Eagles’ web site pushes Kolb as worth more than a first-round pick


With talk that some trading partners would balk at giving the Eagles a first-round pick for Kevin Kolb, there are indications that the folks in Philly believe Kolb is worth more than a first-rounder.

For starters, PhiladelphiaEagles.com is touting comments from Charley Casserly about Kolb’s trade value, with an article on the team’s official web site headlined, “Former GM: Kolb worth more than a first.”

The story on the Eagles’ site also notes that teams routinely give up more than a first-round pick when they want to move up in the first round to draft a quarterback: The Jets, for instance, traded a first-round pick, a second-round pick and three players for Mark Sanchez. The story on the Eagles’ site says Kolb has done more in the NFL than any rookie just entering the league and should therefore be worth more in a trade than any rookie just entering the league.

But that’s just not the reality of how trades work in the NFL: Teams are willing to give up a bounty to move up in the draft. Just as the Falcons gave up more to acquire Julio Jones than they would have given up to acquire some team’s No. 2 receiver (and just about any team’s No. 1 receiver), the Jets gave up more to acquire Sanchez than any team would give up to acquire the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback.

So there seems to be a disconnect between what the Eagles think they deserve for Kolb, and what the Eagles are actually likely to get for Kolb. Which makes it easy to wonder whether Kolb might end up staying in Philadelphia for another year as Michael Vick’s backup in 2011.

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  1. You are equating what a team website author believes with what the real dealmakers think. That’s flawed. I am sure the Arizona front office personnel don’t have philadelphiaeagles.com as one of their “favorites.”

    I read on this site all the time that “all it takes is one team” and the Eagles’ front office would be stupid to not push for the highest compensation.

    The Eagles website has put forth a few gems over the years (creating a link showing a picture of Warrick Dunn in an Eagles uniform before free agency even started to name one), but without even reading this one it seems relatively tame.

  2. So, wait, are you telling me that a website is exaggerating?

    C’est impossible!

  3. He is not worth a second rounder. They are really milking this thing. In another system, he will be even less effective.

  4. The Eagles are living in a dream world, as is Kolb. Granted he had a couple of good games, and a couple of bad ones. Even in today’s league where is a definite need for good QBs, I wouldn’t rank him in the top fifteen. But hey, this is America where the market sets the value – let’s see just how many teams are willing to pony up a first round pick and more – I’m betting on zero.

  5. Typical Philly megalomania. Other teams may want to look under hood before they pay an absurd premium for that Eagle. Career passing: 194/319 (60.8%), 2082 yds., 6.53 yds./attempt, 11 TDs, 14 INTs, 20 sacks, 73.2 rating. By the way, Eagles Super Bowl titles: 0.

  6. In the final analysis, Kolb is only worth whatever the best offer is from a team in need of a starting-caliber QB. (was that too obvious?)

    I still think it’s a colossal mistake to go with Senor Mexico, renowned dog killer and bum.
    WHEN that blows up, Andy Reid will be gone, and the Eagles can finally move in another, hopefully Super Bowl winning, direction!

    P.S.- The new Eagles website stinks compared to what it was.

  7. Hell………obviously Dave SpinDaro woke up on a rainy sunday morning, rolled over, and instead of his signifigant other, he found Joe” the dweeb” Banner and instantly posted this…..

  8. By your logic the Patriots never could have gotten two firsts for Bledsoe because he was currently the teams number two QB.
    I don’t know what they will get for him, but seeing what the Cowboys gave up for Roy Williams, as well as other recent trades, makes me think more than a first is more likely than less than a first.

  9. That would be great. The Eagles need to stick to their guns. Kolb will be great and I’d rather it be with the Eagles than a team who steals him for a second round pick.

  10. You do realize that it’s just one writers opinion based off a former GMs opinion, not the front office writing that one. Personally I’ve heard more about how the Eagles are using the Shaub trade as a template.

