Report: McNabb refused to wear a wristband with plays


As the marriage between the Redskins and quarterback Donovan McNabb moves toward an inevitable divorce (annulment may be the better word), our friends at the Sports Junkies on 106.7 the Fan in D.C. have added a little grease to the fire.

According to the Sports Junkies, citing multiple unnamed sources, coach Mike Shanahan asked McNabb to wear a wristband after he struggled to remember plays.  McNabb declined, explaining that it would make him look stupid.  (More accurately, McNabb said, “It’s bad for my image.”)

Per the report, owner Daniel Snyder became furious with Shanahan when he learned after the season that McNabb wouldn’t wear a wristband.

So wherever McNabb plays in 2011, it’ll be interesting to see whether he’ll wear a wristband.

75 responses to “Report: McNabb refused to wear a wristband with plays

  1. This is the guy that didn’t know the overtime rules…worried about looking stupid…

  2. Yeah, this is a pretty ridiculous story and the Junkies aren’t known for their “access” to the inner workings of the Redskins.

  3. “So wherever McNabb plays in 2011, it’ll be interesting to see whether he’ll wear a wristband.”

    Not really. It only seems interesting in the football void right now.

    Few will care once games begin.

  4. This sounds like total bull. The topping on this pile of bull is “Per the report, owner Daniel Snyder was furious with Shanahan because he couldn’t get McNabb to wear the wristband.”

    Sorry but I don’t buy it for one minute. Snyder furious with Mike Shanahan? Because Mcnabb wouldn’t wear a wrist band? lol

  5. Why would Snyder be furious with Shanahan when it was McNabb that refused to wear the wrist band?

  6. Donovan McNabb has played at such a high level since 1999. He has taken more criticism than any player with his level of skill set. The Washington Redskins were such a mess last year and Donovan gets more share of the blame than he deserves. He is probably the best QB that Philadelphia has ever had and most fans hated him from the moment he was drafted.

  7. I’m sorry but the Junkies are God awful much like the entire 106.7 lineup. As much as I really dislike McNabb, I cannot possibly believe this to be true.

  8. The Skins should trade McNabb to Carolina for Clausen, straight-up.

  9. So McNabb is afraid of looking stupid?

    As our old friend Forrest Gump would say….

    “Stupid is as stupid does”

    I think that McNabb is showing, more than anything else, that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  10. No matter how many stories leak about this guy being a real dolt, the media will fawn over how intelligent he is. LOL Overtime ends in a tie??? WHAT??

    I only knew that since I was like, 4.

  11. Why would Snyder be furious at Shanahan? It was McNabb who refused assistance when it became clear that he couldn’t remember plays.

  12. Old news. This rumor first surfaced after the Super Bowl but was drowned out by the vomit accusations. Although Hopkins criticisms are a cheap shot, McNabb has always played the black qb race card. In his mind running too often or wearing wrist band is a sign of limited intellect (i.e. racist strereotype of black qb’s)

  13. cardiovascularendurance says: May 12, 2011 2:14 PM

    The Skins should trade McNabb to Carolina for Clausen, straight-up.

    Why would Carolina do that?

  14. Hey Dono, you should have refused to take that Wonderlic test back in the day, if you’re afraid of looking stupid. 14/50 works out to 28%.

  15. Scored like a 14 on the Wonderlic…but he is very savvy with the press. Went to Syracuse for communications, so he did learn something.

  16. I hope that McNabb didn’t in reality bluntly tell Shanahan wearing it would make him look stupid. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I hope he said something about it being a bad idea to wear it during a commercial or having to change his throwing motion or something other than it makes him look stupid. It also seems like a silly thing for Snyder to be furious with Shanahan about.

  17. Bernard Hopkins thinks he didn’t wear it becuase he didn’t want any tan lines.

  18. Hey, at least he proved with his great play this past season that he didn’t need a wristband…

  19. If this story is true, McNabb just called any QB who wears plays on the armband stupid. Presumably throwing INTs and getting benched in two minute drills for Grossman doesn’t look quite as stupid. Gosh, I hope this story is false.

