Rodney Harrison: Players and coaches are talking, as should be expected

Earlier this week, we passed along the not-so-surprising news that widespread communication is taking place between players and assistant coaches during the lockout.

PFT Live guest Rodney Harrison says it’s to be expected in such a competitive league.

“Are you kidding me? Whether it’s a cousin’s cell phone, calling someone up, that’s all part of it. . . . You gotta be crazy if you don’t think that’s happening,” Harrison said.   “I won’t say who, but I know there is communication going on.”

Not that it’s a bad idea.  Harrison says that he would “probably” be staying in touch with an assistant coach if he was in the league.

He would especially want to know what a coach wanted him to work on, and he would want to get into the playbook if there was a new coach in town.

To see Harrison’s entire interview,  including his thoughts on players already getting loans this offseason, head over to the PFT Live homepage.  Or download the show on iTunes.

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