  11. Really,”that’s just not the reality of how trades work…”. That is not the outstanding issue. The issue should be whether that is how it SHOULD work. I continue to belittle the GM’s who constantly put themselves first. Grabbing a high profile first pick or going off the reservation to find a hidden gem, benefit the GM far more than adding a solid proven player. GM’s can only be hammer for making a wrong decision in these cases. With the draft, GM’s get huge pass if their risk fails, not so with trades. I compare this to fantasy player who picks a sleeper in the third round as opposed to a proven commodity. All about thier resume, not always about the team.

  12. Seems like there is more than a bit of overselling here. All that’s missing are the balloons and streamers from the used car lot.

  13. Kolb is and has been one of the more overated QBs since Rob Johnson. He has a grand total of 7 starts in his NFL career and while he has put up some big numbers in some games, his overall numbers are very average. He has a career passer rating of 73.7, with 11 TDs ans 14 Ints, in most years at least one rookie QB will put up better numbers than that. Genrally speaing his overall numbers are pretty reflective of a 2nd round draft pick, which is coincidentally where he was taken.

    If the Eagles are expecting to get more than a 1st round pick for Kolb, that is good news for the other teams looking to trade a QB. I don’t see it being likely that any team gives up a 1st round pick, let alone more than that.

  14. JaMarcus Russell has also done a lot more than any rookie coming into the league, I’m pretty sure anyone who has taken an NFL snap has done more but does that make them worthy of a first round pick? I don’t understand where this Kolb hype comes from the guy is nowhere near worth a first round pick. If career numbers of 11 td 14 int 9 fumbles and a rating of 73% is first round potential than I’d estimate Peyton Manning is worth about 7 first rounders.

  15. Dave Spadaro and the rest of them gotta be drunk..
    The Eagles wont get more than a 1st round pick.. And thats only if they find a team dumb enough to give up a first.. They need to lower the value or else Kolb and the Eagles will have an unhappy marriage for another year and then they will get nothing at all..

  16. So much hype, so overrated, and no proof that it’s justified. Only a true idiot would give up the house to get this guy, who has 7 starts under his belt, and looked like crap in half of them.

  17. Dave Spadaro who runs the Eagles’ website is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the front office. Perhaps all team-based websites are like this, but you cannot take anything with less than a truck load of salt when quoting them. Just love this quote they use:

    Steve Wyche: “The Eagles are about winning championships, so they won’t move him unless they get a primo offer. That said, Arizona and Seattle seem set to get into the sweepstakes, with the Cardinals poised to possibly throw out the biggest deal.”

    Uh, Steve. They’ve won ZERO championships since 1960.

  18. Bottom line is that Kolb is a free agent next year, who doesn’t appear likely to sign with Philly. He also hasn’t done much with his chances as a starter (more INTs than TDs) to show he’s a franchise QB. IMO Philly would be lucky to get back their initial investment, a second rounder.

  19. Kolb may turn out to be good but right now he is worth no more than a 3rd round conditional pick.

  20. Hey, you don’t want to give up a first rounder? Fine. We’ll keep him for when Vick inevitably goes down. What the Hell, they already paid him most of his money up front so why give him away?

  21. Well, duh, if any of you had a team and a former GM said a guy was worth more than a 1st rounder, you would play it up too.

    As for Spadaro being a mouthpiece, another big duh. He works for the Eagles. It is the Eagles website. I’m sure you guys would bad mouth your employer so you could get fired. Yeas…that makes sense.

