Another test for draft prospects to pass: Twitter


We’ve heard of players getting red flags for injuries, size, football intelligence, and off-field problems.   Could they also get one for tweeting too much?

From Mike Reiss of

“I heard a few stories of how the Patriots were following prospects on Twitter as part of the scouting process, with a Patriots staffer telling someone close to a prospect that the team noticed a high volume of tweets and wondered if the player was more into tweeting than football,” Reiss writes.

We don’t mean to imply that an active Twitter account will be the difference between a guy getting taken in the first and second round.  But it’s a reminder that everything will be examine when evaluating a prospect, especially by teams that want robots football-only types.

(It’s also a good lesson for folks applying for slightly less lucrative post-college jobs.)

One thing we agree with the Patriots about: Over-tweeting is a heinous crime, especially banal aspects of one’s personal life.   We’d take someone off our draft board if they wrote too much about their chores or started every morning with “Rise and grind!”

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  1. “I wish someone would tell Al Davis to get off my balls about practice. We’ve already ran drills once today. Besides, I’ll get my paycheck regardless if I practice or not”

  2. Gotta love the morons who run to post their stupidity without reading the article.

    This was an article on ESPN Boston about how the Patriots during the draft process were monitoring prospects tweets as an evaluation tool.

    But lets keep up with the low IQ many who post on PFT have.

  3. Foot in mouth disease can also been found early on; Rashard Mendenhall for instance only scored a 2 on the wondertwit test.

  4. What’s wrong with “Rise and Grind”?

    Players be on the grind to get that money. There’s a slight drug reference but not as much as “Wake and Bake”.

  5. Players are too damn stupid to pass any test.

    Just having a twitter account is automatic FAIL.

  6. There is nothing wrong with monitoring a prospect’s twitter feed for evaluation purposes. You can learn a lot about character/intelligence on those things. If a player is stupid enough to post dumb stuff then he deserves what he gets.

  7. As a Pats fan I would bet you that there aren’t too many Pats fans who are surprised about this one.
    (Wonders if their biggest red flag is a player who discusses their injury status? ;))

  8. jc1958cool says:
    May 15, 2011 9:35 AM
    PFT you need to get a life! worried about tweets, that’s how people communicate now days


    What happened to picking up a phone and calling?
    I don’t communicate by tweet and I communicate just fine. Do I really care what goes in the lives of my “followers”? I know I don’t “follow” anyone. I sure don’t care what goes on in the lives of those I don’t know personally. and if I do know them personally I talk face to face or email or talk on the phone.

  9. I think this is a very relevant story for the times we’re living. You have Mendenhall losing a sponsorship`deal because he decided, without being led or asked by a reporter, to speak his mind on a public venue. I also suspect that Will Hill was not drafted because of tweeter.

    We have a Whitner (he calls himself Thiwtner btw) that would hit the FA with a new CBA, there were talks between Nix and him and apparently the offer was not good for Whitner. Nix said the he was still interested in re-signing him.
    When the draft came and we drafted 2 possible replacements for him Whitner tweeted something similar to what Bush wrote, but he’s in Buffalo and he met the wrath of the Bills fans asking him why he said those words. Unfortunately you have fans that go the extra mile and a pissing match of words ensued.

    The other day Nix appeared on a radio interview and out of the blue, when asked about re-signing Whitner, he said the thinks Whitner doesn’t want to in Buffalo.

    If Nix has his pro-department following or acknowledging players tweets you bet every team that could be a suitor for Whitner is following him and they might not like him anymore, because sometimes he tweets like a teenage girl.

  10. I follow my ex-girlfriend on Twitter just to see if she tweets the same stupid sh*t she use to say to me in person, Pre-Twitter.

    Yep she does. It’s comforting somehow.

  11. I guarantee you there will be thousands of kids that have never tweeted before who are drafted, and then begin to tweet like their life depended upon it.

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