Brett Favre not sure if there will be a season, but sure he won’t play

In case you were wondering, Brett Favre still says he’s retired.

In an appearance at a Wrangler Jeans plant in Alabama that was destroyed by tornadoes, Favre was asked whether he might play in the NFL this season. Favre answered that he’s “done with football.”

With the lockout still going on, Favre added that he doesn’t know if there “would be any football” this year. He just knows that if there is, he won’t be a part of it.

Favre, who has an endorsement deal with Wrangler, was in town to lend a hand to recovery efforts, sign autographs for Wrangler employees and talk to players on the Hackleburg High School football team.

As far as we know, he didn’t tell any Hackleburg players to run any routes for him.

47 responses to “Brett Favre not sure if there will be a season, but sure he won’t play

  1. “This just in. Brett Favre may be retired, but he still likes watching football! Stay tuned for more updates.”

    I know you journalists don’t have much to write about, so I thought I would supply some info for the next “article” you post on your site.

  2. Why are you still linking this to a Minnesota Vikings story. He is no longer a Viking. The Vikings drafted Ponder. Done deal. I expect this to be the last time you link a Favre story with the Vikings. Thanks.

  3. COME ON!!!

    Leave the man alone!

    What?! Are people just stalking him just to see how many ways he can say I AIN’T COMING BACK!

  4. Brett is done for sure. Say all you want about him, he brought toughness and drama to the game like no other. The current NFL QB’s I find to be pretty boring compared to Favre. He was one of a kind.

  5. Despite some of his embarrassing off-field antics, I’ll miss watching the guy play. Just hope we don’t wind up missing everyone play this season.

  6. who cares are we still going to be seeing favre stories 20 years from now? farve endorsing sunkist prune juice not sure if he will play again
    enough please

  7. Everyone relax! It is only May he doesn’t start hinting at a comeback until late June – early July usually. Vikings fans need to be realistic. Favre still gives them the best shot at winning the most games right now. Start warming up the jet!

  8. I felt sick the first time I saw “the player” in a Viking Uni. After all thats gone down I kind of like it now. Maybe people will forget that “the player” ever played in Green Bay.

  9. Boy, I’m sick of Favre…but this is a textbook example of how the media can create and manipulate stories.

    Favre was visiting a factory destroyed by a tornado, which is a very admirable act. He’s asked a couple throwaway questions which he answers consistently and honestly (“Yes, I’m still retired” and “Hard to say when football is going to be back.”) These comments took a minute from what must have been a lengthy visit. And the article is TOTALLY about the comments. And had he refused to answer those questions, the article would have been TOTALLY about how he refused to talk about it.

  10. Admit it, the game was better with Favre. You would watch a game just because he was in it. Whether it was to him him completely dominate or to epically fail, football was better with him playing. Nielson Ratings support my assertion by the way.

  11. Brett Favre was a great Player. For a 5 to 6 year stretch he was the best player in football. I believe he will have his number retired before he is elected first ballot hall of Famer. I think he should sign a one day contract and retire a Green Bay Packer. It would be a great thing for him to ask and Packer management to get done. The fans will welcome him back.

    That now said, Ted Thompson did the right thing. Could it been handled better, Yes. On both sides. Going to Aaron Rodgers was the right thing to do. That Decision proved correct Culminating in a Super Bowl Championship.

  12. Come on back Brent! Don’t you want another shot at the World Champs? Are you just gonna leave in disgrace to your tarnished legacy?

    Come on Pervy, put some money in the pot for a new billboard! Tell your buddies Mullet Allen, Crutch the Hutch, and Soft Toe Longwell to head on down to the swamp!

    Ha ha ha… Maybe you could pick ’em up from the airport Pervy!

  13. To all the Haters (& you know who you are):

    Favre is being questioned as to his coming back this season – he didn’t bring up the subject. He’s down in Alabama supporting families struggling in the tornados aftermath & sharing his wealth of football experience with high school players (which he’s been doing his whole career). The guy simply loves to play the game, has the heart of a champion and flat out may have been the best ever.

    He’s done. He’s moved on. Not sure you can say the same thing about the media.

    See you in Canton, Brett. Unanimous First Ballot.

  14. rowdymon says: May 11, 2011 7:56 PM

    Ask this same question once the season starts and you’ll get “man do I miss it”…
    I would expect that, on a certain level, he always will miss it. He’s highly competitive and football has been a major part of his life since he was a kid. Along the way, football (and the way he played it) made Favre quite wealthy and brought him the adoration of millions of fans. How could that not be hard to walk away from? I’d be more worried about him if he didn’t miss it. While he’s changed his mind in the past, I think he’s been as clear as possible that he’s retired for real this time. Just let the man move on with his life.

