Bears won’t workout together until they know it’s not a “waste of time”

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Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk isn’t the only NFC North player with some apprehension about the usefulness of player-led workouts.

Bears backup quarterback Caleb Hanie says the Bears haven’t gotten together to practice in part because they aren’t sure whether it would be worth the effort.

“We’ve exchanged emails with numerous guys, just back and forth, talking about it.  But we really just want to make sure that if we do have something — or when we do have something — that it’s very beneficial and not just a waste of time,” Hanie said on The Waddle & Silvy Show on  ESPN 1000, via

Hanie says he’s spoken with Jay Cutler a few times, but they haven’t talked about getting together for practices.

“You don’t want to get everybody together and just goof around. Everything is just in flux. We’re just trying to wait it out and see what happens, but it’s not looking to good for the next month or so, so we’ll see here in the near future,” Hanie said.

This is the part of the post you’d expect to see some hand-wringing about “leadership” but we’re not convinced these player workouts will really matter.  It’s a nice bonus if they are doing them, and not a big deal if they aren’t.

Guys like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, and Peyton Manning (as far as we know) haven’t organized workouts either, so Cutler doesn’t deserve any more unnecessary grief.

20 responses to “Bears won’t workout together until they know it’s not a “waste of time”

  1. cue the Cutler is a waste of skin, p$ssy, not a leader, whatever to bash him comments.
    At least PFT did not toss them all in there or imply them. Thanks Gregg.

  2. Aren’t one of the issues the players are fighting for is less off-season work? Shorter OTA’s and minicamps? Its all PR, just stay in shape.

  3. “It’s a nice bonus if they are doing them, and not a big deal if they aren’t.”

    You’ve contradicted yourself in the space of a single sentence.

    If it’s a nice bonus, it’s an advantage. If it’s an advantage, it’s a big deal.

    If it’s not a big deal, then it’s not much of a bonus at all.

    Choose. It’s one or the other.

  4. I personally don’t see much negative in these players organized workouts. Wouldn’t players be working out anyways? I think it can help bring continuity and camaraderie once the season eventually does start. If they don’t meet expectations, well you can’t say they didn’t try or aren’t dedicated.

    So many teams are doing it, as far as I know (sorry if I’m missing out any teams): Redskins, Dolphins, Bucs, Cowboys, Giants, Falcons, Saints, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, Jets, and the didn’t Gronkowski say the Patriots are also working out together? So it’s probably not a complete ‘waste of time’ but that’s just my opinion.

  5. When you go 25+ years without winning a superbowl this seems like the right approach to take.

    Keep on winning Chi City!

  6. Hey Jay maybe you should be working on your foot work during the Lockout. Call Big Ben and get the QB coaches number he worked with while he was suspended last year. This is what makes me so mad, Jay has all the talent in the world to be an elite QB, but lacks the desire to be great.

  7. Goofing Around…
    Nice one, Caleb. True champions know that it takes more effort than the next guy to be great. That is why he will always be a scrub. OTA’s are only a waste of time if you make them so.

  8. It’s a nice bonus if they are doing them, and not a big deal if they aren’t.


    Tell is to Dez Bryant. And he only missed the first day!

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