John Beck would apparently start over Grossman if Rex re-signs


It’s been almost two weeks since we first heard the idea of John Beck as the next Redskins starting quarterback, and the idea hasn’t lost any steam in Washington.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post writes Thursday that Beck appears to be the team’s future starter.  Rex Grossman is a free agent, but Jones writes that Grossman would likely return as Beck’s backup if he re-signed.

If Washington sees Beck as superior to Grossman, we have our doubts Grossman will be back. They need a better alternative at quarterback; we simply don’t believe Mike Shanahan will accept status quo at the position, minus Donovan McNabb.

Jones starts his post by writing that the Redskins “have money to spend and are champing at the bit, according to people inside the organization.”

They should be able to find a better way to spend that money than bringing Grossman back.

43 responses to “John Beck would apparently start over Grossman if Rex re-signs

  1. After reading this I will say a prayer for every single Redskins fan in the world. I can only imagine the hurt they have been enduring.

  2. John Beck would apparently start over Grossman if Rex re-signs
    wouldnt he be the starter by default if he resigns? with that being said, if rex resigns then he is not available to have someone start over him. having someone start over him implies he is still with the team. GEEZ GREGG!!!

  3. @thenewenglandpatriots12

    probably something you were feeling in the 90’s and before which are probably not even a memory where for us the 90’s and before are the only ones we (the royal we) have

  4. As long as they spend money and not draft picks I’m fine with it. It was nice to actually see our draft list scroll for more than a second on NFL Network for once. It’s not my money, and if Snyder goes bankrupt because of it it’s still a win.

  5. Wow the Post has officially run out of NFL story ideas. Just like the draft I wouldn’t trust anything Boardwalk Elvis says this time of year.

    Although a stand-up dude in the real world, I question his talents. He’s gun shy as was seen by the Dolphins and his career mirror a pinball. Beck was dumped by the Dolphins after what two years, traded for a training camp body after 1 year with the Ravens, and the 3rd QB last year. Not a good resume. Oh yeah and he’s older than any other player with his experience thanks to his Mormon thing.

    Subterfuge while they pile up money to throw at Manning maybe? That seems to be more likely than him winning the job without executing anything on the field for the Skins.

  6. Wow. So, John Beck is better than Rex Grossman is better than Donvan McNcnabb? Enjoy your new QB vikes fans!

  7. Baltimore’s 3rd sting QB starting for the Redskins, I can’t believe there are still people doubting who the superior team on the beltway is, lol

  8. thephantomstranger says:
    May 12, 2011 4:28 PM
    Sounds like the plan might be to tank the season and get Andrew Luck.


    Looks to me like a dead heat in the race to Luck between the vikes and the ‘skins. Sheesh. How can you guys watch these teams?

  9. Beck should go ahead and talk to Andrew Luck and find out what number he’ll want to wear next year so he can avoid an unpleasant situation down the road.

    You don’t start either Beck or Grossman if you’re really trying to win football games. It’s clear that the Redskins intent to tank this season and get their QB in next year’s draft.

  10. They should sign Vince Young, and beef that O-Line, and just run the ball heavy. Their D is good enough to let them compete.

    They could be throwing a smokescreen to go after Hasselbeck, or make another trade with Philly. IDK. But John Beck is not it. If I was a Skins fan, I’d rather see Delhomme under center.

  11. This is hard to wrap my head around. If the Redskins are truly high on Beck why didn’t he get a chance to play when Shanahan decided to start Grossman over McNabb?

  12. Do you really think they will just come out and say we are tanking our season for Andrew Luck???

  13. Either Shanahan is a genius trying to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes by tanking the season or (most likely) he is a clown and really thinks John Beck is a NFL starting quality quarterback…

  14. so where are you getting this info? I thought they buried the leak in Ashburn/Redskins Park with Jimmy Hoffa?

  15. Worst owner in sports. Not high on the list of human beings in general either. Dan “The Forger” Snyder.

  16. So after winning 6 games his first year, Shanahan is planning on winning 3 games his second year, just to draft Andrew Luck.

    If that’s the case, fire him now!

  17. I am so happy not to be a Skins fan. No fan should have to tolerate this level of awfulness.

  18. They have already thrown in the towel on the 2011 season!

    Andrew Luck….welcome to DC!

  19. Good Rex; bad Rex…good Henne; bad Henne. Send Grossman to Miami and they can take turns when each other plays bad. We need a back-up QB anyway

  20. With weapons like Leonard Hankerson and Anthony Armstrong catching passes, I don’t see how any one of those QBs couldn’t be the best in the league.

