Marvin Lewis: If Palmer comes back, he would be the starting QB


Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has operated this offseason like Carson Palmer has already retired.   He echoed that stance in a conference call with fans on Wednesday, but acknowledged that there’s another possible scenario.

“If Palmer comes back he would be the starting QB and we would groom Andy [Dalton] to be the QB of the future,” Lewis said via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

(This is alternatively known as the Esiason/Klingler plan.)

That quote could be Lewis’ way of sending a message to Palmer.  It’s interesting to note Lewis didn’t entertain the possibility of dealing Palmer to another team.

“Carson feels like his time here is over. He feels like the best thing is to retire and spend time with family,” Lewis said.

And if Palmer changes his mind, he can still be the starting quarterback in Cincinnati.  Knowing Mike Brown’s stubbornness, we still wouldn’t rule it out.

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  1. “If Palmer comes back he would be the starting QB and we would groom Andy [Dalton] to be the QB of the future,” Lewis said via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.
    That’s a nice way of saying “If Palmer doesn’t come back, we’re screwed.”

  2. I’m still surprised that no one in the elite sports media and the bottomfeeders have painting Carson in a negative light like they intentionally like to do with certain other players. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?

  3. why would Carson want to do that? They drafted their future QB. Why would that change his mind? Leaving now is the best decision for him.

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I think Palmer has a chance to do well on the right team..

  4. Id give him one year… But here is the thing.. What if he came came for that year and had a career year? Would Mike Brown trade him then?

    And this is a possible issue.. I feel in a West Coast Offense Palmer could be back.. Plus if we got Palmers PITA #85 out of the way..

  5. Palmer could do a lot to repair his “legacy” (for whatever that’s worth) as Cincy QB by sticking around for one more season. Currently there’s a lot of Bengals fans who have a #9 jersey in their closet who would prefer to wipe their dog’s butt with it before wearing it again on Sunday. One season of “playing along” might change that.
    The team did pay you in full, as agreed upon Carson. This is the least you could do.

  6. I am inclined to believe Marvin Lewis because I don’t think he cares enough to lie. Good for Carson! If I could retire before I reach my mid 30’s I would.

  7. Wow. The Bengals would really rather let him retire than get value and trade him.
    Although, maybe they dont want to trade him, have him succeed, and look like as bad of an orginazation as they are. If he leaves and succeeds it obviously raises the issue that they were bad enough to hold him back. That would not look good for them.

  8. If Palmer comes back, he’ll be a laughing stock after all those hollow threats.

  9. why are steelers fans such trolls and scum? Stick to your mullets and T-top camaro’s and stay off the internet. I believe the score is 2-2 between the bengals and steelers the last two years.

  10. I know I shouldn’t expect better from Mike Brown, but why be so stubborn?

    It is pretty dang obvious Palmer isn’t returning. Without Palmer in the fold, the Bengals are a rebuilding team, no doubt (although even with Palmer, they’re arguably still a rebuilding team). They have got some nice young pieces on defense, especially in the front seven (like Dunlap, Maualuga, Michael Johnson, and Rivers).

    Just trade Carson Palmer to a quarterback needy team, and get some nice draft picks. Use those picks and the high draft picks from this year to continue to rebuild around Andy Dalton and AJ Green.

  11. The more I think about it, the more I can understand why the Bengals are not trading him. If they trade him because he threatened to retire otherwise, it would just set a precedent for any other play that wanted out of Cincy; threaten to retire and Mike Brown will give you what you want. So I can kind of understand their stance on the situation.

    But with that said, as a fan I’d rather see the Bengals get something in return for Palmer rather than just let him retire. What I absolutely do not want to see is Carson in a Bengals jersey ever again.

  12. buckeye4278 says:

    why are steelers fans such trolls and scum? …I believe the score is 2-2 between the bengals and steelers the last two years.


    Only a Bengal fan would hang their hat on a .500 record as a point of pride.

    Hilarious how low the bar has been set in Cincy.

  13. jaggedmark says:
    May 11, 2011 2:45 PM
    “If Palmer comes back, he’ll be a laughing stock after all those hollow threats”

    Really, really? Tell me exactly what “threats” you have heard directly from Palmer’s mouth? He doesn’t want to be in Cincy, but he has been nothing but classy in his pursuit of a trade. Name me one person in the last decade who has handled the situation more professionally when they wanted out.

  14. Really? The only QB on the roster w/ pro experience would be the starter? Like he wouldn’t be the starter if he hadn’t threatened to retire?

  15. Remember that friend you had when you were 16 and that time his hot girlfriend broke up with him and he spent 2.5 months crying and begging her to come back?

    He had been so sure that this girl would be the one who he would finally get lucky with; the one he would eventually go to the senior prom with; the one he would eventually marry.

    Then, one night before bedtime, she called to tell him “It’s not me. It’s you. We have no future together. You’re a loser who will never amount to anything. Goodbye.”

    Your friend refused to accept it but, eventually, your friend found someone new. He spent a lot of money on this new girl. She was #1 in everyone else’s eyes but he still wasted away the time thinking about his old flame.

    Remember how sad and pathetic he was?

  16. Just let him go. His football epitaph will be that he’s a quitter that never lived up to his potential…that knee injury might have something to do with it, but whatever. I hate Mike Brown, but I’m with him on this. You signed a contract. Play it out or leave.

  17. Stop thinking the Bengals should trade him…

    THEY CANT… How many players are you seeing being traded right now????

    NONE!! You cant deal players in a lock out….

    Freaking idiots

  18. @laxer37:

    If you manage a football team as a pure business, you only want to be good enough to sell tickets. You don’t want to go to the playoffs very often and definitely not go to the Super Bowl as the owners don’t make any money going there.
    Winning too much will cause your players to want more money. So for the Bengals, a .500 record is a successful season… financially.

    Besides, traveling Cleveland, and Pittsburgh fans will travel and fill PBS at least two games a year!

    The only thing the Bengals have to worry about is selling their Luxury box seats to the corporate bunch.

  19. Carson is NOT coming back to play for Cincy, you dolt. And now, thanks to Mike Brown refusing to trade him, Dalton is going to struggle there with the rest of the team assembled and coached by Lewis.

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