Aaron Smith still not fully healed from torn triceps tendon

In the weeks before the Super Bowl, there was talk that defensive end Aaron Smith might be able to play for the Steelers despite missing all but three games of the regular season with a torn triceps tendon.

As it turned out, not only could Smith not play in the Super Bowl, but he’s still not fully healthy, more than three months later.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the prognosis for Smith is still a little murky, and it’s not completely clear when he’ll be 100 percent. Smith might not even be ready to go for training camp, if training camps open on time.

So any hope the Steelers had of Smith playing in the Super Bowl was a pipe dream. He was a long way from being completely healthy. And still is.

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  1. Ziggie played his ass off so I’m less concerned than I am about then getting Ike signed.

  2. Loved what you did for the Steelers in your career Aaron but I think it’s time the Steelers let Ziggy take over the reigns.
    I’m not saying dump Smith outright just lower his role. Never know they might end up getting 15-20 healthy snaps for 16 games instead of the 30-40 healthy snaps for 5 games they have got from him over the past 3 seasons. Just sayin!

  3. Hindsight is 20/20, but obviously we should have put Smith on IR. Much as I want him back, at least I feel good about Ziggy’s performance in the playoffs. I’m a lot less happy about the secondary.

    Troy’s injury was a factor in the Super Bowl just as it’s a factor everytime he goes down. He’s impossible to replace, but it would help if we had real talent at corner to pick up the slack. Ike’s good, but we desperately need a serious shutdown corner to pair with him.

  4. if it were left up to me I would start Ziggy and keep smith as the backup. the guy hasnt played a lot the last few yrs so he should be fairly fresh. 10-12 plays a gm would give someone a breather. as for Ike he is solid but a shutdown corner is a pipe dream because the Rooneys wont pay anyone in freeagency. the last guy they went after in free agency was Bettis. Asmoughma would be a really nice addition but I wouldnt hold my breath.

  5. “So any hope the Steelers had of Smith playing in the Super Bowl was a pipe dream. He was a long way from being completely healthy. And still is.”

    I don’t think the Steelers ever had any legitimate hope of Smith playing in the Super Bowl.. if the injury was serious enough where he isn’t even 100% now the Steelers were probably just trying not to show their cards to the Packers. Smith’s status forced the Packers to practice as if he was going to play, and once the Steelers officially ruled him out the Packers most likely had to shift around a few things to account for him not playing.

  6. Wish you a speedy recovery aaron. at least thanks to the lockout you’ll have a bit more time to recover..

    But yes as someone mentioned, reducing his time if it makes him more of an impact would be best. I hope he stays around long enough to help develop heyward like ziggy seems to be developing. dont forget we have kiesel aswell…the line will be ok. My two main concerns are getting taylor re-signed and getting production and a potential starter out of curtis brown/cortez allen to play next to him eventually.

  7. Steelers rolled the dice that Smith could make it back. They knew it was a big risk because it would mean losing Thaddeus Gibson if they held a spot for Smith. They made a decision based on how valuable Smith is to the defense. Hindsight shows it was not a good decision.

  8. Who cares the Steelers really need to worry about the secondary not some old D-lineman that nobody cares about. Troy and that secondary looked like a scrub highschool JV football secondary getting lit up by Aaron Rodgers and Jennings in the Super Bowl.

  9. bleedblue18 – Keep in mind, for as terrible as the Steelers played in that game, they were only one play from winning it in the second half.

    Let’s not get carried away. The Steelers secondary was terrible. If Wallace makes that catch it’s a different game. If Mendanhall doesn’t fumble, If Ben doesn’t throw a pick six.

    G.B. deserves all the credit, they won the S.B. I can’t help but think the Steelers are still the better team.

  10. @pizzon …

    I’m afraid you’re right about us making a serious bid for Asomugha. Even Bettis wasn’t a true free-agent battle because Brooks so completely undervalued him. I can’t argue with the way the Steelers conduct business because they’ve been so consistently successful. But I still wish we could somehow get our hands on a shutdown corner.

  11. They knew early in the season that Ziggy was capable of playing at a high level; they should have put Smith on IR. T Gibson was cut for that spot; I hope he doesnt turn out to be great. The Steelers were impressed with his short body of work while he was on the team.

  12. @ravenboy4lyfe …

    “Boy” being the operative word in that handle. Would you like a Terrible Towel to wipe your tears?

  13. i sure hope arron makes it through this. as for bettis we traded draftpicks to the rams for him, he was not a free agenet and no they wont even consider spending big money on a free agent.

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