Nevada Supreme Court will get involved in Roethlisberger lawsuit

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Nearly two years ago, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was sued for rape in Nevada.  The lawsuit still lingers, with all progress on hold while the courts consider whether the case will proceed in the county where it was filed, or in the county where the casino at which the alleged assault occurred is located.

Dan Majors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the full Nevada Supreme Court will take up the question, which will serve only to keep the lawsuit in legal limbo.

The trial judge denied the motion to move the case from Reno to Lake Tahoe more than 20 months ago.  Since then, nothing has happened while the appeals process has unfolded.

The seven justices of the Nevada Supreme Court will consider the issue based on written materials submitted by the parties, without a hearing.  Once the issue is resolved, the case will finally begin to move forward.

Perhaps just in time to fill the void that will be created after the Eighth Circuit rules on the question of whether the lockout will be lifted.

42 responses to “Nevada Supreme Court will get involved in Roethlisberger lawsuit

  1. Once Miss McNulty cannot answer how she knew that Ben’s TV was “broken” 24 hours BEFORE Ben told her it was, this case will be quickly tossed out.

  2. “I’ll take The Rapists for $500 Trebeck…”

    “Uh, that’s THERAPISTS and there are no options left under that category…”

    “Then I’ll take Swords for $300”

    “Actually that’s S-Words and only the $200 option remains…”

  3. You know nothing is going to happen with this case.

    As I’m learning, a twice superbowl QB being accused of rape twice in less than a year and a half is never as guilty as a DT who is being accused of sexual assault for doing as he was asked by a waitress.

    Haynesworth guilt or innocence will come way before the Nevada court throws out Ben’s case on some technical ish. Such is the society inwhich we live.

  4. I suppose most people don’t think rape is very funny? When is Ben going to pay these women off already? Maybe there’s just too many…

  5. Anyone see the poll on Yahoo:

    Which sports stunt would you refuse to do?
    – Take a punch from Brock Lesnar
    – Set a pick on LeBron James
    – Get hit by a Brian Wilson 102 mph pitch
    – Go on a date with Ben Roethlisberger

  6. What’s the status of the defamation suit by Roethlisberger, the casino, and the other casino employees named in the McNulty suit?

  7. I’m not saying Ben is an upstanding citizen, but this allegation is nothing more than a money grab by some cheap wh*#e who thinks she hit the jackpot by screwing an NFL player. With her previous admissions and her validated e-mails, it is hard to comprehend how this is still wasting money in the court system.

  8. packfannchitown:

    Also reminds me of the Always Sunny skit… I’m a full on rapist… Old people, children, and the handicap.

  9. I wonder how McNulty will explain away those emails to her friends from the morning after when she sounded completely smitten with Ben and couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was to see him again.

  10. Don’t worry Stiller fans, in the end Ben will ask
    “How much will it take” to make her go away.
    She’ll give him a figure. He’ll pay it. Everyone
    will be happy.

    I’m not sayin whether this is right or wrong….

    I’m just sayin this is what will happen.

    What a country.

  11. @kevo126 …

    So you think the Steelers should have gotten rid of Roethlisberger because of this accusation?

    McNulty texted friends within 24 hours of their one-niter saying she couldn’t wait to see him again. The time-stamps on other texts she sent that night do not match her timeline of events. For instance, at the time she was supposedly crying in her truck post-rape, she was actually texting baby-talk to her boyfriend and telling him he looked like … Ben Roethlisberger. (Odd to be joking with your boyfriend about the guy who’d just raped you, don’t ya think?)

    After her relationship with her boyfriend blew up, leading to a lot of expensive in-patient psychiatric care, she obsessed over Roethlisberger to coworkers for a year … to the point that her boss asked her to take paid leave when he was scheduled to return for a golf tournament. Only then did she file a $3 million lawsuit against Ben and her colleagues alleging rape. The personal account of events she provided in her civil complaint reads as though she’s more upset with her coworkers than her alleged rapist. Very odd document. To date, she’s never filed a criminal complaint and local authorities say they have no reason to believe a rape occurred.

    The incident in Georgia began when Ben turned down an invitation to a private party, saying it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. One of the sorority sisters then began ragging him about the Nevada suit. He personally tossed her from the party and the bodyguard refused her readmittance. Later, that woman is the one who dragged the accuser to police and insisted she’d been raped while she denied it and that woman is the one who made up the story about the bodyguard at the bathroom door. The medical exam and other witnesses refuted their stories, and the DA said he hoped they’d learned their lesson.

    The Georgia accusation was entirely inspired by the Nevada lawsuit … and could happen to any guy who pissed off the wrong women.

  12. She went to his room to fix his tv? That’s pretty typical of a hotel’s “hostess”.

    There’s a street corner in my town loaded with scantly clad ladies willing to “fix your tv” for a few bucks.

