Cardinals have “some interest” in Kyle Orton

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It’s a sleepy Saturday morning in the NFL, so let’s check back in with Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, who writes that he was surprised at the big reaction he got to the piece he wrote earlier this week about Kevin Kolb’s trade value.

Do not underestimate how little football there is to talk about right now, Kent.  Arizona and their quarterback quandary is just about the most interesting discussion out there.

That’s why we’re going to devote another post on something Somers wrote: He believes the Cardinals have “some interest” in Kyle Orton.

“If the Cardinals think that Orton was a victim of circumstances [coaching change, coach firing, etc.], they will go after him. I still think their first call is to the Eagles, however,” Somers writes.

We’ve heard Arizona’s interest in Orton before, but not from Somers, who correctly said all along the team wouldn’t draft Blaine Gabbert.  For now, that qualifies as news.

Orton makes sense as a target because he would cost less in trade compensation than Kolb and provide some leverage for the Cardinals in any discussions with Philadelphia.

30 responses to “Cardinals have “some interest” in Kyle Orton

  1. Orton will help get Fitz’s fantasy numbers back up easy!! Big year for Fitz if Cardinals land Orton or Kolb.

  2. I think there is very little chance that the Broncos will chose to move Orton. Are they 100% convinced that Tebow is the answer? I don’t think they are. At least in Orton they have a guy who can get the job done and he’s a great fall back.

  3. LMAO !! @ We’ve heard Arizona’s interest in Orton before, but not from Somers, who correctly said all along the team wouldn’t draft Blaine Gabbert. For now, that qualifies as news.

  4. Orton is way over-rated. He is a solid backup, but he has proven over time that he cant lead a team. If Cards want to go cheap, and lose Fitz, than they should get orton and save the extra 2nd round pick to replace Fitz.

  5. The Cardinals will have to improve their offensive line regardless of who is QB.

  6. The browncos already gave up a Madden cover guy for Brady Quinn (rofl), it’s probably best they don’t get involved in any more qb trades, especially with the Cards, they just might end up with Derrick Anderson too.

  7. As a Broncos fan and an Orton fan (really), I hope the Cards do trade for him. Broncos can sign some old vet backup, trade Orton for a second rounder and… I don’t know… Tim Hightower? The fact is, Tebow will be handed the reigns at some point. The team knows this is a rebuilding year, and they’re willing to risk it for now.
    Orton could destroy on a team like the Cards. I think that one move could put them back on top of their division, or at least competing for it (and let’s face it, that whole division keeps building slowly – may get scary)
    And for the person bringing up the Quinn trade – that was a different group. If you’re paying attention this year, they’ve obviously got a different mentality.

  8. The way I see it, the Broncos need another qb, backup or starter. Tebow and Orton are so different in skill sets and playing style that neither one can successfully back the other up. Tebow CANNOT be successful in an offense designed for Ortons strengths, nor can Orton function in an offense designed for Tebow.
    A successful team must build the offense around the skills sets of the players. Think of how well Vince Young would do in an offense designed for Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? He would abjectly fail due to the different abilities and skill sets he possesses.
    I see the Broncs moving one or the other of the two.

  9. You guys would save time if you would report on the quarterbacks Arizona’s NOT interested in… Sheesh!

  10. @Willycents I’m not sure that’s right, completely. Mostly because teams often make game plans around each individual QB. Mike Vick had a different game plan than Kevin Klob. Vince Young had a different game plan than Kerry Collins. Colin Kaepernick will have a different game plan than… whoever else is playing for San Fran. Teams are used to building around the strengths of their QBs, especially when one is a traditional pocket QB and one is a more athletic type. The truth is, if your theory was correct, the Broncos couldn’t keep Tebow and find an adequate back-up for him. How many athletic, left-handed QBs can there be?
    Still, like you, I think, I don’t see an advantage of keeping both men on the team. They’re equally capable and only take away from the other by staying on the same team.

  11. I don’t think Orton would be happy at all playing backup to a rookie in Denver. The move to Arizona makes lots of sense for Orton if Denver would allow him to go.