  15. So when Favre comes back, do the vikes start Plodding Ponder or go with the old Gramps Swinger?

    What about 2 years from now?

    Ha ha ha! Have fun vikes! Hey, he’ll put azzes in the seats… But that ain’t saying much for viking fans…

  16. Bret farve sucks, he always did suck. the only reason why he won a superbowl is because the pats sucked big time that year. He cost his team probley 5 superbowls with all his INTs..
    The most overated QB of all time..
    Kerry collins is better than bret farve

  17. TRUE STORY: In 2012 Brett Farve will be the first contestant to get his lame ass kicked off of either “Dancing with the Stars” or “Celebrity Apprentice” co-hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger . You heard it here first!

    As a Bears Fan I respect the crap out of the player but I’m having a tough time respecting the man anymore. I’m sure I will again. Farve was awesome to watch and will be in the HOF.

  18. goombar2, why don’t you give that nonsense a rest? If you want to read a mature comment from a Pack fan, check out 13xworldchamps before your first bit of idiocy on this thread.

  19. That’s what all this litigation and lockout is all about. Nobody wants to take a chance that he’ll come out of retirement, again.

  20. B. Favre! I can finally take the Wookie head off the photo of you in the kitchen. I’ve been keeping it behind the microwave for some time . . . Just might put it back in to plain sight.

  21. Brett will be back.

    He will be back the first time a starting QB on a serious Super Bowl contender goes down.

  22. I love you donkeys screaming about leaving Favre alone….how f-ing gullible are you idiots?? I’m amazed most of you can even tie your own shoes. You think he didn’t show up with his PR people and camermen and tip off the press that he was coming and pre-arrange the contacts with the high school team? This guy is his own driven ego machine and is plugging himself everywhere he can to either pick up a new gig or at the very least, get out of the house. Funny how his wife is nowhere to be seen again. Interesting.
    It is nice to see some compassion and and a retired mutli-millionaire at almost 42 years old give up 48 minutes of lawn cutting and putting green to swing a few hours Northwest to visit the one company that didn’t bail on him after his crank showcasing.
    I originally thought he was visiting the Wrangler plant to showcase the release of a new Brett Favre signature series set of jeans….a fly less version with a webcam sewn in.

  23. Or I could stick around for another one of your made up defenses of Ben Roethlisberger? What’s the latest, he tripped and fell “into” two women? Those were very “mature” responses, TV MA if you ask me.

    As far as my post what was wrong with it? Favre has more than once done this retirement talk to only come back. Are you claiming the question isn’t worth asking?

  24. @goombar2 …

    How old are you? That’s like a teacher catching you cheating on an exam and the best you can say is, “Well, you’re fat!” Roethlisberger has nothing to do with your nonstop comments about Brett’s tarnished legacy. His legacy was made on the field, and it hasn’t been tarnished just because a few of his former fans hold a grudge.

    And Roethlisberger doesn’t require my defense because the medical exam in Georgia and court filings in Nevada–both part of the public record–show no rapes occurred. Sexual assault isn’t something to be joked about on football blogs. Grow up.

  25. Had only Ben asked the girl he was buying drinks for that question… But I digress…

    I only brought up the Big Ben stuff because it shows how blindly you view things when you have a soft spot for slime balls.

    And the Favre retirement joke was made light of even by Favre in a commercial, so you claiming its too raw of a nerve or some such nonsense just proves the blindness you suffer from. Favre defined his legacy all by himself… And it was roundly responded by being booed by his past and longest employers. I was just wondering what the current ones thought…

    I do think its so cute the way you act when you’ve been caught… “Grow up!” Wow, you told me…

    PS: The woman in Georgia wouldn’t testify… Mittelstadt, a slime ball PI was going to drag her through the mud… Funny an innocent guy would hire such a slime ball?

  26. goombar2 …

    Fred Bright didn’t have a case and didn’t intend to press charges with or without her cooperation–as he explained in detail during his 71-minute press conference more than a year ago. He didn’t have a case because her medical exam showed she didn’t have intercourse so the crime never occurred. She was lying. She deserved to be dragged through the mud. She and her friends deserved to be charged for making a false claim. Andrea McNulty has some mental health issues, so perhaps I can cut her a little slack. But they were just vengeful sorority sisters and because they have not made this right, they still deserve any misfortune that comes their way for lying and making it more difficult for real rape victims to get justice.

    You can’t understand my feelings on this because you’ve never been raped. But you are a vicious, evil pig and one day karma will catch up to you … if not in this life, then certainly in the next. Now. Leave. Me. Alone.

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