Dolphins slash staff salaries


Employees of the Miami Dolphins are about to lose a significant chunk of their pay, for as long as the lockout lasts.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that the lockout isn’t just affecting millionaires and billionaires: It’s affecting middle-class Dolphins employees who were informed during a meeting in team offices Tuesday that their pay will be cut, effective immediately, and until the lockout is over.

Team employees who make more than $75,000 a year will have their pay cut 20 percent. Those with salaries of $50,000 to $75,000 will face a 15 percent pay cut and those making less than $50,000 will face a 10 percent pay cut. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee called everyone into a conference room Tuesday afternoon to deliver the bad news.

Employees were told this step is necessary because revenues are low this offseason, thanks to poor ticket sales.

40 responses to “Dolphins slash staff salaries

  1. This is just a taste of how this lockout could wind up affecting thousands of Americans whose livelihoods depend on football.

    The rich and greedy piss and moan about thier plight while the average joe gets the shaft.

  2. So when this all gets solved and ticket sales spike, are they going to increase the employees salaries accordingly?

  3. Explain how in the off-season and a lockout when players cost are non-existent, does a organization slash salaries? According to the owner shills these billionaires, won’t be hurt. This is typical of a greedy, stupid owner who have no idea how to run a football organization, nevermind putting a winning product on the field. Ross should call up some of his celebrity “investors” to pony up to help the real employees out. Or open up that stupid nightclub he has going during the games 7 nights a week to make up for the lost revenue. (Which isn’t being lost now). 38 years and counting since their last SB win, and 26 years since their last appearance. Don’t hold your breathe Fins fans.

  4. Through no fault of their own, people who make a modest salary, take it on the chin from the greed fest that is the NFL. The cost of living increases, prices of daily items never go down, but yet for a guy who makes 75g’s a year, a 20 % decrease in salary is a bigger chunk of change than anything the players or owners will ever have deal with.

  5. If you think the owners are splashing around in a pile of money trying to stick it to the players, think again. They have all the risk. So, if you want to throw your support to a group of overgrown kids playing a game and making hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so, go ahead. Just remember that about 75% of NFL players are broke 3 years after playing. Remember that, collectively, they can’t go a week without being arrested. They would suck all of the blood out of the league if they could, and most of the money would be spent in 36 months at jewelry stores and strip bars. Families are now being hurt.

  6. Really? Poor ticket sales? I wonder why?
    I bet if there were a cure for stupid, like cures for cancer, nobodies pay would be cut.
    Fu**in’ idiots!

  7. “Employees were told this step is necessary because revenues are low this offseason, thanks to poor ticket sales.”

    Disgusting. These people have nothing to do with the negotiations. Why doesnt the owner, who makes millions of dollars a year, take a paycut until he can get his head out of his ass far enough to make a deal. People arent buying tickets because YOU are trying to cancel next years football season, not the team towel boy.

    Both sides claim they are looking out for the fans, but the fans are the only side who havent done anything wrong this offseason. We still lineup to give them our money, expecting the best product for outrageous ticket prices, and if they can even work out a deal they give us a watered down game with new QB protection and kickoff rules!

  8. They should be thanking the players. It is all their fault. No matter what the Union shills are posting. If they players don’t like the compensation, find a new job.

    If the players actually think they are partners….maybe they will fork over the money to help the staff members……………I didnt think so.

    Employees, not partners.

  9. Duane Thomas

    “This is typical of a greedy, stupid owner who have no idea how to run a football organization”

    It’s obvious to everyone that none of the owners know what they are doing look at the salaries they are paying to the players.

  10. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I am embarrassed. This would never, never have happened under Joe Robbie – the last good owner this team had.

    I am saddened by the complete and utter demise of this once proud organization.

  11. The owner is reportedly worth 4 billion dollars. He could throw away 3 and still be a billionaire but he is telling people making less than 50k to take a pay cut.
    Now that times are tough the staff has to tighten their belts but when the millions start rolling in after the games finally start, will the staff share in the profits?
    And, this is all because the owner has decided to lockout the players.

  12. Over the years a lot of things have made it hard for me to be a Dolphins fan. However, being the loyal fan I am, I’ve stuck with the team despite one idiotic move after another.

    Stephen Ross may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

    This is the guy who said the current system is unsustainable. Yet, he bought into said system quite recently. So, really, there are only two options.