  22. the eagles are just trying to create a market for a marginal player….the eagles would jump at a second round pick…..they can try to talk the talk to see if they can get another sucker (like the dolphins for feely)….but, it ain’t happening since the draft has already come and gone….there are only a couple teams (cards, redskins that don’t have anything on their roster and haven’t invested a draft pick in one)….the redskins just wasted a couple of picks on mcnabb…they aren’t going to give up anymore picks…..the bills, dolphins and seahawks would like to bring in some competition for the starting spot, but they don’t want kolb….they would rather wait to see how fitz, henne, whitehurst do this year and get kolb as a FA next year or else draft someone….since orton for a 3rd and a conditional late pick is a better option….orton is better than kolb and you don’t have to give him a contract extension either……with young, mcnabb, bulger, and hasselback going to be available for no picks and no big contract, the teams that need some competition are in control of the situation….also, palmer might be available for a 3rd or 4th…so, sit back and wait…the eagles are doing their best to get a market for kolb, but they will have to take what they can get….or lose him next year for nothing.

  23. People who have not watched Kolb’s games should just kill themselves. You do understand Kolb was thrown in most of those games without preperation. The games he did start and complete (3), he was player of the week in 2 of them. The kid can ball but when you have a top 3 QB, Kolb is expendable. Andy Reid develops Qb’s
    It’s not the Eagles fault if the rest of the league can’t do it as consistently as Reid. Haters are going to hate. HAHAHAHA

  24. franchise him….that is a good one…kolb would sign that in a heartbeat….you guys must not have watched kolb play…he is a 15 -25 QB at best.

  25. And they will trade Mike “Hall of Fame” Kafka for the entire other 31 teams first round picks next year, just ask them, he’s a bonafide star, just give them the picks, and watch him turn into the next Joe Monatana……

  26. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t Kolb lost 4 out of his 7 starts? This is on a perennial play-off team. Sure, as a back-up QB he wont have got a lot of practice snaps going into those 7-starts but, still, he lost more than half of them.

    I suppose the Eagles are built to be a passing team, and they don’t have a power rushing game to take some weight of a young QB’s shoulders. The defense isn’t what is was a few years ago either. Still, whilst it is true that Kolb has done more than any rookie QB, the majority of what he has done is lose.

    Matt Schaub actually got a pass because he had such limited action that no one really new what he would be like as a full time starter. Kolb has had much more time and even got a full off-season as the presumptive starter. All he has proven is that he can put up big numbers when his team is dominant but it prone to getting his arse well and truely kicked when he faces better defenses.

    Maybe he will be a quality starting QB, but the playing time he has had created at least as many doubts as it served to dispell. Not least, about his durability.

  27. Here’s a fact no one knows how good the new pack of rookie QB’S will be. It is very possible they all flop. Protect Kolb and he will murder you.

  28. They got a second and a fourth round pick for a broken down McNabb.
    A QB hungry team in the NFC West will have two incentives to get him.
    First, Arizona, or Seattle would become a favorite to win the division with Kolb as their QB, San Fran too.

    Second, whatever of those teams wins his services, they will also be keeping Kolb out of the hands of the other teams in that div.
    This by itself should create a sellers market for Kolb.

  29. I like this quote “Andy Reid develops QB’s”……really? ….i Guess QB development is more important than winning Superbowls as a head coach, he can develop all the QB’s he wants, and get tons of draft picks, damn shame he doesn’t know what to do with these draft picks, or has he has proven in 15 years, WIN a GODDAMN SUPER BOWL with them, but yes, he can develop, but i guess i’m just a hater huh Howie……Reid is a JOKE

  30. Nobody honestly can fault the Eagles for trumpeting the values for Kolb because the organization has a responsibility to itself to get as much value (perceived or real) for him, despite a somewhat mediocre statistical rating for his play. Frankly, we do the same with our homes or cars or any other property we might be selling. It is the nature of the beast just as the onus is on the “buyer” to decide just how much they are willing to pay for the product or service. You can ask for your house (or QB) whatever amount of money (or picks) you want; however, until it sells and the deal is closed, there is no real valuation. Teams, just like potential homebuyers, over pay or have over paid, and it is a subjective process so the value in the eye buyer is what will drive the market.

  31. It seems unlikely they’ll get that much, but you can’t blame them for trying.

  32. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t Kolb lost 4 out of his 7 starts?

