Bills’ Stevie Johnson: Every NFL player is enjoying the lockout

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Reggie Bush was harshly criticized by football fans when he said he was enjoying having some time off during the lockout. But Bush is not alone.

Bills receiver Stevie Johnson says that he agrees with what Bush said — and he thinks every NFL player likes having some time off during the spring.

“That’s blown way out of proportion,” Johnson said of the controversy surrounding Bush, per “There is not one NFL player who hasn’t enjoyed [time off during] the lockout. I’m just being straight up honest.”

Not only does Johnson think Bush was dead right about saying he’s enjoying relaxing, but Johnson also thinks Bush shouldn’t have said he was just joking after fans criticized him about it.

“I don’t think he should have to apologize for that,” Johnson said. “That’s terrible to even have to apologize for saying that. I’m having a good time during this lockout enjoying my family more.”

To Johnson’s way of thinking, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to relax once the season is over, even though he does want to get back to work in the fall.

“Everybody in the NFL has that mode where they feel that when they wake up in the morning, they want to be playing football,” Johnson said. “We’re professionals, we play football for a living. Everybody has that mode. But why not enjoy your time off? Once the lockout is over, everyone will be focused for what they have to do for their teams.”

57 responses to “Bills’ Stevie Johnson: Every NFL player is enjoying the lockout

  1. If I got paid the vast majority of my salary for 17 weeks, and my employer didn’t allow me to come to work for a few months outside of those 17 weeks, I’d probably enjoy it too.

  2. I almost WANT no football this year when I read quotes like this. The players won’t enjoy this lockout as much if there’s no paychecks coming 3-5 years from now.

  3. Every rookie free agent is NOT enjoying the lockout, and they each would like the opportunity to talk with teams and negotiate a contract so they can have an opportunity to make a roster.

    Every day that passes that RFAs are denied that opportunity reduces the probability they will be able to learn what they need to know to compete with veterans in camp.

    Not every NFL (potential) player is enjoying the lockout, Stevie.

  4. Of course these guys are enjoying it. As been said by others before, they wouldn’t be getting paid this time of year anyway so it’s not affecting them financially one bit. If I got laid off from my job for 3-4 months and still got paid, I sure as hell would enjoy it to. I don’t blame them in the least. However, I wouldn’t go around advertising this either when you are trying to drum up public sympathy for your situation at the same time.

  5. Umm, who is this guy? Seriously, Is he the guy that cried about something with his shirt off?

    What does Matt Katula or Connor Barwin or any other obscure guy think?

  6. Well when your on one of the best teams in football you have the right to speak your mind LOL!!

  7. Does that include the free-agents who can’t go out and find a team to play for? Kind of explains why the Bills’ never make the playoffs. They all have such a good time in off-season they want to get it started as soon as possible.

  8. and what was the Bills record last year, the teams that will win this year are the ones putting together workouts and trying to learn and hone their skill, and then you will have the Bills and Redskins enjoying their time off, good luck with that….

  9. This is why I am convinced this nonsense won’t be resolved until 2-3 weeks before the season starts. You got the established guys that hate training camp and don’t want to go to training camp to begin with, and those guys who are on the bubble that would like it if the competition doesn’t have much time to prove themselves and take their jobs.

  10. What if the lockout isn’t over until late August, is Stevie going to be ready to play on Sunday with 2 weeks of preparation? These guys get paid to stay in shape, you can work out a few hours per day and still enjoy your family. You don;t need a lockout to do those things.

  11. So let me see if I get this straight because I’m new to the NFL world. These sports media guys no long actually report sports news. They know get paid to play Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer and Dr. Oz.

    I’m now getting the impression that these sports writers, journalists, and analysts now feel it’s their job to over-analyze everything certain athletes say and do, on and off the field. And it’s their job to chastise them like twelve year olds making millions.

    Now who seriously have the most eviable job, those who get paid millions but risk their lives or those in the sports media? hmmmmmm

  12. And there goes the case for irreparable harm. Way to go players, your making the lawyers for the NFL’s job much easier. Can we get some one to channel Allen Iverson and give us a “we don’t need practice” rant.

  13. This might very well be, regardless of whether there is an iota of truth in it, the single dumbest comment I have ever heard anyone make.

  14. You would think Stevie would have hired a WR coach to teach him how to catch a ball…..Thanks Stevie!!!

  15. which is why there is no deal or even real bargaining yet. When these dumb players finally realize they also won’t get to play football, they’ll finally say “hey, I don’t like this lockout thing, lets get a deal done.”

  16. Give a kid a microphone and he thinks people actually care what he thinks. I promise you that he won’t be smiling and when he doesn’t get his first paycheck.

    If he would have been practicing instead of jacking his jaws, he would have caught the TD pass that would have beaten the Steelers. Why didn’t anyone know who you were until this year? You were drafted in 2008!

    Keep having fun, Stevie. You’ll be out of the league in a couple of years anyway, with your work ethic. Maybe you can sell your Sharpie t-shirts.

  17. Do none of these guys feel like they need to work a little harder to deserve that money? It makes me sick knowing that my own money has helped let ignorant jerks live these extravagant lives. It makes it even worse knowing most of them take it completely for granted.