    What a waste of tax payer’s money. This was over the minute the accuser bragged about it to her friends.

  13. You knew Deb would be here to defend Big Ben. But still, the facts don’t seem to add up in favor of the accuser.

  14. @steelertom

    There were plenty of those jokes, but they did not make it through the censors.

  15. @diehardskinsfan21 says:
    May 12, 2011 6:40 PM
    Sounds like you were there????

    * * * * * * * *

    No, she just remembers and states the facts that have been published. As you can see, most really don’t. They prefer to make jokes and innuendo.

  16. Do Rae Carruth next Deb!!! Tells us how he was framed!!!! I bet the woman wanted to be killed!!! Her eyes said no but the gunshot wound said yes?

    Of course, you are ignoring the fact Big Ben was buying drinks for underage girls… Doing this all supposedly while he had his little sweetheart back in Penn who was pining for him…? Then later he admits he needs to change his lifestyle.

    But why change when it’s just everybody out to get you? I mean, no way if he’s innocent should he have to change, right? And why the latest publicity stunt with the engagement? Why did the Rooney’s want to dump him? Why did the Commish suspend him?

    It’s just one huge conspiracy to get Big Ben, huh?

    Most of Debs “facts”, and I use that term as lose as possible, were just press releases from Ben’s attorney and the Steelers organization.

    I have no idea if Big Ben is a rapist or not, but where there is smoke there’s fire. He certainly acted with the morals normally reserved for psychopaths and lizards and broke a few laws along the way too…

    That Deb keeps defending this is hilarious to say the least… Hey Deb, Big Ben has lawyers, no need to work so hard defending his slimy behavior.

  17. @diehardskinsfan21 …

    No, I was there at my own assault, so I don’t have a lot of patience with women who invent rape accusations. It happens more than you’d think–one place to get a sense of the issue is to read case files of men who’ve been positively cleared by DNA evidence. Check the Innocence Project Web site). Women who lie hurt the credibility of real victims and make it more difficult for them to get justice.

    Also when the McNulty story broke, I went to the public record and downloaded her full civil complaint to go over w/my brother, a criminal defense attorney. I believe it was later pulled from the Internet, but I still have a copy along with copies of all the public docs in the Georgia case. I’m a writer/researcher–that’s what I do.

    @pooflingingmonkey …

    Have said many times that I think Ben is an idiot. To me, it’s defending the truth and real victims.

  18. And Ben is the real victim here? Ha ha ha! And what “truth”?

    This is why the case in Georgia was dropped:
    “In short, no matter the outcome of a criminal trial, our client has had sound professional advice since this incident that participating in a public trial would not at all be in her best interest as she goes forward with her life. That is a decision that we, as her attorneys, fully support. As should be clear from what I have said here, this decision does not reflect any recanting of our client’s complaint, but simply a realistic, personal decision as to what is in her best interests, and what it would be like to go through a trial with the expected media attention.

    Without the support of the victims it’s virtually impossible to bring a case to trial. Big Ben and his lawyers hired PIs and PR firms to drag her through the mud. Don’t paint Big Ben as a victim…

  19. By the way, if a guy hires Mittelstadt… Chances are he’s probably guilty. I mean, let’s get serious here, who’d hire this guy when they haven’t even been arrested?

    Don’t know Mittelstadt? His Rolodex includes such “framed” folks as the Olympic Bomber, Ray Lewis, Jamal Anderson, Dany Heatley.

    A list of some of, can we all agree, the most upstanding of slime…

  20. Here we go again. Poor Ben falsely accused. If he’s released because of his off the field “indiscretions” all the teams needing a starting QB (Arizona, Seattle, Tennessee, Miami, and of course Cincinnati) will be going crazy bidding for him, baggage and all.

  21. “Without the support of the victims it’s virtually impossible to bring a case to trial”

    When the accused DENIED having sex? If they had evidence of sexual intercourse of any kind Ben would be in jail because that would prove he lied and they wouldn’t need her.

    READ the facts idiots.

  22. @goombar2 …

    No, as I’ve said 10,000 times and as I made clear in that post, the real victims are women like myself who fought like hell but couldn’t overcome the violent attack of a man who outweighed and overpowered us, held us down, and forcibly raped us. It’s something I would give anything at this moment for a filthy pig like you to experience because then maybe you would stop harassing me nonstop because I CANNOT sympathize with women who MAKE UP THOSE ACCUSATIONS. And you DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about those women whose text messages and e-mails–that I pulled from POLICE AND COURT FILES NOT FROM THE STEELERS–prove beyond any doubt were LYING. You care only about slobbering over a rival football player.

    May God damn you to hell where you belong, you evil man.