  21. A Vince Young-Dan Snyder marriage stinks so bad I can smell it from the future.

    Watch this catastrophe actually happen.

  22. @chc36

    DC has THE beltway, Baltimore just has a highway that goes most of the way around it.

    Quit being a front runner. Either be a fan of a team and stick with it or stop watching football. No one appreciates a front runner.

    The Ravens will have struggles in the future and you’ll know the feeling the skins fans feel and afterwards you’ll say “I didn’t like football during that time” – just like all the Ravens fans say when you ask who they liked before they had a team.

    Also, he was the skins 3rd string QB too.

  23. What I remember about John Beck from his Dolphin days is his inability to hold on to a football. I always thought his hands were too small. Seemed like a nice, intelligent young man but “ya gotta hold onto the rock!”

  24. FOR SALE:

    One used billboard in good shape, for mounting along a major highway. Comes complete with full-colored poster. Says: “Please Come Back, Brett!”

    Well, okay … so it’s done in purple .. but, that’s kinda like Maroon ..

    So, we’ll give you a 20% discount!

  25. Be cautious condemning Beck as the starter, remember who the coach is and his proven abilities in producing pretty fir offensive players from what initially appears to be junk….ie, Terrel Davis, He had some pretty sorry qbs in Denver for a stretch and still managed to have the best w-l record overall for a few years.

  26. I love Rex Grossman. F*** it, I’m going deep! I drank myself to black out last night and I don’t give a f***!

  27. The level of intelligence of the posters on this site never cease to amaze me. You guys hear a rumor and run with it as if you are experts on everything football.

    I have no idea if Rex Grossman, John Beck of the Ghost of Sammy Baugh is going to start for the Washington Redskins next year. What I do know is that Mike Shanahan knows one helluva lot more than any of you idiots!

    Is John Beck the future in Washington? Who knows? I don’t think so. But if he is, I know that Mike Shanahan is the man to make him into a serviceable QB like Jake Plummer or Brian Griese.

  28. Rex actually played decent last season as a starter. As always if he would stop fumbling he’d be alright. But he did post a couple of 300 yard games so you gotta take the good with the bad. Him or beck? Rexy all day

  29. The skins don’t have a QB. Beck, Grossman, McNabb will only lead them to last place in the East. They better grab Vince Young from FA as soon as they can.

  30. FinFan68 says:
    May 12, 2011 5:34 PM
    Good Rex; bad Rex…good Henne; bad Henne.


    Who is this “Good Henne” you speak of?

  31. Guys, I can’t believe I have to point this out, but Jones is just speculating on everything he is saying. It is not a “news story” that Beck is likely to be the starter. No one in the Redskins organization has said this, or even implied it. Jones is just speculating on every position on the roster, as an “analyst.”

    You guys are digging into the Redskins like it’s a fact that has been reported.

  32. As a Vikings fan, the only current Redskin QB I want on my roster as a backup is Grossman. He was in Chicago for most of his career so he’s played within the NFC North Division. He’s gone to the Super Bowl – so he’s got “playoff experience” and he has all the physical tools. This is a veteran definitely worthy of a roster spot. Start Ponder, but have Grossman as assurance. Webb – 3rd string QB, (Wildcat) and Special Teamers. QB problem – God Willing – solved.

  33. While I’m not completely sold that the Redskins are serious about the idea of John Beck at QB, I would note two things –

    a) Who are they going to pursue? Kevin Kolb? Not sure I see that happening, considering the effort they went through to accumulate picks (since Kolb would probably cost them a first and more). Shanahan’s indicated all off=season that he views the situation as more of a rebuild job. Carson Palmer? Not sure Palmer would want to come here anyways. I guess a Kyle Orton might make some sense for the right price, but other than those three, who? Alex Smith? Is he worth the gamble? It’s an interesting idea for the 49ers, but if you bring in Alex Smith, you might as well bring back Rex Grossman in some respects, as Grossman actually knows the system (and tried to teach McNabb it last year). Marc Bulger? A bit old, and not exactly a fit.

    b) I admit to having some intrigue with the idea of the John Beck out of college going into this offense. I don’t know what John Beck can do as of now, but the John Beck out of college was a mobile QB who had enough arm strength and good accuracy. He also showed a level of field awareness and football IQ.

    All that said, I think Beck is more of a Plan B, but what is Plan A that makes it a significantly more worthwhile move for a rebuilding team?

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