  18. No offence but the player backers seem like 17 year old girls that are in love with the players. Not all, but most. Its like it doesn’t matter about the game. Their posts are not thought out and usually have name calling. They are so mad that we don’t back the players. They take it so personal we don’t back the players. And I could see players posting on here every now and then, more than I would think the owners would.

    I back the owners cuz I back football. Me and the owners have something in common, we want the game to stay the best. The players just care about getting paid the next 6-10 years. I haven’t read one good post about why u back the players. And I am very open to another view. The only good one is that football would be back on immediately, but to me that is not good because it is good for now but bad for long term.

  19. Its funny how all thease steeler fans have allot to say about this guy. I guess they no they got lucky last season. But then again the lost the superbowl. Karma

  20. radrhatr said:
    “jacking his jaws”

    Awesome, I’m gonna spread that saying

  21. Stevie Johnson – Why God? Why do you make me say stupid things all the time? Why you gotta do me like that?

  22. Here’s the expected rebuttal we will hear in the next few days after he gets critisized. “God told me to say that”

  23. @nfl25

    The owners don’t care about the game; some of them don’t give a damn whether the team wins or loses so long as it makes money(Mike Brown, I’m looking in your direction).

    The owners want to pocket more of that 9 billion they and the players split up every year. That’s it. If they were more honest about that, at least that’s a position I can respect.

  24. We, as fans, should all unite. We should set our own deadline date for this crap to be resolved and demand the two sides resolve the issues. If the two sides do not, we should all cancel our season tickets and demand the return of all monies paid in seat licensing, deposits and payments. Let 40% of the fan base cancel all on a specified date and time. That would take their precious “leverage” from both sides of this debacle and place it where it belongs: THE FAN!!

    When both sides see the money they’re fighting over has just been cut significantly by disgruntled fans they’ll realize what jack-asses they are all being.

  25. “We’re professionals, we play football for a living. Everybody has that mode. But why not enjoy your time off? Once the lockout is over, everyone will be focused for what they have to do for their teams.”

    ……. yeah and i want to be making 300,000 a year but i dont want to have to work hard for it. See how stupid that sounds?!?!?! Through this whole dam process i go from owners side to players side and back and fourth. The reason Reggie is getting criticized is bc hes Due 12 million dollars next year, cant stay healthy to save his life, hasnt learned how to run north and south, and is SURPRISED that we drafted a bruiser north south runner that would BENEFIT him as a scat back and receiver out of the back field and slot. Hes getting flak bc with all the stuff we as fans have put up with him being a #2 overall (overpaid) pick he cant even show up to a Drew Brees funded work out to gell with the team. Not only does he not show up but players that arent under contract Sharper, Ingram, Harper, Johnny Patrick, etc… have shown up bc they are leaders or have the desire to put the extra effort to be better…. instead Reggie is at home “looking for his remote for the past 15 minutes”. Reggie talks about trying to be a leader for the team but thats all it is… TALK! The real leaders are out there in the “100 degree Heat” grinding it out, working hard and together while most of the other players in the NFL are doing exactly what reggie and stevie are doing…. NOTHING. Hard work pays off and thats why Reggie wont be on the team next year; instead of welcoming the challenge of a rookie trying to take his job hes acting like a spoiled brat who has been given way too much (which he has courtesy of Sean Payton). For the lack of production and for what hes been paid for it… he should be apologizing for a lot more than his stupid comments! I defended him to death but enough is enough. Also food for thought: the last time we had a runner like Ingram doing the pounding and reggie doing his pure athlete thing was 2006 with Deuce McAllister, statistically Reggie’s best year in the NFL! Deuce blew out his knee the following year and subsequently was forced to hang em up the year after (offically in 09 but 08 was Deuce’s retirement year). Since then Reggies stats have steadily declined, youd think hed welcome the addition, but then again youd THINK alot of other different things from “Professional athletes” when it comes to hard work!

  26. As a Bill’s fan I can say this: What’s the difference between the lockout and regular season, you guys don’t work anyways. That’s why the Bills haven’t been to the playoffs in 10 years. Maybe you should be working Stevie. You only showed glimpses of promise last season, and floundered when you needed to shine. And Ralph Wilson you senile old coot, try using a new philosophy. Follow what Terry Pagula is doing with the Buffalo Sabres. He already has enough money so isn’t worrying about profits but is more concerned with bringing the Stanley Cup to Buffalo. Don’t you already have enough money Ralph? We all know how much you screw out of us taxpayers here in Erie county already.

  27. You here stories of teams like pgh and new england about the team working out together. Then you here these type of stories. When games are played you will know which teams are which, and which players are which.

  28. nutsacjac says:
    May 12, 2011 4:35 PM

    The owners don’t care about the game; some of them don’t give a damn whether the team wins or loses so long as it makes money(Mike Brown, I’m looking in your direction).