    Correct. But 2 were to the eventual Super Bowl winners and 1 was in a game (Dallas last season) where the Eagles rested all of their starters. And the 4th loss was to Tennessee in a game where Kerry Collins threw the ball up in the are and Kenny Britt came down with it. And yes, I can see where one would make the point that he still could have been better.

    My point is this. When a GM is going to decide whther they want to take a chance with Kolb, they are going to look at all the film. They are going to consider all the game situations. This isn’t to say that Kolb is a slam dunk franchise QB or a bust. But the GM will consider everything.

    Also, it does matter what kind of team is around him. I’m sure Kolb would love to get traded, sign a new contract and be on his way. However, if he goes to Arizona, he could be running for his life because they have a lousy offensive line. If Tom Brady was drafted by the Detroit Lions, he could be crippled for life and married to a former Michigan coed rather than Gisele Bundchen.

    Again, I don’t know what will happen with Kolb or what sort of mark he will make on the league, but the analysis I have seen here by those who think he isn’t much is in itself worthless.

  33. I think Kolb will stay an Eagle, because the Eagles will botch this deal. Remember how they botched the Lito Sheppard deal? They’ll insist on something ridiculous for Kolb, not get anyone to bite, and end up holding on to him.

    I believe they’ll re-sign Vick for 3 years, with him only playing the first 2.

    Year 1 of that deal would be Kolb’s final year of his contract. Year two of that deal Kolb will be franchised. Do you guys remember when they franchised LJ Smith of all people? They’ll franchise Kolb.

    And that last year they’ll let go of Vick, because of either injury or ineffectiveness. How can I say ineffectiveness? I’m one of the few believers that the league figured him out because he really really trailed off the last half of his starts. I also believe once you sign him he’ll turn back into his former self.

    So I think they’ll hold on to Kolb because they’ll botch the trade, and end up going with him after all later on.

  34. Wayyyyyy off. Unproven. Everyone should expect this from the Eagles, their franchise and fans ar so far from reality it’s ridiculous. Paper champs forever. Cry Eagles Cry

  35. Just for grins, I went to NFL.com’s head-to-head stats comparison. Punched in Tebow and Kolb. Tebow wins. Kolb is MAYBE worth a second round pick.

  36. @mad5555

    Kolb has started 7 games in his career, if you are telling me that he has only finished 3 of those games, wouldn’t that be another problem.

    The bottom line is that they drafted him in the second round so every team in the league had an opportunity to use a first round pick on him and didn’t. Now he has been in the league for 4 years and has 7 starts with very mixied results. I don’t think too many teams are looking at that and thinking they now want to give up a 1st.

  37. This somewhat reminds me of the Scott Mitchell situation. While Marino was out, Mitchell had a couple of good games, with an overall 12 TDs to 8 INTs ratio, and he parlayed that into what was a big FA contract at that time.

    Kolb could very easily be Scott Mitchell II for whatever team might acquire him.

    Given that Kolb was handed the starting job and lost it, that’s not suggestive of 1st Round pick quality.

  38. Any team that gives a first round pick for this guy is insane!! He has done nothing in this league. If he is that good, he would have been starting for the Eagles. Please give me a break!!

  39. Andy will do kolb a favor and send him out west, either for a pick or a player. I like the kid, but I don’t see a long career for him going up against the giants and the boys 2x a year. Good luck, kevin.

  40. Kolb is SOFT….already been out hurt with a concussion & lost his job because of it…..one of the most overhyped back ups I’ve ever seen….anyone who gives up the farm for this piece of milk toast will soon be kickin’ a can looking for a new gig….

  41. The bottom line is that they drafted him in the second round so every team in the league had an opportunity to use a first round pick on him and didn’t.

    And in hindsight, I am sure that the Raiders would once again take JeMarcus Russell and the Browns would take Brady Quinn over Kevin Kolb!

  42. Scudbot,

    I wish stats told the whole story, but they don’t. Since you want to use Kolb’s stats to this point against his future success, here are some stats for you.

