Cedric Benson thinks he deserves a big deal

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We’ve heard what Cedric Benson thinks about the futures of Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati.  (In short, he doesn’t think they should be back.)

Benson does believe that he’s deserving to return to the team.  On a big contract.

“I think I’m deserving of that I just hope a couple teams feel the same way. It would be nice if it would be the Bengals, they drafted a quarterback in the second round and have young receivers, they’re going to need a horse in there,” Benson said on Sirius NFL Radio’s Late Hits show with Bryan McGovern and Maurice Jones Drew.

They do need a horse, and the team has indicated their top priority is to sign Benson via free agency.  There is no need to break the bank for him, though.

Benson was average at best last year, with all of his big games coming against the worst teams in the league.  He’s carried the ball a lot over the last two and a half seasons in Cincinnati.

The Bengals got a great deal when they picked up Benson “off the street” but they don’t need to overpay him now like they did with receivers Antonio Bryant and Laveranues Coles.

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  1. They will let him leave. I don’t think MB is planning on paying much this year. Ticket sales will be way down and I think being one of the few owners without a non-NFL income, he’ll be trying to save money for the next few years.

  2. Wait the Bengals cannot re-sign Benson… That makes too much sense and goes against the organizational business plan. The Bengals will just wait until some other team cuts their garbage in camp and hope the strike gold.

  3. In the words of deion sanders.. ” pay the man” I believe he deserves it, he’s been great in cincy..

  4. Really this depends on how big of a deal he’s expecting. He deserves a good deal that pays him like a workhorse should be paid, but I don’t get the sense that the guy expects a top-tier contract.

  5. I think he should get a HUGE contract. And that contract should be laid out like T.O.’s last year. Decent base pay, HUGE incentives.

    If you give him his pay day all guaranteed he won’t play hard.

  6. Benson wasn’t great last year, no. But he was also misused, abused, and running behind an OL that almost managed to make the Steeler OL look competent. With a competent OC, a healthy QB, and one less WR who just improvised every route he ran (Chad) they might have actually made it to .500 even with their defense collapsing as well.

    Benson should get a good contract. Not a “break the bank” one, of course, but he deserves a good contract and he should be brought back. There are several other teams who would gladly take him otherwise.

  7. I like what Ced Ben brings to the team, especially with the lack of vets. But please don’t break the bank for him. remember that great teams do great things with late round or undrafted running backs. The running game success is more based on the offensive line play and the schemes in place.

  8. I think the Chicago Bears deserve money back for his lack of production and quitting in the Super Bowl. What do you think Ced?

  9. Good luck with that, Ced. He must of forgotten that he’s playing for Mike Brown. Not trading Carson and getting some value is more stupid than this lockout mess.

  10. Give this guy a huge contract and he’ll fall victim to “I got mine” syndrome, as the Chicago Bears have already witnessed.

  11. Don’t do it Cincy… running backs sneaking up on 30 almost always start declining. Far easier to draft young legs and pay half.

  12. Thanks for the laugh, Cedric.

    Maybe you should at least play-up to the contract worthy of a #4 overall pick BEFORE demanding more?

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