    The owners want to pocket more of that 9 billion they and the players split up every year. That’s it. If they were more honest about that, at least that’s a position I can respect.


    i dont think the owners are angels, but i dont care. they want the game to be the best so they can get rich. i am fine with that. the players want to get rich and dont care about the game. thats why i side wit the owners. my owner cut my pay, do you got my back in that? no, you could care less. so why do u care that the players will only make 3.3 mill a year instead of 3.59mill a year??

  29. Some players are enjoying the lockout. Some don’t have contracts. Or know where or if they will be playing next year. For the players in that situation you can definitely claim irreparable harm. One big difference between the Owners and the Players is that there are 31 owners(not including the Packers) and over 1500 players. So to put every player in the same boat makes no sense.

  30. Wonder if he’ll feel the same way when he isn’t getting his money & working at wallmart……

  31. I love the fact that Stevie blamed god for his drops! All too often players are so quick to give glory to god when he helps them cath a td pass or knock the ball loose with a concussion causing hit….it’s refreshing to see someone actually call him out on the bad stuff too!

  32. NFL owners have bot to LOVE those twitter posts. Helps their case just by sitting back and doing nothing.

    If im an NFL GM or coach, Id put out a team wide policy… Stay the F@kc off twitter or get benched. Period.

  33. I don’t care about them enjoying the time off. They sure aren’t helping the NFLPA’s case against the stay though.

  34. This further convinces me that these “players” are only in it for the money…….The “Business” has officially taken over the “Game”…….If they really wanted to play football and did it for the love of the game, they wouldnt need to be fighting over a billion million gagillion dollars……and I played the game at the highschool, college, and Arena level so Im not bitter cause I didnt make it to the NFL. Im a proud Saints season ticket holder for the last 11 years (Yes even during the bags on the head days) and I had to pay my season tickets in full prior to this stupid lockout and it set me back a month financially, but I did it for the LOVE OF THE SAINTS and THE LOVE OF THE GAME! GO BACK TO WORK YOU SPOILED BRATS!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!

  35. He was a 7th round draft choice. So its not like he’s missing out on Ocho Cinco money or anything. Heck the manager of the Bill’s laundry service makes more money then him.

  36. “He was a 7th round draft choice. So its not like he’s missing out on Ocho Cinco money or anything. Heck the manager of the Bill’s laundry service makes more money then him.”

    Really? The league minimum is like 375K per year. Do you really think the Bills are paying the guy who washes the jockstraps more than that?

  37. You would think Stevie would have hired a WR coach to teach him how to catch a ball…..Thanks Stevie!!!
    After what ur running back said….I feel like u have nothing to open ur twitch hole about…….bin laden WHAT!!!!

  38. I am hoping there is no NFL this year. I already plan to take in a mass quantity of high school games around my city this year.

    NFL may be cancelled but there is tonnes of football to watch.

    Here’s to family, fun and friends. Bye NFL.

  39. Dear beyond2k,

    The Bills were well recognized as one of the hardest working teams in the NFL you fool! and 80 catches, 1000 yards and 10 TDs is no “glimpse of promise”, those are elite numbers. Oh and by the way, Terry Pegula has done nothing but talk big (although I hope for more!) so there is really no comparison. You are only a self-proclaimed Bills Fan..I’d say your more of a fairweather tool!

  40. These players are fools. Take the initiative coordinate your own work outs as a team just as some of the players have. Isnt being prepared for 2011 season and a run at a championship worth more than a few$? Come on guys get with it as so to should the coaches get their playbooks together. I as a fan want my team ready if and when this bs ends.

  41. Are all the stupid players going to tweet that they’re enjoying the time off due to the lockout? Well, DUH!

  42. Let me get this right… An employee that gets paid during a 17-25 week period says “yes” when he is asked if he is enjoying the idea that he does not have to report to work for some useless grab-assing in gym shorts in the exciting city of Buffalo during a period of time in which he is not getting paid and people would question or be upset with this?????? Come on man!

  43. To all of you busting Stevie’s balls…you should know he is the one that organized a Bills workout at Ryan Fitzpatrick’s house for the offense via twitter.

    He’s a good kid who is just being honest…no need to get your panties in a bunch.

  44. I also love the clown that said there’s a reason noone knew johnsons name till this yr even tho he was drafted in 08? hmmm maybe its cause he was a 7th rnd pick who didn’t get the opportunity to prove himself with dick jauron, or it might possibly b because it was only his 3rd yr in the league. how many wr burst on the scene in their first 2 yrs much less a 7th rnd draft choice? yaaa not many. know what ur talking bout before u open ur mouth. stevie is a pro bowler in the making. oh an for all u steelers fans bashing him, really? come on u guys have a sexual assaulting qb an a fan of bin laden on ur team.

  45. Wow people! Its called the off season for a reason. All he needs to do right now is stay in shape and try to improve his game. There’s nothing he can do about the lockout. If all you were paid millions to play football you would be enjoying life too. Oh and by the way he makes millions because we all love football. Just the like anyother billion dollar a year revenue making corporation, he gets his cut of the pie for his contribution too.

  46. I think it’s a fallacy that you can’t claim irreparable damages just because you are enjoying your time off from work. If you are wrongly fired, are you expected to cry all day and wear sack clothes? There’s a difference between personal and professional life. This is a professional dispute.

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