Ben Graham will play some lockout football


Plenty of football players are spending the lockout doing plenty of things other than playing football.  One football player — to the extent that punters are football players — will be playing football.

To the extent that punting amounts to playing football.

Per the Herald Sun, Cardinals punter Ben Graham will represent Australia in International Federation of American Football world championships in July.  Graham’s team has been assigned to Group A, with games against the United States, Mexico, and Germany.

Given that the U.S. typically trounces its opponents in these events, it’s safe to say that Graham will have plenty of chances to punt when he faces the Americans.

The other countries in the tournament are Japan, Canada, France, and host country Austria.

9 responses to “Ben Graham will play some lockout football

  1. I love how punters and kickers are mocked within the sport for not being “football” players, yet they are the only ones who actually touch the ball, with you know, their foot. Can we please stop being ignorant Americans and rename the sport so that it makes sense and meshes with the rest of the world. It is stupid that in conversation I have to qualify our nations sport as American football. Or maybe I should only engage in conversation with other Americans and say fudge off to all those foreigners…..thats the American way right? We’re still the number one country in the world right? I mean our Education, Health Care, Gross Income, and Quality of Living are superior to all others, right?

    It was easy to be number one when all of your competition is rubble (read post WWII), but now we are not even close to being tops in any category yet we still walk around expecting the rest of the world to worship us and our country.

    I apologize for the rant, but I am increasingly frustrated with the ability to find a job, and these overpaid arrogant pr1cks crying about not making enough dosh really pisses me off.

  2. Hey, might as well keep us updated on that tournament. It might be more interesting than lawyer posturing.

  3. Look out for Japan. Sumo wrestlers on the line and Ninja’s in the secondary.

  4. Aussie Rules players are in incredible shape and are unbelievably coordinated (try kicking accurately with both left and right feet to a player runni8ng at full speed 60 yards away with a defender on him). It is a very rough sport which, like rugby, is played without those wussie helmets and pads. So, button it up mate!

  5. I play quarterback in Australia and was extremely excited to her this news Ben Grahams addition is a real boost to our team and hopefully our sport. There are a number of talented and passionate players in Australia however we lack the exposure and sponsorship opportunities that many of the major sports here enjoy.

    If you want to get behind people that truly love the sport then look no further than the Australian Outback. Our players are all paying their own way into the competition (around $6500 per player) as are our coaches and support staff, I hope to eventually have the opportunity to represent my country but at this time I cannot afford it.

    The Official team website is

    The Official world cup website is

    The competition runs from July 8th to July 16th

    Hopefully now that an NFL quality player is donating his own time and effort to playing in this competition we might attract some further coverage on sights like this and our own news networks. You never know maybe the NFL finds its way down here for a preseason game like it did about 10 or so years ago.

  6. Oh and Mike, The US competed in the world championship for the first time in 2007 defeating Japan 22-20 in double overtime. So not all teams get trounced by the US but time will tell.

  7. I say bring back the punting field goal thing they used to do back in the day.

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