open one yourself so you don’t like an idiot so…”

    Oops, you missed the word ‘look’. Now who’s the idiot? Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

  9. I had a kindle, but the screen kinda sucked.

    I got an Ipad for Xmas, and the Ibooks app is far superior.

  10. @sethb222:
    “Hopefully the guy gets real help and does the Brett Favre thing.”

    In that case Jen Sterger will be back in the news with a rude email from King Serg.

  11. Good thing this “bad” character guy has a locker room full of “good” character guys like ray Lewis… same reason reason they got great draft grades for taking that “bad” character player with their first pick.. worked for kindle huh?

  12. As I’ve suspected, when certain NFL athletes mess up or have personal issues, all of a sudden no one can identify with them. Such blantant hypocrisy.

  13. Good grief! At least he didn’t fall down a flight of stairs and crack his skull and couldn’t play (so far) anymore.

  14. Its just what the dirty birds deserve ray-ray is gonna have a ball turnin this one and jimmy smith into real scum

  15. Did he drive down the stairs?

    I wonder how his agent will try to spin this one like he claimed Sergio sleepwalked and “fell” down two flights of stairs, one a 90 degree turn.

  16. Wow, flashing red lights. Level 2 with the NFL alcohol abuse guidelines, at 23 and hasn’t even played. Fell down the stairs, probably drunk,at least 2 dui’s, that means he drove drunk at least a hundred times.The nfl can’t test him…But the courts can and should.He is a danger to himself and others.

  17. So much for the Ravens “superior drafting skills”. Just another full time drunk! They must have really done their homework on this guy! I know this though….the guy better straighten his act up or Ray-Ray will stab his dumb <ass!!

    Nah….Ray-Ray wouldn't do that..would he!?!?BWAHHAHHAHA

  18. Let’s review this guy’s history for a minute …. at 23, he has:

    -already been arrested at age 19 in Texas for a DUI in which he was sentenced to a whopping three days in jail, with none actually served

    -already been arrested a second time for DUI in Texas, crashing his car into a building, which he left the scene of, which he later claimed was the result of texting while driving (much better, right?)

    -fallen down TWO flights of stairs in the middle of the night, with a 90 degre turn between them, resulting in a fractured skull that nearly killed him and put his NFL debut on hold ever since

    -already been arrested for DUI a THIRD time, with a BAC of .17 (legal limit is .08)

    Yeah, a five day stay in a rehab facility is REALLY going to turn this guy around.

    Maybe they chose the “Right Turn of Maryland” facility to teach him how to make right turns SAFELY, whether it’s in a car or going down the stairs?

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