Tom Moore’s status creates an Indianapolis mystery

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We’d assumed that long-time Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore, who served as a consultant in 2010, was no longer with the team.  Especially after he reportedly was considered for the offensive coordinator job in Tennessee, and after he recently spent time sharing red-zone pointers with the Jets.  (“Well, guys, the secret is to just let Peyton do whatever he wants to do.”)

Apparently, Moore’s actual status remains a mystery.  Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star recently reported that neither the team nor Moore will comment on his official status, even though he’s no longer on the team’s website.  “Nothing.  Not at this time,” Moore said.

Moore’s name no longer appears on the team’s official website.

Moore arrived as offensive coordinator in 1998, the same year that Peyton Manning was drafted.  He and former offensive line coach Howard Mudd (who was hired earlier this year by the Eagles) retired in 2009 and over concerns regarding changes to the pension plans for assistant coaches.

6 responses to “Tom Moore’s status creates an Indianapolis mystery

  1. This guy is the secret to Manning’s success. The organization knows that without Moore, the wheels will fall off and Peyton will become a second tier QB. That’s why they are urgently and quietly trying to resign him.

    When Moore truly leaves everyone will realize how important he was to both the Colts and Manning.

  2. deadeye,

    I’m not a Colts fan, but you’re an idiot if you think Peyton is a 2nd tier QB w/o Tom Moore. Yes, Moore played a vital role in the success of the entire offense, but Peyton is an elite QB with or w/o Moore.

  3. Now I am wondering if it is Moore or Manning that chokes in the playoffs.

    Moore will be missed by the Colts but I see no reason why Manning won’t just keep on playing the same way. There is no offensive coordinator that would be dumb enough to come in and try to change everything.

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