Ndamukong Suh loves Lions’ line, at least on paper


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is excited about the possibilities of lining up next to first-round draft pick Nick Fairley for years to come, but he’s tempering his excitement with a dose of reality: They haven’t done anything yet.

Suh talked about Fairley in a promotional appearance today and said he’s expecting a big rookie season.

“It’s going to be exciting to be able to have a guy like that come out and be really a truly impact guy from the first couple days of him getting on the field,” Suh said.

But Suh then pointed out that all the Lions have right now is a defensive line depth chart that looks impressive.

“I think on paper we have one of the strongest defensive lines across the board,” Suh said. “It’s going to be exciting with that, but we’ve got to go out there and prove it. It may look good on paper, but you definitely want to get out there and make some noise.”

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  2. well, having watched the lions out here near daytwa for a while… they will probly both go down with injuries in september and watch the lions cruise to 2-14.

  3. You know how we all know that Suh is a badazz? He got penalized for pushing a guy down too hard… The ref saw that Suh almost buried a QB 6 ft under, with a shove, and he didn’t know what to do so he threw the flag.

    Suh alone scares me from an opposing fans point of view, adding a potential badazz like Fairly… I can only be happy that my Chiefs meet them in week 2, hopefully Gunther doesn’t realize what he has in those 2 just yet. We still love you Gun, take it easy on our o-line. I have a feeling the NFC North is definately taking notice. If Stafford can last 14-16 weeks they might just sneak in the playoffs with the Pack.

  4. I think they’re most likely going to dominate up front but I’ve been fooled by the Detroit overkill strategy before, most notably in 2005 after the Lions drafted Mike Williams and people told me that defenses would be clueless as to who to cover. