Broncos could bring back Justin Bannan, Jamal Williams


On March third, the Broncos released defensive linemen Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams in cost-cutting moves.

The cuts were seen as part of the team’s attempt to correct the mistakes of the Josh McDaniels era.   Bannan and Williams were overpaid and seemed like better fits for a 3-4 defense than John Fox’s scheme.

After a draft that left the team desperate for defensive tackle help, the team may want the two players back at a reduced rate.

“I don’t think there’s any question that those are guys that we have on our radar as potential guys to fill those roles,” defensive coordinator Dennis Allen told Dave Krieger of the Denver Post.

Both players were due big roster bonuses that the Broncos avoided, so it’s not that crazy to bring them back.  Still, Bannan was decent last year and has spent his career as a 3-4 defensive end.  He should have more value elsewhere.

It makes more sense for the Broncos to start from scratch on the defensive line, even if 2011 is painful.