    Record: 3-13
    comp %: 56.7
    Yards: 3739
    TD: 26
    Int: 28
    Yards/attempt: 6.5
    Rating: 71.2
    Super bowl rings: 0

    It’s a good thing you weren’t the GM of the Colts, you would have cut Peyton Manning for having those stats in his first 16 games.

    People who judge Kolb (or any other player) based on what they observe is one thing. Stats are for fantasy football, not the real thing.

  43. bluefan204 says:
    May 15, 2011 12:22 PM
    Steve Wyche: “The Eagles are about winning championships”

    Yeah…..DIVISION Championships


    And consistently embarrassing the Va-giants. Ask Matt Dodge.

  44. “Hey, you don’t want to give up a first rounder? Fine. We’ll keep him for when Vick inevitably goes down. What the Hell, they already paid him most of his money up front so why give him away?”

    Thanks for making our point. Since the team has already paid out the money and since we know Vick will go down, there can only be one reason why they would be willing to trade him: they know he can’t play. They want to get rid of him now before all the other teams have a chance to get an extended look at him.

  45. Ok, so my guess is most of the people saying “kolb isn’t worth this or that” haven’t even seen him play more than once.

    Kolb has had a better start to his career than most QB’s even guys like Manning. That being said I tend to think with QB’s stats are overrated a lil bit. What I see in Kolb is a guy who if he plays in the right system (and its not the Eagles version of the west coast) can be a great super bowl type QB.

    If Iwas Arizona or Seattle I would try to work out a deal even if it cost me. First I would try to trade players for kolb. Maybe the Cardnials send us DDocket and a 3rd for kolb. To me thats a good deal for both teams, the Eagles get the guy in the middle of the 4-3 who can rush the QB and a pick and the Cards get a qB for the next ten years.

    there is lots of deals to be made for Kolb and my guess is draft picks will be filler in this deal as it will revolve around players. To say Kolb isn’t worth this or that because you read his stat line or saw him play a few times is retarded. He’s really pretty good. The guy he compares mostly to is Rodgers. I remeber what people said about him before he got his chance. And look at him now. To be honest as much as i want them to trade Kolb to get better as a team. It might even be better to just keep him this to make sure Vick was not a one year wonder( witch I do not at all think Vick will b, IMO the guy has 2-3 MVP type season the next 6 years ) so we have a guy to replace him if thats a case, then francise and trade him next year.

  46. dallassux says: May 15, 2011 1:59 PM

    And consistently embarrassing the Va-giants. Ask Matt Dodge

    You’re right. Matt Dodge embarassed the Giants, and himself. Philly still has nothing to show for anything they’ve done in the last 50 years. I don’t blame you for being angry.

  47. Andy Reid develops Qb’s


    Apparently not well enough for them to fend off a guy that’s been in prison for a couple of years. Vick is quick, but not as quick as Andy Reid pulled Kolb out of the starting lineup.

  48. an unproven kolb for a 2nd and a big contract versus orton for a 3rd and a conditional pick? not even close….orton has done more with less talent around him than kolb….if the cards want a winner, take orton.

  49. Shouldnt the title read: “Charley Casserly” pushes Kolb as worth more that a 1st rounder???? I know, I know. . .you guys like to mis-lead all of the haters so they’ll jump on here and bash the Eagles. Well done.

  50. For those of you concerned with stats:

    26 TD 28 INT 56.7 Completion% 71.2 QB Rating.

    Peyton Manning’s rookie year.

    No one really knows what his production over 16 games, 5 years, 10 years will be. To say Kolb is or isn’t worth this or that is getting really over played.

    He’ll get traded. We’ll all analyze the trade and do this all over again. Then, he’ll play a year. And we’ll do this all over again. Then, he’ll be cut or win 5 championships or disappear or retire and we’ll do this all over again. Until then, as of now, I’m sitting this conversation out.

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