Tom Benson shows the pope his ring

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Tom Benson and his wife somehow secured a few minutes with the Pope Benedict XVI recently at his weekly general audience in Rome.

As custom dictates, Benson kissed the Pope’s famous Fisherman Ring.   And then Benson offered up a ring of his own.

“I said to him I’d like to show you my ring,” Benson told Bruce Nolan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, with his wife by his side during the interview.  “I told him what it was, you know? It’s a Super Bowl ring. And he understood that, right, darling?”

The picture is on and is pretty priceless.

“There’s this cardinal laughing too. He couldn’t believe I would do that,” Benson said.

We also can’t believe Benson is really going to send Benedict a Saints jersey with “Holy Father” and the number one on the back.

Maybe Benson wants Benedict to solve the team’s short-yardage woes.

25 responses to “Tom Benson shows the pope his ring

  1. “Dat’s nice, Mista Benson. Now, I’d like to show you my Hitler Youth ring…”

  2. Good for Benson. I hope he sends the jersey.

    I also hope he asked the Pope for special prayers to get this labor deal done.

  3. Holy crap…. Now we know that the NFL lockout has OFFICIALLY destroyed NFL news… I felt stupid for even reading this, but hey at least you have “something” to write about.

  4. That is pretty special for Benson he is a devout catholic and I can think of no team in the NFL that is more catholic than the Saints they have the archbishop as the team Chaplin and I don’t thank any of the bishops in New Orleans have ever missed a game. Seeing packs of nuns (real ones not the wear a costume types) is a pretty common occurrence.

  5. “We also can’t believe Benson is really going to send Benedict a Saints jersey with “Holy Father” and the number one on the back.”

    What’s so unbelievable about sending the Pope a gift? People shower the Pope with gifts. The jersey seems unbelievably tacky though.

  6. If the BigHat had any idea of the value he’d have tried to tongue it off Benson’s finger!

  7. I think Benson sort of owed the Pope a view of the ring; I mean the Vatican did give special permission to the Cathedral in Jackson Square to take down the Vatican Flag and fly a Saints Flag the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. I think most people don’t know or forgot about that.

  8. Am I the only one who loved this picture? It’s hilarious.
    Maybe if you are deeply religious it could upset you a little but I love the picture.

  9. I guess that the Pope is more honorable than Putin. Kraft is still trying to figure out what happened.

  10. What an overdressed little ponce that Ratzinger is. Protecting his gang of pedophiles and his childhood spent among Fascists.

    I look forward to the day that Vatican City becomes a giant museum to human stupidity.

  11. goawayeverybody, you’re getting pretty defensive with the thumbs down, huh?

    Let me explain why the people you called “Stupid” don’t like your comment: Because it’s not sacreligious for Benson to show the Pope his SB ring.

    It’s actually pretty cool that the Pope would meet with Benson and it’s even cooler that he would take the time to “compare” rings. There was respect between both men.

  12. CKL, I am fairly religious (Catholic, even), and I loved it. I also don’t see the problem with sending him a jersey – it’s traditional, I mean, geez, how many honorary jerseys do US Presidents end up with?

  13. skeeter1970-

    Ah, Anti-Catholicism, the only acceptable prejudice remaining. As a proud Roman Catholic we understand that pedophile scandal is horrific and tragic. But to think that the mistakes of some negate all the truths of the faith and the good the Church has done is ridiculous. And just a guess here, but I think you will be dead and gone a long time before “Vatican City will become a giant museum for to human stupidity.”

  14. I love it. I’m sure the Pope deals with a lot of serious discussion, so Benson making him laugh probably made his day.

    And the Pope’s favorite play was the Immaculate Reception.

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