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Last month, when we needed a little extra content, we rolled out 32 posts breaking down team needs around the NFL.

Now we’re really hurting for content, so let’s check back in with each team and find out what issues they have to address after the lockout ends.   We present our team checklists, starting with the Buffalo Bills.

1. Find a starting tackle.

Coach Chan Gailey said before the draft the team needed to add a tackle.  They picked up Chris Hairston late in the fourth round, but he’s a developmental prospect and they need someone to play right away.  This should be Buffalo’s first priority in free agency.

2. Add a backup quarterback.

Buffalo is ready to ride or die with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter.  Fair enough.  But they need another capable option on the roster to challenge him in training camp and play if things don’t go well.

Gailey has said the team will look for another quarterback.  Bringing back Brian Brohm doesn’t appear to be an option.  Someone with mobility like Tyler Thigpen,  Bruce Gradkowski, or Tarvaris Jackson could make sense.  Thigpen played well for Gailey in Kansas City and will be available if we don’t return to 2010 rules.

3. Decide whether they can afford Paul Posluszny.

He’s their most important free agent, assuming we don’t go back to 2010 league rules.  The team drafted Kelvin Sheppard in the third round to play on running downs, which could lead to Posluszny’s departure.  The team is counting on too many stopgap veterans like Andra Davis and Reggie Torbor.

This is true at most positions on defense.  Adding more depth on the defensive line, even after adding Marcell Dareus, would make sense.

4. Pick up a tight end.

This is admittedly a luxury item the Bills probably won’t be able to afford.  Still, rolling with David Martin, Shawn Nelson, and Scott Chandler again feels like settling for an offense with potential to be explosive.

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  1. 1. Hairston will battle with Mansfield Wrotto and Erik Pears for the starting job. According draft sites, he’s an interesting prospect but he needs to get better stamina and strenght.

    2. Actually Nix said they will (try to) bring two QBs. One veteran and one young prospect.
    I like Levi Brown, but he isn’t ready for back-up duties yet.

    3. Both parties are on record about continuity. I don’t know what kind of money Poz is looking for. He wants to stay in Buffalo but we shall see.

    4. This franchise is looking for a good TE since Jay Riemersma. Nelson has migraine problems and can’t even practice at times. Chandler is a big target, intriguing guy. I should note that David Nelson is often used as a TE in Gailey’s offense.

  2. Hey buddy why don’t you worry about your 7-9 team with no qb further more my guess 31 other teams wished they drafted our loud mouth wr

  3. Steve Johnson would be the best wr Seattle has had since Steve largent……although I could stand him to yap a bit less

  4. Absolutely EVERYTHING! From coaches to every man on the roster. I mean, Gailey and Wannstad. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  5. OK, obviously bills fans here based on the ratings of comments..

    I have drank the Kool Aid every year post draft but something this different this year…

    I am super stoked with the attitude and no BS approach that Nix brings to the table. Wanny is a hard ass and is best suited for a asst. role. Lets be honest, he is the real Def. Coord. in Buffalo….

    I think the bills get 9 wins this year..

    playoffs, perhaps not.. but 9 wins Yes… Sell the world for Luck next year and we got a team in two years..

    Go Bills!!!

  6. The question isn’t whether they can afford him, its if he’s worth his asking price. I’m sorry but Poz is not a one man wrecking crew in the middle, we can definetly upgrade. He’s a great locker room guy, and a sideline to sideline player, but not a defensive centerpiece. I liked the tackles we had at the end of last season, but Bell can definetly be upgraded as well. Where I see us needing the most help is at center, Hangartner is serviceable, but we need a better option with 3 3-4 defenses and 3 star caliber NT’s in our division. And to the d-bags saying “everything”, get a clue, this team was more competetive last season than over half the NFL. I’m not guarunteeing playoffs, but this team will make some noise, and more than likely be competing for a division title in december. Oh yea, we score touchdowns, not kick fieldgoals.

  7. 7 out of 9 picks on defense in the draft is impressive and sends a loud and clear message. 3 DB’s drafted sends a huge message as well, that was supposed to be the strength of the team and they couldn’t cover a TE to save their lives last year.

    POZ being resigned would help. Payroll is at 88 million going into season right now. They have the money.

    They really like Eric Pears a lot at ROT and they think Hairston can be something if given time.

    Everyone mentions Thigpen because he was coached by Gailey, but I really like Caleb Hanie of the Bears for the Bills, same type as Thigpen, could be signed away as an offer sheet only, while Thigpen is on the roster of a divisional foe and a trade would be necessary if post 2010 rules are in place.

    TE has not clicked since Jay the politican from Michigan left town. Talent at WR and out of backfield suggests Bills could do well without one.

  8. I would like to see Posluzney back with the Bills this year. He has always produced, even while wearing a cast. Great sideline to sideline player, exceptional tackling skills and a team leader all the way. It would be a big mistake for the Bills to let him go.

    Go Bills!!!!!!!

  9. if you sign posluzny, you need a “drink milk clause” in the contract. softest bones in the league.

    i love the optimism from previous posters, but i presonally dont share the view of this team challenging the pats or jets for the division, let alone fighting the ravens/steelers, chiefs/chargers, texans, raiders, for remaining wildcard spots. but who knows, stranger things have happened.

  10. I love the Bills but we are not winning 7-9 games. I know we did it last year and we are an improved defense through the draft but I bet we are picking top 7 in next years draft. Luck or Landry Jones would be great additions to the Bills roster.

  11. resign Poz and Florence and we have a legit defense next year. I like the addition of Wannstadt, the run defense should be improve (Darreus 320lbs, Williams 305lbs, Troup 315lbs, Carrington 280lbs) and we have the potential for a top 5 pass defense. If (Big IF) Merriman can get (and stay) healthy the Bills D could be something to watch. Go Bills

  12. Poz hasn’t been spectacular but he’s been consistent at least. I dig the Sheppard pick and I think Poz needs to resign so they don’t have to rely on the stop-gaps they have now.

    Gailey recently said that TE is a position he doesn’t utilize that much in his offense, so I think they’ll stick with what they have and probably keep an eye on the waiver wire like they have the last few years.

    The defense should improve quite a bit. Lot of solid picks, plus the addition of Dave Wannstedt as LB coach. We’ll see, though.

  13. They must resign Poz. You can’t let all your top picks leave via FA, because they are not HOF or want too much money. Maybe the Salary cap Floor will make them spend some money.

  14. I have read a lot of SIGN POZ and DON’T SIGN POZ comments, but simply put he is the Captain of the defense, and when he is out there he gets results not only from himself but those around him. He HAS had injuries, but that is due to him trying to make plays EVERY down, and trying to be in the middle of every tackle.

    I would like to see more depth at the QB position. This is a great time for a young QB to come in and get taught by a veteran. I do not feel that Fitz is a veteran presence per se, but is what we have and are going to use for the season.

    As far as a TE, we don’t really use them that often in the offense. That may be due to the fact that we don’t have a decent one, or may be the fact that we just don’t want to use one. It would be nice to have a pass catching TE to run the middle of the field and be the checkdown for when the QB is in trouble, but when Fitz is in trouble he typically scrambles, quite successfully.

    As far as a prediction, who really knows what or how the Bills will do this year. But I can tell you this, I will still be cheering no matter if we are 16-0 or 0-16, or any number in between.

    GO BILLS!!

  15. Patriots fan here. I like Fitzpatrick. I think he could be a good QB for 5 – 10 years.

    I also like the addition of Wandstatd for the D. Just dont make him the HC. He is not HC material. He stunk in both Chicago and Miami.

    Good luck this year

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