    1. He is a horrible business man. I find that one hard to believe taking into account he’s a billionaire.

    2. He’s a lying cheapskate.

  13. This may be a good move from a profit/loss standpoint, but it is a horrible move from a PR standpoint. If you add up all the wages lost/saved by theses cuts, I imagine it will be far less than a single signing bonus that the new rookies will receive. Ross should get serious about putting an exciting team on the field. The offense was abysmal last year but the defense was good, save for all the dropped picks. The Dolphins lost all but 1 of the home games last year. that is the main reason for the dropoff of an already low number of season ticket sales. I support the owners in the overall dispute with the players but there are many issues I disagree with them on…and this is one of them. Note to Mr. Ross: Win some home games; football fans don’t give a rat’s ass about halftime “entertainment”.

  14. As if they can’t afford to keep paying these guys their regular pay, atleast until the regular season is affected. C’mon its a business run by billionaires that makes 7 figures in profit every year.
    These guys should be PISSED getting their pay cut while the players and owners argue over huge piles of money.

  15. It could be worse. Imagine the pay cuts that would take place if they had managed to bring Harbaugh in for 8-10 million a year.

  16. Do the math. Depending on how many employees they are cutting salaries for, the savings (whether prorated or not) will amount to less than $1 million.

    Its not worth screwing all those folks over…

  17. Awww. The big wigs in Miami have to stop eating out every night. Cry me a river.

    Get football back tomorrow.

  18. How many millions is the very top guys, including coaches, making? Cut their salary by a modest amount more and you won’t have to cut lower end people’s salary.

    Way to rob from the lesser off to sustain the rich.

  19. I’ve been a die hard Dolphins fan my entire life, unfortunately I am also from the state of Pennsylvania. If it wasn’t for so many fair weathered Dolphins fans this wouldn’t be happening. I absolutely despise the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans but when it comes to loyalty, no one is better. They stick by the team good and bad. Our fanbase stinks. Everytime I get on this site and read the comments it’s the same old thing. Supposed Dolphins fans taking jabs at their own team. I don’t give a damn if they decided to substitute the players for the cheerleading squad, I’d still be screaming my head off in front of the television. I haven’t missed a Dolphins game since Dan Marino took his first snap and I don’t intend on missing any in the future. Will the real fans please show some positivity and to the fake fans don’t even bother dropping a line on here.

  20. I dont understand how they can tell someone that was making 75,000$, that they are now being paid 60,000$ a year. Thats a ridiculous drop off.

  21. Simple math., If they have 500 employees making average of 70k, they are saving 7mil over an entire year with the 20% cut. About 1/3 of whatever the rookie signing bonus is going to be.

    So directly F all your local employees to save a fraction of your overall expenses? Screwing over the people who you expect to put on your show every week? F U OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It’s a good thing scumbags like Steven Ross, who represents the greedy faction of new owners like himself and Jerry Jones hell bent on destroying the game for their own greater good, is such a sympathetic figure for you pro owner dopes.

    Like I’ve said on previous posts of owners crying that they’re not making money to justify these steps, if Al Davis, who got 2 sellouts this past year and plays in one of the bigger dumps in the NFL isn’t slashing salaries for regular employees, these buffoons like Ross and Jones don’t even have a leg to stand on.

    But by all means blame the players, or DeMaurice Smith, or President Obama, or whoever you have some rant built up inside you about that is completely unrelated to the actual issue at hand, which is that the new owners are horrible people that are unconcerned with the long term viability of the league over their own pockets being lined.

  23. That is ridiculous. How do you make someone who makes 50,000 (and is probably already grossly underpaid) take a paycut? I wonder what they still pay Parcells who isn’t even there anymore.

  24. This is when a few stars for the Dolphins need to step up and make up that lost pay for the Dolphins employees. The same stars that probably walk right past these guys and never say a word to them. Here is a chance for a few that wear that Dolphin uniform to step up and show some real class.

  25. If this doesn’t show you where ownership in the NFL is at, nothing will. Like a previous poster said, Ross is worth 4Bil, he doesn’t need to do this. They are punishing these people in an attempt to make the players look bad for not taking whatever the owners offer.
    Another day, another screwing of the middle class by the wealthy.

  26. Just another reason to keep a few extra dollars in his pockets…shameful…..this owner sucks, Parcells was smart to take the money and run with this clown running the show…….

  27. thefiesty1 says: May 11, 2011 11:11 AM

    Good, they’re all overpaid. Staff, players, coaches— all of them.
    I would hate to see your lowly paycheck. I feel bad for you.

