Roger Goodell, Rodney Harrison join Wednesday’s PFT Live


Two weeks ago, we booked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for PFT Live on the first day of the 2011 draft.  And then all hell broke loose, with the lockout being lifted and the league left scrambling to figure out the next steps.

As a result, Goodell had to postpone his appearance.  And we’ve finally rescheduled it.

He’ll appear Wednesday, in the second segment of the show.  We’ll wrap things up with a return visit from our good friend and NBC colleague Rodney Harrison.

Send along any questions you may have for either of our guests.  And be sure to tune in at 12:00 p.m. ET.

19 responses to “Roger Goodell, Rodney Harrison join Wednesday’s PFT Live

  1. Can you ask Roger Goodell if teams with new coaches like Cleveland, Denver could be awarded compensatory picks because of the lockout and the unfair advantage it causes teams with new coaches?

  2. Ask him how strong the feeling is among the owners to close the doors, light the fuse, blow it up, and start over again at some point down the road. It couldn’t be much worse for them.

  3. Hey Mike: I’ve been waiting for your analysis of yesterday’s submission to the court by the NFL. I hope that it hasn’t been withheld as part of a deal to get an interview with Goodell.

  4. ask him why after 3 years of failed negotiation with the nflpa, looking to the court system (according to their plans) and the tv lockout insurance, they can say with a straight face that this is the players fault when they have had every part of this obviously planned lockout in the works and how much of what the players got in the last cba “too much” and how much will it take to say “we got our damn league back” ?

    also Mr. Goodell, when the owners finally break the players after the cancelled 2011 season (that is what the owners planned for) and profits hit the floor when the fans enforce their lockout will this all have been worth it?

  5. I dont even need his textbook answers , i can already tell you the League is looking to lock its doors the whole season.

    They are more concerned with getting a better deal for the owners then they are for putting football out there for faithful fans.

    I really believe its going to come back to haunt them for years. They think they are an invincible entity.. Well let me tell you Baseball and Basketball are becoming a hell of alot more interesting to most people.

    If they cancel this season of football i can see no one really missing it as much as the league thinks, when they do come back expect slumps league wide in revenue. America has a very short attention span.

  6. I would bet that following this lockout fiasco. Basketball,Hockey, College Football and Baseball revenue will increase while the NFL revenue may never be as high as it was last year.

    You should ask him how he feels to be the most hated commissioner of the NFL ever.

    I guess they envision fans flocking back to them like nothing has happened after this. lmao

  7. Could you ask Roger Goodell why the NFL has not provided the “safest helmets available” to the NFL’s players?

    In 1967, Willie Lanier, Hall of Fame MLB, KC Chiefs, first wore the “safest helmet available” after suffering a career threatening concussion. He changed helmets and never had another concussion over his next 10 seasons.

    In 1989, Mark Kelso, Pro Bowl Safety for Buffalo Bills, also wore the “safest helmet available” after doctors urged Kelso to retire due to his frequent concussions. Kelso changed to the safest helmet and played another 5 seasons.

    In 1994, Steve Wallace, Pro Bowl OT, SF 49ers, switched to the “safest helmet available” after suffering multiple concussions in his career, and did not suffer another concussion, playing 3 more seasons.

    It is time for Roger Goodell to admit, the NFL has known for decades they were not mandating the use of the “safest helmets available”.

    Adding padding to “the outside” of football helmets has worked, with evidence dating back to 1967 and it is time for the NFL to step forward and mandate the use of such helmets.

    Roger needs to stop trying to fine the players into playing a nicer game of Pro Football, in the name of safety…and actually provided the “safest helmets available”.

    thank you…mac

  8. Just read him some comments from the posters who commented on the article last week here about his “legacy” and his seemingly” happy to be a front man/stooge” attitude for the owners.

    Lets see what he says…

  9. Ask Goodell when does he plan on not being the owners puppet and make the two sides come together to get a deal done.

    If you have the fans best interest then get it done and get off your knees from the owners table.

  10. macbull, funny you mention 1967 then mention rules to defend players…back in 67, db’s didn’t launch themselves like a missile…they wrapped up and tackled!

  11. I hope you reference the previous thread, cause I had some good questions there. But here is some more. May be redundant.

    For Roger:
    – Are the owners prepaired to cancel the season as Hockey did, if they don’t get the deal they want? Yes or No, not “well we obviously don’t want to do that”.
    – Do you feel it is your responsibility to get the owners to agree to a fair deal or it’s your sole responsibility to get the deal the owners want?

    For Harrison:

    – which do you think people think of when they hear your name:
    a. cheap shot artist
    b. Champion
    c. guy who screwed up the pats perfect season

    – how often do you think about that play in the superbowl, that you failed to make, that basically ruining the pats perfect season?

  12. It is strange that the nfl goes far enough to fine tens of thousands of dollars on players for helmet on hemlet yet does not require them to wear the “safest possible helmet.”

  13. Ask Mr. Goodell why is he and the owners prolonging this strike by not simply opening the books and showing what is happening to the 9 billion? It seems as if that has been all but overlooked.

    As they say…”SHOW US THE MONEY” and you plan on doing with it.

  14. @terrygca—Good for you! No doubt, he’s having a hard time “digesting” it. Just wait ‘til the players file their “plaintiffs-appellees” brief. A posting summarizing their arguments will go up within an hour. LOL

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