Aubrayo Franklin should get monster deal when lockout ends

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Every year, a player not very well known to the general public gets a huge contract in free agency.  Nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, who has played for the Ravens and then San Francisco, has a good chance to be that guy this year.

When the lockout ends, he’s going to be the premier 3-4 nose tackle on the market.   With Paul Soliai franchised in Miami and Pat Williams possibly facing suspension, Franklin is practically the only quality nose tackle available.

Matt Maiocco of writes that the 49ers will try to keep him, but it sounds like they know it’s a long shot.  They chose against using the franchise tag on him and have already discussed moving Isaac Sopoaga to the nose if Franklin leaves.

Franklin has been a fine run stopper the last two years.  The Redskins figure to be at the top of the list of teams that show interest in him.  The Jets, Texans, Broncos, Vikings, and Seahawks also have a need, with the 3-4 teams making the most sense.

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  1. Drafted in the 5th round in 2003 by the Ravens, then signed with the Niners in ’07 to reunite with Mike Nolan.

    It’s been great Aubrayo!

  2. Another great Ozzie pick. You guys ought to look into what you are saying before you say it. Franklin left as a free agent because Mike Nolan was coaching the Niners. Lets give credit where credit is due.

  3. So far you’ve connected the Redskins with virtually every high profile free agent out there. Id The Danny going to have a $500 million player salary this season?

  4. Not only will he be the best free agent DT out there, he already is one of the best 3-4 DT’s in the league. Niner’s need to try like hell to re-sign him.

  5. I see Niner fans don’t want to lose Aubrayo, but he did fall off last year. They shouldn’t reach too far for him. Sopoaga will cover that position well, but I do realize how important it is and hope they can sign Aubrayo for a good price otherwise let another team over pay him.

  6. He’s bound to land in either Seattle or San Francisco. Of late, Seattle seems to have signed all things ex-49ers.

    As for Washington, ever since Tiny Dan hired The Idiot Vinnie Cerato, Snyder can’t help himself but to overpay for ex-49er defensive linemen (Stubblefield & Carter).

  7. @orbearider66 – hmm, you do know that franklin’s price would be high because he plays the NT position not a DT, there is a lot of DTs out there and not many NT’s.. he wont be going to a 4-3 for the $ he’s going to be asking.

  8. @ninerdynasty … yeah I know. I also know that Snyder has a history of overpaying former 49ers. I’m not commenting on the specific position … I’m commenting on Snyder’s long running history of overpaying free agents … ex-Niners in particular.

  9. Nose Tackle is Defensive Tackle. Personally that guy can kick rocks for all I care. He didn’t come to the Preseason in Football Shape because he held out. What a waste of 7 Million. And ABF wasn’t that good when he played for Nolan. His best year was playing for Singletary who is gone now.

    See ya ABF, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  10. I know Patrick Willis loves the guy. I would love to keep him but only at the right price. It seems like 49ers have so many players who are very good, but not pro-bowlers. They seem to want pro-bowl money before they actually breakout thou.Exp – Manny Lawson, Dashon Goldson, Abrayo and the center

  11. “bcjim says:
    May 13, 2011 11:26 AM
    I must be losing touch as I age. I have literally never heard of this person.”


    I love it when so-called fans come on here and show their ignorance of the sport and players.

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