Don’t rule out Randy Moss to the Jets


Last month, comments from Jets coach Rex Ryan regarding free-agent-to-be Randy Moss sparked speculation that the Jets will pursue Moss, currently property of the Titans, once he hits the market.  In response, the Jets quickly mobilized, presumably putting out the word via off-the-record communications that they’re not interested in Moss.

We continue to hear that, in reality, they are.

During a recent episode of PFT Live, we gave Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum a chance to declare that the team has no interest in Moss, and Tannenbaum didn’t.

Since then, we’ve been told that the Jets remain a viable destination for Moss.  Though the chatter could be aimed merely at squeezing Braylon Edwards and/or Santonio Holmes into accepting whatever offers the Jets make, it’s also entirely possible that coach Rex Ryan believes he can coax Moss to have the same kind of career resurrection that he demonstrated four years ago, when after presumably being washed up in Oakland he authored one of the greatest single seasons for a receiver of all time.

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  1. With his loss of speed it’s conceivable that Sanchise could get the ball to him a few times. T.O’s a FA, too. And Burress gets out of prison in three weeks. They all lust to play for Rex, you know.

  2. Belichick pulled a rabbit out of a hat once – it ain’t happening again. Moss is four years older now, and stunk up the league for three teams last year.

    Please, Jets, sign Randy.

  3. Randy Moss was one element of the most potent passing offense the NFL has ever seen back in 07.

    Alot has changed since then – once you have been a great (and Randy will go down as one of the best ever) its very difficult to picture him buying into being anything less than that.

    Randy don’t do ‘role player’ which is all that most contending teams can offer him.

  4. As a Patriots fan I can only hope he signs with the Jets! A few highlights and a LOT of headache and nonsense. This would be the ultimate Rex Ryan test. Go for it J-E-T-S!

  5. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if he were a Jet. I don’t think a guy like that would be good for Sanchez.
    -Pats fan

  6. You’re braindead if you think Moss will be a Jet, half the team probably hates him by now, and to call his 2010 season “less than impressive” would be an extreme understatement.

  7. This would be the best news ever for the Patriots. He can cost the jets a games against NE like he did for the Patriots against the Jets.

  8. I don’t think anyone is fearful of Moss anymore. He’s lost a step everyone knows that, but, one thing he hasn’t lost, is his self destructive personality.

  9. the step he lost…is one most db’s never had. He still is in the 4.4 range. Can still “jump out the gym”. And still has hands. As always, if he gets his “mind right”, “you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him”.

  10. “T.O’s a FA, too. And Burress gets out of prison in three weeks. They all lust to play for Rex, you know.”

    No doubt, Rex should sign them all.

    Let the implosion begin!

  11. I can’t see Moss playing for anyone with his attitude and record of shutting down. Instead of Moss, the Jets ought to make Carolina’s Steve Smith an offer he can’t refuse. He may not be as talented as Moss, but he has ten times the heart. I can see Smith hauling in passes from Sanchez the way he did from Jake D. during the Panther’s SuperBowl year.

  12. descendency fails and says:

    This would be the best news ever for the Patriots. He can cost the jets a games against NE like he did for the Patriots against the Jets.


    By having his QB overthrow him by a wide margin for an INT and then have one ball juggled around and come down in the hands of the defender by pure chance?

  13. Moss will raise hell with a below average QB like Sanchez. Also the douche factor is way too high on the Jets,an out of control Moss with no decent role-models to control him will never work.

  14. If the 2010 rules apply when the lockout ends Holmes will be s restricted FA meaning he will not be going anywhere. The same for Brad Smith. Which leaves arguably the Jets MVP form alst season Braylon Edwards.

    Edwards does so many things well. Block, catch balls over the middle, hustles, had great hands last year with 1 drop (a diff stat service had him down for 2 total drops) last season and the Jets deep threat. Moss only fills one of those roles a deep threat. But he does it very well. More than likely Moss and Plaxxico’s names are being dropped to encourage Braylon to sign for a reasonable price.

    But then again the Jets might be serious in signing one of these guys either as an alternative if Braylon does not resign or as a possible replacement for Cotchery. Cotchery had an awful year last year. He has always been very dependable but had a ton of big drops last year. If his decline continues the Jets might need a veteran for the 3rd WR role while their 2 draft picks develop.

  15. well this time around, if randy dont do “role player”, and keep his yap under control, randy dont do any kind of player.

  16. Randy Moss was heartbroken and distracted after the trade and gave up on the season. Not to mention there was not one play in the Titans playbook for Randy, he’s still at the top of the free agent receivers for this year.

    Moss goes hard when he plays for winning teams, through history you can’t argue against that. Unfortunately with him it’s all or nothing but since the Jets are a team that has turned into a consistent Super Bowl contender, I guarantee he would be an asset. If winning isn’t enough, I’m sure getting back at the Pats for defying his talents will keep him motivated.

  17. Anyone that thinks Moss is washed up is an IDIOT. A motivated Moss is an unstoppable Moss and he can still turn it on in ways that other players simply can not. He was balling in NE last year. Did you see that 1 handed catch on Revis? He didnt “lose a step,” He quit because Chilly was a jerk to him, and then he went to an offense where he was not part of the gameplan. So please, to all of you hating on Moss. That is why you are not a GM or coach. Stick to playing Madden, where you wont sign a hall of fame WR because his speed rating dropped from 99- 90. Fools.

  18. Anyone that lived through the Moss era in Oakland knew he wasn’t washed up. He would fit in with the Jets. There is always room for another title pretender on that team.

  19. Dear Mr tannubum,

    Please continue to sign older players out of their prime, and scratch younger players off your roster. Much appreciated.

    Fins Nation

  20. Moss may still be the most-gifted player in the league. He “loses a step” when his trust and respect issues flare up. In Minnesota, he wasn’t perfect, but he played hard for Dennis Green. After Red McCombs handed the reins to Mike Tice, Moss lost all trust and respect for the organization. Oakland? There was nothing to trust or respect there. In New England, he lost respect for Bill Belichick and Bill O’Brien for shifting the offense away from him (he knew he was still their best offensive weapon), and didn’t trust the organization for what he perceived as a lack of financial appreciation for its veteran players. Back to Minnesota, Moss found himself in a locker room filled with mistrust and disrespect for Brad Childress. By the time he got to Tennessee, Moss was completely gone mentally. It’s ultimately up to him to pull himself out of this, but he’ll need the help of a coach that he can trust and respect like no other. Rex Ryan may be that coach. Ironically, does anyone trust or respect Randy Moss?

  21. From the comments above RM is certainly a polarizing figure!

    I still think that he has some talent left but it is difficult to know how much given his proclivity to under-perform when he is unhappy with his role…

    I think he will be signed to a an incentive-laden contract with a desperate team like my Cowgirls! ha ha ha

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