  20. This story has the appearance of a story that got drug behind a car on a rope for a few blocks.

    It’s a shame when a decent website like this one (most of the time), stoops to these levels just to throw a bone to inbred fools.

  21. I like McNabb so I hope this isn’t true. I’ve never considered wearing a playbook wristband as a measure of that person’s intelligence.

  22. Donovan, it’s okay!!!

    Numerous people said things about you that offended two idiots at PTI and a four-letter network that is delusional enough to believe that you can still attract ad dollars from ‘Chunky Soup’!!!

    I love PFT, but now these Donovan McNabb posts are becoming obnoxious.

    The reason? The more stuff like this is out there the more the media kisses his butt because they love coddling him as this bruised victim!!!

    Can’t the McNabb coddlers just snap out of it and realize that he’s probably liking the attention???

    If he doesn’t like it, why does he speak politically correct too often and refuse to fight sooner???

    The sympathy for McNabb has got to stop until he starts showing that he does fight back to the point where he shows he’s superior!!! Right now he just shows why people in Philly hated him.

  23. most comical org in the nfl hands down….they have no QB as well. I cant believe that dope shanarat passed on Gabbert. Watch this guy be a stud franchise QB for 12 yrs….
    Draft was horrible too and with at least 10 need positions are i really bad shape. Another last place finish…whoa..whoa…whoa.


  24. Multiple “unnamed sources.”…,It’s official, this site has beaten out ESPN as the TMZ of sports media…

    What I find even more funny about the write-up is the excitement that seems to come from the fact that your source of this piece of gossip came from your friends at “Sports Junkie.” Is that like Radar Online of sports? Oh my…you cannot make this mess up if you tried..D.E.A.D.

    Lord please end this lock-out before this site spirals into an abyss of sheer tomfoolery.

  25. I don’t have many regrets in life, but I was one of the front running fans who wanted McNabb. And now I regret everything that happened.


  26. Clarify and explain further a portion of this report. Is Snyder furious with Shan because he simply asked him to wear a wristband or is he furious because he didn’t force him to wear it afer McNabb declined?

  27. McNabb should realize how stupid he looks with a helmet on.

    In all honesty though, it sounds like he may have had too many concussions if thats the case.

  28. Hey McNabb? Yeah, it’s hard to hide you tied the Browns a couple years back.

    Not only because you tied the freaking Browns back when they were terrible, but becuase you didn’t even realize an NFL game could end in a tie.

    And now you apparently think all QBs that wear wristbands with plays on the are stupid? Can someone go back and see if McNabb’s wonderlic score made it into double-digits?

  29. Who can be worried about “looking stupid?”

    Last I checked, the action on the field moves pretty quickly.
    If I’m a coach, the one thing I’m certain of is moments after my QB gets hits hard, in the midst of a two-minute drill, I’m not so worried about him looking stupid as I am about him being 100% sure about the play being called, the formation, etc…

    If a guy like Tom Brady is not worried about looking stupid.

  30. When McNabb was in his anger days, he was a pretty decent QB.
    His problem was that he relied on his body, not his mind, and when his body couldn’t respond, his mind had nothing to offer.
    The ‘skins were fleeced but they deserved it.
    McNabbs biggest flaw is his belief that he is better than he ever was.
    The Vikings will get him for free and will wreck their next season, whenever that happens.

  31. oops, he got a 14, so he did make it in to double digits.

    Congrats, Mc5, you’re only slightly dumber than I recalled.

  32. Let’s see…

    Drew Brees wears a playsheet-wristband. Anybody think he’s stupid? Not likely.

    Peyton Manning wears a playsheet-wristband. Anybody think he’s stupid? Not likely.

    Tom Brady wears a playsheet-wristband. Anybody think he’s stupid? Not likely.

    And half a dozen other QBs (or more) do as well.

    This is either total crap or McNabb really IS an idiot.

