Looking back on the Ravens draft

The Ravens have a habit of catching guys in the draft that slip further than their talent warrants.

That was true in 2011, and there was an added bonus that cornerback Jimmy Smith and wide receiver Torrey Smith both filled big needs for the team.

CSNBaltimore.com’s John Eisenberg joined PFT Live Tuesday and believes Jimmy Smith was a slam dunk pick.  The team ultimately felt fine about his off-field concerns.

“I think they had a level of comfort that was more than satisfactory,” Eisenberg said.

He also believes Torrey Smith will be on the field right away.  To get his thoughts on that, check out the video below.  To see the entire interview, including takes on Ray Lewis’ future and Joe Flacco’s increasing voice, head to the PFT Live homepage.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

3 responses to “Looking back on the Ravens draft

  1. Ray Lewis’ future? Maybe ol’ Ray Murdah should spend the rest of his life in jail for that double homicide he commited in Atlanta.

  2. Why don’t you post transcripts of these interviews? If I wanted to watch a video, I’d go to youtube. If I want to read a blog, I come to a blog. And being at work, I avoid watching videos.

  3. @ jrob2112

    Hey maybe you should look back on the charges of that homicide moron. He was never charfed with “murdah” He was charged for hindering the investigation by not ratting his boy out. However, he eventually did tell on the suspect and that is why the charges were dropped and he was equitted. Let me guess? Steeler fan right? Your just jealous because we have the greatest linebacker to ever play the game………..

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