    Censors, since you don’t have a problem posting his harassment of me. You shouldn’t have a problem posting my understandable response.

  23. I find it sad in this day and age that hatred for a particular football club can lead so many people to condemn a man falsely accused of rape. Ben is certainly no genius by any means, but the facts as stated by the alleged victims in these two cases simply don’t add up to rape by any definition of the word. In the Nevada case, the plaintiff sent emails and texts to her friends claiming her night with Roethlisberger was “the best sex [she] ever had” and no physical evidence could be found for the alleged attack in Georgia.

    However, the facts don’t really matter when you have a hate-on for the Steelers, so by all means continue demanding a lynching and making dick jokes. This kind of immature behaviour has been par for the course on this site for months. Also, can someone explain how the hell a 20 year old woman is considered “underage”? 18 is over the legal age of consent in all 50 states last time I checked, so quit making it sound like Roethlisberger was preying on highschool girls. It makes you sound like a bunch of ignorant hicks. There is enough real assaults going on in society today without making up false accusations against a guy simply because you don’t like the team he plays for.

    BTW: I am a hard-core Packers fan and couldn’t care less about the Steelers either way. I just get sick of the false rape accusations from some of the more retarded posters on this site. Purchase “Hooked on Phonics”, learn to comprehend the written word and educate yourselves on the facts in these two cases. If you are still convinced any form of rape occured, I have some ocean front property in Wyoming you may be interested in.

  24. goombar2, the “Olympic Bomber” as you call him was found innocent by a federal court, and awarded damages. The damages weren’t even contested.

    This will probably blow your mind, but get this: sometimes, it is good to have a lawyer and defend yourself. Wow, I know, that’s nuts isn’t it?

    Stop insulting people.

  25. goombar2 says: May 12, 2011 7:53 PM

    Of course, you are ignoring the fact Big Ben was buying drinks for underage girls… Doing this all supposedly while he had his little sweetheart back in Penn who was pining for him…? Then later he admits he needs to change his lifestyle.

    No he was having drinks set up for whomever. He told the girls who had been following him around from several bars that they could help themselves. And why were underage girls drinking? You have no idea what underage girls are capable of and you never will.

    There was no trial in Georgia because there was no evidence. And the little miss didn’t want to come forward because her identity would have been known. Do you think her picture would have gone viral on the internet? And every part of her life would be investigated by people who have nothing to do with Ben’s defense team. It’s quite possible there would have been 5,000 Steelers fans on her front lawn. She would have become the story.

    No victim and no harm.

  26. You have 0 proof she’s making anything up. This is just your game when you know you’re wrong and you’ve worked your way into a corner.

    It’s alright for you to name call, it’s alright for you to tease and taunt… But heaven forbid anybody else have that right.

    Look what you’re reduced to… You’re an idiot, a moron, a pig… All because I point out your hypocrisy when talking about your favs. Please point out where I called you a name? I’ll give you a hint – at no point did I have to resort.

    I don’t know what your situation has on the barring of Big Ben other than to shut down the fact that you are lying about “facts” to do with Big Ben that just don’t exist. Ben wasn’t found innocent, the evidence didn’t disprove the woman’s version of events – it just didn’t prove them. Big difference.

  27. Sweet!! More karma for that stud superbowl winner guy. Good job Rooneys class act.

  28. Bottom line, no matter what Baby Boy Ben does, his uber-loyal fans will defend him… Any dumb ass who is in the public spotlight should walk a thin line… Hope he gets whatever it is that he deserves…

    By the way, wasnt that bitch slap by Seymour priceless? LMFAO!!

  29. @pigeonpea …

    You’re a rare voice of reason and discernment … which probably means you’re a rare commenter over the age of 12. Thank you.

    @leroysbutler …

    You should buy Hooked on Phonics, as pigeonpea suggested. Perhaps once you’ve learned to read you’ll grasp that I’m not defending Ben. A medical exam in Georgia showed his accuser didn’t have sex with anyone that night. That’s in the police files, which were released to the public. McNulty’s own text messages about how she couldn’t wait to see him again–on file with the court–prove their sex was consensual. I think he’s a big, dum oaf, but since the evidence prove no rapes occurred, he doesn’t need defending. However, as a rape survivor who’s spent years dealing with other rape survivors, I feel false accusations need to be countered … especially when they’re being spread for no better reason than trivial football rivalries.

  30. innocent untill proven guilty….
    but all the jealous ravens and cowboy fans say guilty untill proven innocent.
    even though the ravens had ray lewis and the cowgirls had pacman jones….

  31. I love Deb’s comments.

    By the way the DA in Georgia case said the rotten Georgia peach not wanting to pursue the case had nothing to do with him not going ahead with the case. He knew where it was going from the beginning.

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