  33. As popular as it is to bash the Redskins coaches and management (largely deserved), this story if true would vindicate McNabb’s benching. Not wearing the wristband only based on pride would illustrate that McNabb was clearly putting his own image before the good of the team.

    Maybe McNabb is not the angel that many think him to be.

  34. I believe Snyder chewed out Shanahan for this. It’s just another example of Snyder favoring the players over the coaches. This has been an epidemic ever since The Wee One took over this team.

    For reference, please see: Portis, Clinton; Sanders, Deion; George, Jeff; Smith, Bruce; Archuleta, Adam; etc.

  35. He refused to wear it because it only had play names on it, he wanted one with a menu that shows the plays madden style.

  36. How many Pro Bowl Players do the Redskins have to throw under the bus before people start maybe saying it’s not the players?

    Problem 1 Dan Snyder

    Problem 2 Mike Shanahan is a very toxic kind of guy who thinks he can get the most out of people by berating them to motivate them.

    Problem 3 Kyle Shanahan is not a good Offensive coordinator and far too young to know what he is doing. This is compounded by his dad having to defend him by blaming everyone but his son for the play of the team.

    Problem 4 no wide receivers

    Problem 5 no running game or running backs

    Problem 6 a horrible O-Line

    But hey don’t take my word for it, if you really want to trade a player for maximum value, why leak this story? Well the good news is John Beck will win them a Superbowl this year for sure!

  37. IMO, McNabb has gotten too much nonsense thrown his way in his career, between the Rush Limbaugh stuff, the racially tinged attacks from the local NAACP and Bernard Hopkins, as well as the whole T.O. fiasco, while all the while being a very good (but not elite) QB, playing through injuries, winning playoff games, etc.

    The sad thing is though, if true, this story wouldn’t shock me at all. The shame of it is, he’s always had this chip on his shoulder, that I think are really at the source of his ocassionally bizzare comments and actions.

  38. McNabb didn’t wear a wrist band, this is news? Isn’t he the same guy who went to NFC championships several times? You can’t tell me he doesn’t understand offense after 10 years in the league. Didn’t our coaching staff have issues with OT rules? Timeouts and training camp? This is another way to cheapen the stock of a QB we don’t want… sad thing is, we’ll have to PAY HIM or cut him. Other orgs will pick him up and he’ll be successful… same old Redskin mantra… provide insufficient supporting cast members then blame the players… Jason Campbell wasn’t as bad as he looks now… Sorry McNabb, you too will get the short end of the ineptitude of our coaches

    disgruntled Skins fan

  39. boysroll says: May 12, 2011 2:38 PM

    most comical org in the nfl hands down….they have no QB as well. I cant believe that dope shanarat passed on Gabbert. Watch this guy be a stud franchise QB for 12 yrs….
    Draft was horrible too and with at least 10 need positions are i really bad shape. Another last place finish…whoa..whoa…whoa.

    And yet your org that is supposedly light years ahead of the Redskins finished with the exact same record.

    I really couldn’t decipher anything you said after “Draft was horrible too…,” but your sentence structure is at least consistent with the typical delusional Cowboy fan. And, there is a difference between a regular rational Cowboys fan than one like yourself. Comical sir is what you are, the opening act to the Dez Bryant show.

  40. McNabb has always displayed that “entitled” attitude. At the time most observers/analysts outside of Philadelphia slammed the Eagles for trading McNabb. The Eagles sure do when to hold em and when to fold em.

  41. Maybe if Shanahan had named the plays something like”red 7″ instead of “alpha slide 0 right back bunch 29 stinger 8” it wouldn’t be necessary.

  42. As a Eagles fan, I won’t go as far as saying Rush was right, but Andy Reid has a way of making QB’s look better than they truly are. Feely, Detmers, McNabb, maybe even Vick. McNabb IMO has always been lazy. never keeping his weight down to keep his quickness…relying on his average accurate arm when instead of just running with the ball.. holding the ball too long instead of throwing it away or gaining yardage.
    And now since he’s left Philly he’s been accused of not studying plays, poor work ethic, and not being in shape t0 run the 2 min. drill. TO already said he wasnt the one that got tired in the Super Bowl.I have yet to see another QB so out of shape they threw up while on the field.I wonder when people will finally realize, hey,maybe its McNabb thats the problem… jus sayin.

