The next Ochocinco stunt: bullriding

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We were tempted not to post this one, but really what else do we have to write about?

The Associated Press reports that Chad Ochocinco has accepted a challenge from the Professional Bull Riders to ride a bull at the LucasOil Invitational this weekend.   The event will take place in Duluth, Georgia.  We’re guessing good tickets are still available.

The Ocho tried out for the Major League Soccer team in Kansas City in March.  That adventure ended in a standing invitation to practice with the team.

Ochocinco will earn $10,000 if he rides the bull.   If he can stay on it for the requisite eight seconds, Ochocinco gets a new Ford F-150 and can rename the bull.  (Our suggestion: “Mike Brown.”)

The only surprise in all of this is that a reality show isn’t taping the proceedings.

25 responses to “The next Ochocinco stunt: bullriding

  1. GREGG YO GREGG. If he does this, you damn well better post the video for us lifer PFT subscribers. And I mean on pain of serious disfiguration of some area of your physique(un-named of course.)


  2. If that doesn’t work he can be the rodeo clown. When this guy is finish doing his minstrel act and his body doesn’t work what would he do then? Racing horses, soccer, riding bulls all announcing I can only use my body, not my intellect. Do better Chad Johnson.

  3. Drug test the bull. He’ll probably be sedated. The “OC” is nothing but a loud mouth P.O.S.-T.O. wannabe.

    Just another great talented athlete wasting his years until he goes to the Raiders and then fizzle out.

  4. I would think it’s much funnier to name the bull “Mike Brown’s wife” than “Mike Brown.”

  5. I would imagine something in his contract would forbid this type of stunt?

    Oh wait…………………….almost forgot!

    Please let him land on his grill.

  6. Ocho didn’t hold a gun to the head of you morons, forcing you to read the article.

    It’s like smashing yourself in the face with a brick, then complaining that you don’t like what happened after.

  7. Being from horse country, I can tell you exactly what will happen:

    No way will they put Chad Johnson on a mean bull. He will be put on one of the calmest bulls available (personally, I would not get on any, don’t get me wrong). But I guarantee he will not be on anything fierce. They just would not do that. He would get obliterated.

  8. The act after this … Bulls***ing!!!

    Oh wait a minute … he did it for most of 2010!!!

  9. Lifelong Steeler fan so not much love for Cincy, but how can you not love Ocho? That guy is something else.

    Ever hear his song, “Girl – you trippin?” Freaking hilarious. Just a good guy all around.

    As for him planning on trying to ride a bull, if that bovine is anything like Bodacious-caliber, Ocho will get launched into orbit and he better hope to hell his skull isn’t left a puddle of warm mush.

    Last thing: good thing he wised up and didn’t keep it rolling with Zibby. Zbikowski would have destroyed him — still, ya gotta love Chad for having fun in life.

  10. Roger Goodell is going to call him up again and this time thank him – for being the perfect distraction.

  11. I love reading everyones comments bashing him for trying stuff like this. Like it or not, he has gone from bad to amazing at marketing himself.

    That and his quality of life sounds like something that most people are simply jealous about.

  12. The only thing that is getting bruised here is his ego… when the bull bucks him off, steps on his hands, and no one seems to care…… NO ONE!!!! Please get off my team!! Go Bengals.

  13. @paulieorkid …

    I’ll agree he’s funny and has an entertaining talent for self-promotion that isn’t malevolent like T.O.’s. And he does donate his fines to charity. But he’s also demonstrated a willingness to throw coaches and players under the bus for his own benefit. That kind of selfishness and self-absorption are not qualities of a “good guy.” So no matter how likeable he seems, those who don’t particularly like him also have their reasons–and they may have nothing to do with the Bengals.

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