  28. This is a very poignant example of how the owners, and I would say players to some extent, think of themselves in contrast to the fans and employees that enable them to do what they do. Can he really go home at night knowing that he has dramatically changed the lives of the people he counts on to keep his organization running and feel like a decent person? I suppose he can as long as he gets to keep his billion$. The man has no soul.

  29. Don’t know why people constantly reference Jerry Jones as if he had something to do with a bunch of Dolphins employees getting their pay vut.

    Jones has been consistent since he joined the league. He wants to grow the league. He doesn’t want a “bigger share of the pie”, he wants everyone dividing up a bigger pie. What were characterized as “maverick” deals back in the day are the norm now and every team owner benefits from it.

    He’s also been consistent in his opinion that every team should market it’s brand very aggressively in the name of helping to grow that pie. The fact that not every team will is why Jones wants out of the current deal. Players would like to have a percentage of every dollar that Jones (and other owners) makes no matter where or how he makes it. Other owners that are less interested in marketing want more of the money he makes off the NFL to finance their own mismanagement. They say they can’t compete without it when the truth is that they’re just not making the profit margins that they’d like to make. They eschew marketing and revenue sources such as stadium naming rights with contempt then hold their hands out and beg, with proceeds going directly into their pockets (as opposed to into their teams).

  30. This isn’t just bad PR, it’s bad business. Cutting salaries like that is usually done when it’s absolutely necessary for the long-term survival of the business or during corporate restructuring when the intent is to get half the people to quit anyway. That doesn’t apply here. The employees whose pay was just cut aren’t stupid. They know why it was cut to try to make a point at their expense. When you pi$$ off every one of your employees like that, they all stop working, stop caring, start looking for other jobs, get passive aggressive, and start stealing everything in sight. Ross may not understand why he suddenly can’t find a pen, or paper, or even a chair in the building. And he may not notice the top of a goal post as it passes by his office window behind him on the way out the back gate, but he just screwed himself.

  31. Pennywise and pound foolish. Give Parcells whatever he wants (and then watch him screw you) and then take in the name of business from those that have nothing. Heartless bastard.

    I really don’t know how Miami fans can support an organization like that. I would cancel my tickets immediately if my team did that. It takes fans to step up and ACT to let them know what we think about these kinds of moves.

  32. To be fair, everyone who is part of the NFL has been shielded for the past few years from what the rest of us having been dealing with when it comes to the non-NFL economy. Most of us have already been down this road.

  33. As someone who works in the sports industry, this makes me shudder. We already put in tons of hours for fairly modest pay, because we love what we do.

    I don’t blame either the owners or players more than one another (they share equal blame), but this does make me angry at the owners. The people you are making take pay cuts are the ones who keep you afloat- and also the only ones in this whole fiasco who have no vested interest in what happens. The players “winning” will make no more of a difference for the people who just got a pay cut than if the owners “win”. In the end, it is turning into a lose-lose situation for them.

  34. Any pay reduction sucks. I went through this recently, but our CEO told us: Would you rather have a 15% pay cut across the board or a 100% pay cut for 10% of the staff, ie., layoffs. The CEO and the VPs took a 50% paycut.

    The executives for the Dolphins should take a massive paycut or forgo salaries for the year from a PR and employee morale point of view.

  35. Just another example of how greedy the owners are, and how that greed causes them to destroy lives without a bit of concern if they think it will help them make another dime. The average NFL owner would sell their mother for a nickel.

    I have no idea why some fans support the owners. These owners could care less about you. In fact, they openly despise the fans as people, and the only thing they want from you is more money. There’s never enough for the greedy! They aren’t going to share one dime of that with the average Joe working his office job, trying to raise his kids, trying to pay his taxes. The owners would rather see Joe on the street starving and homeless than pay the guy his measly $60k in salary and benefits – which is nothing to these billionaires. The whole thing is disgusting and just one more example of how the super-wealthy are parasites on society, and they should be openly challenged for their greed and lack of humanity.

    It’s time our government steps in to protect average Americans… you know, the people who pay 80% of the taxes in this country. Federal government needs to step in and start regulating these sports teams like all other businesses. And teams that fire their employees because they are too greedy to pay them… those owners should be shamed publicly for being the greedy scum they are. However, you’ll never see that here because PFT like all media companies is just a shill for these people. PFT is owned by NBC which is hoping to win a contract with the NFL, so you’re never going to see the truth about these scumbag greedy owners here or in any other media outlet.

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