Lockout not causing Browns to cut employees’ pay


We noted last week that employees of the Miami Dolphins have been informed that their salaries are being cut until the lockout ends. Those employees are probably wishing they worked for the Cleveland Browns right now.

Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer the Browns aren’t implementing furloughs, pay cuts or other measures that would affect the lower-level employees on the team. Browns President Mike Holmgren said at the outset of the lockout that he didn’t anticipate cutting anyone’s pay, and that if pay cuts turn out to be necessary, “it probably starts with me.”

Depending on how long the lockout lasts, it’s possible that every team could start cutting staffers’ salaries: If a significant portion of the regular season or (gulp) the entire regular season is lost, no employee of any team could feel safe.

But for now, employees of the Browns can feel reasonably secure.

17 responses to “Lockout not causing Browns to cut employees’ pay

  1. I swear I’ve seen more stories about the Browns during the lockout than any other team.

  2. “And do you know what the job of a general is, Mr. Kramer?! To by God get things done!” – Post Master Wilford Brimley

  3. Seems like the Miami Dolphins are owned by a group of entertainers and a moron that could care less about the average Joe who really does most of the work everyday things to maintain the workings of the franchise.

    I guess it is more mportant to the JLo’s/Markie’s of the world who spend in a week what these people make in a year.

    That is why the Dolphins have become the circus franchise of the NFL

  4. Nice job, Brownies, for thinking about your employees who give everything they have for your organization.

    Dolphins are bottom of the barrel… F-T-D

  5. In all the years that he was with the Packers, I think Holmgren fired one assistant, and years afterward it still bothered him that he had done that. He’s a good person.

  6. Those employees are probably wishing they worked for the Cleveland Browns right now.


    Except for the fact that they’d have to live in Cleveland rather than Miami.

  7. They don’t live in Cleveland proper which I agree is not where one wants to reside. They live in nice suburbs.

    deanvernonwormer needs to STFU though: his team’s staff got their checks cut. Why the eff would he be talking smack about Cleveland when they AREN’T cutting pay for staff? Oh yeah he’s probably one of “those” types of Jets fans….the ones who think “top flight organization” means one that has fans who sexually harass women at the stadium.

    Good for Holmgren. That’s good leadership…paycuts should always start with the people making the cuts. They seldom do though. Real leaders never ask of their people anything they don’t or won’t do themselves.

  8. Funny how PFT always seems to bash the Dolphins. They’re the only team mentioned in this article with regards to having cut employees’ salaries yet they are not at all the only team to have done so.

    A similar bashing happened a few weeks ago when PFT reported that the Dolphins didn’t hand out playbooks the day after the 1st round of the draft. Now, if all 31 other teams DID do so, THEN you have a story. As far as I know this is not the case and without a such comparison to all other teams the story is pure heresy, just like much of what else is posted up here, on the TMZ of the NFL.

    Just because much of PFT’s fanbase resides in the Northeast U.S. (i.e. Jets & Pats country) doesn’t mean you consistently have to kiss their a$$es with Dolphins-bashing you morons.

    In case you weren’t aware Michael David Smith, despite being in the business, the Arizona Cardinals, NY Jets, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Kansas Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and St. Louis Rams ALL have cut employees’ salaries! Yet your biased article makes it seem like it’s just happening in Miami.

    To say your reporting is well below average would be a gross understatement.

  9. Bryan Wiedmeier is the link between the two teams. He left the Dolphins and they cut payroll yet are still trying to fill seasonal positions. He comes to the Browns and they aren’t cutting payroll. Holmgren might have the big name and title but Wiedmeier controls the business side of the Cleveland Browns.

  10. Despite our lack of success the Browns as a Organization when it comes to things like this are usually pretty damn good and top notch class

  11. Until the actual season is affected by loss of games there is absolutely no reason for any of these teams to cut back the staff payrolls. Its shameful especially for someone like Mark Cuban.

  12. Wow..Dear Mike Holmgren..could you please become the CEO of the company I work for? What a concept for a CEO to say, “if there are paycuts, they should start with me”..I just became a Browns fan because of you. I only wish more self-proclaimed “leaders” could follow your lead.

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