  12. @kingjoe1

    How exactly has Orton been overated or proven over time that he can’t lead a team? Last season was the first time Orton had a losing record as a starter, which was obviously more the fault of the worst defense in the league and not his ability to lead the team. Last season he threw for 3,653 yards, 20 TDs and only 9 Ints, significantly better than Kolb, Bulger, Palmer, McNabb or any other QB available. If anything Orton has been severely underated because he doesn’t “look” like a good QB but when you measure him on performance he is a quality NFL QB good enough to start for arround half the teams in the league (his QB rating was 15th in the league last season, 14th the in 2009).

    I’m not sure if the Cardinals will be Orton’s landing spot but I do think he will be traded as soon as the lockout ends, likely for a 2nd or 3rd and potentially with conditions that can increase the value of the pick based on performance.

  13. Orton would be great for AZ. He is a much better QB than Kolb, compare the stats and experience, both are around the same age. Orton has already work in a couple of different offensive schemes and with a go to receiver like Fitz, AZ would almost automatically move to the top of their division. Denver is going with Tebow and Quinn.

  14. “And for the person bringing up the Quinn trade – that was a different group. If you’re paying attention this year, they’ve obviously got a different mentality.”

    You’re front office is staying with Tebow and Quinn and you want to suggest a different mentality exists? Now that’s comedy. Remember the definition of crazy is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Tebow will make the donks a great TE someday, possibly a center fielder for the Rockies and Captain Checkdown (Quinn), is not accurate nor is he a leader, his deep ball, 10 yards out of bounds is something to behold though…

  15. The issue isn’t whether Orton would be an upgrade or whether he could run the Cardinals offense, but if you had to choose between the two, who do you take? Orton or Kolb?

    That said IF the Cards had the opportunity for both and IF Bidwill decided to open up the pocketbook (’cause don’t forget that Palmer is out there, too) and IF we can get a QB that – at the very least – hit the side of a barn, we might have a chance at winning the division.

    For my money, I’d take Orton. If the Cards are going to try to “groom” Skelton, you bring in Orton for a couple three years, make sure you resign Larry to a long-term extension, add a couple pieces to the offensive line through free agency and – holy jebus – you’ve got a playoff-caliber team. That gives you three years to determine if Skelton will pan out.

    I’m just not sold on Kolb. Right now is NOT the time to make a bad decision on a QB and rolling those dice is scary as hell.

  16. i’ll say it again, how is this any different than what the lions were found guilty of tampering for.?

  17. I’m a huge fitz fan, but he’s got about 2 great years left. After that, who knows.
    The facts are that the Cardinals seemingly will get lucky this year on a qb.
    They have many options that are way better than last years scrubs.
    Pick any from kolb, orton, mcnabb, young, eymtc and they are ahead of last year debacle.
    Maybe even swallow their pride and bring leinert back as a backup.

  18. Cards are not dying for Kolb. Orton is a serious contender in this.
    The move will be made fast and there will not even be a full day that passes after FA opens before the Cards have their starting QB.
    1st call to Philly – 1st round pick take it or leave it
    2nd call if Eagles balk for 2 min will be for Orton
    Next call to Bulger…

    The Cards won’t wait at all to finalize the deal.

    Eagle fans you will not be getting any players…keep smoking ur pipes thinking we will hand over DRC or PP7.

  19. It makes even more sense due to the fact that Orton is a much better quarterback and only about 6 months older than Kolb. It shouldn’t even be a question as to who they go after.

  20. One of the few things the McGenius regime did correctly was to bring in Orton. He is a solid QB that doesn’t have mental problems or attitude. A good team player. However, when the organization picks a 1st round QB–thats a large investment. Orton’s time with would probably be up after the next season, assuming there is a season. It would be in Orton’s best interests to be traded to AZ. In the short run it would hurt the Broncos, but it would be the best thing for Orton and AZ.

  21. The Cards could do alot worse than Orton. The guy was having a great season last year until around week 12. Denvers defense was more to blame for the teams horrible record. Orton would be the cheapest best fit for the Cards if they cant get Kolb. Denver would be crazy to cut him loose.

  22. Makes sense. This would be a smart move to get Arizona back in the playoffs. I’ll admit that Orton does not wow me, but he is a decent QB that can get the ball down the field. He is not the man for Denver, though. Tim Tebow on the other hand…

  23. Zone has a little interest in just about every QB out there. That’s just it, they don’t have a clue what to do. Denver would be better off keeping him with only Timmie and Brady.

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