  43. Uhhh… a bit touchy there Donovan? If this is true, Sheesh! I can’t even think of a top QB in the league that DOES NOT wear a wristband.

  44. cardiovascularendurance says: May 12, 2011 2:14 PM

    The Skins should trade McNabb to Carolina for Clausen, straight-up.

    why stop there? They should trade him for a 1st and 4th rounders next year, and a 3rd the year after that.

    PEOPLE!!! Other teams don’t want the skins garbage. Why would you trade a 2nd year player for an aging veteran on another team that will most likely be cut anyway?

  45. “Donovan McNabb has played at such a high level since 1999. He has taken more criticism than any player with his level of skill set. ”

    He doesn’t even have that distinction in Philly. Cole Hamels is the king of unwarranted criticism.

    He handled it great, McNabb not so well.

  46. Let’s see you wanted this story to get out? Well, who looks bad, McNabb & Shanahan. Who looks good? I know a number of coaches would could have gotten McNabb to wear a wrist band.

  47. Andy Reid got McNabb to wear a wrist band, in preseason, regular season, and practice. Maybe Shanahan’s wrist band had pics of his feet, but this is only a rumor 🙂

  48. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Skins have a $10M option on McNabb + $2.5M in salary?

    Who, exactly, is going to trade for that contract?

    Seems to me there are only 3 scenarios…

    1) Skins decline the option, McNabb becomes a UFA

    2) Skins re-work the deal and move McNabb

    3) Skins deal McNabb and the existing contract

    I can only imagine scenario #1 happening.

    McNabb will never allow that contract to be re-worked (#2), as he’d lose money and flexibility. Even Fletcher “Masta P” Smith must see that.

    And no one would ever take on that deal for what is, at best, a bridge to a younger QB. $12.5M is too much for that kind of role.

    So how, exactly, do the Skins work out any kind of deal whatsoever if all this is true?

  49. Sorry Guys,

    Not buying this story either…

    So let me get this right.

    The coach who went head to head with Albert Haynesworth and made him run all those sprints to qualify as in shape for the team, lets McNabb choose to wear a wrist band or not…….

    It does not make any sense to me…….

    Does it?????

  50. The number of QBs smarter and better than McNabb who list plays on their wristband is a long one – and no one ever suggests they’re stupid.

    The only thing that makes him look stupid is a refusal to wear one.

  51. You know that girl that has tatoo’s that are in places for all to see who is basically warning you she has problems?……Teams, that tatoo is McNabb.

  52. deathmonkey41 says:
    May 12, 2011 2:15 PM
    Would it say on the wristband – “Throw ball 90 mph into the turf when reciever is open”?


    Wow, that’s the exact same wristband Derek Anderson wears!

  53. bottom line is, in philly, reid kissed mcnabb’s ass up to and past the final minute.

    and in was, shanahan doesnt do that. mcnabb should have offered to wear a wristband.

  54. pretty sure if tom brady can wear a wristband then so can donovan mcnabb.

    i don’t know how much i believe this story, but regardless i don’t like the rumors of him coming to MN.

  55. No one knows about the contract realities?

    Because, seriously – McNabb walks for nothing if that is correct. There should never be a story about a McNabb trade if it is so.

    Then again, the media pretended for 5 months that Clinton had a shot to beat Obama despite her having no realistic shot to do so.

    Why? Because it propped up someone they liked.

  56. Ahh, excuse me but I believe the correct phrasiology is “more stupider”.
    You’re welcome

  57. Is PFT checking to see if McNabb wore the correct brand of athletic supporter on the field last season too ?

  58. rcali says:
    May 12, 2011 7:10 PM
    You know that girl that has tatoo’s that are in places for all to see who is basically warning you she has problems?……Teams, that tatoo is McNabb.


    Well played, sir.

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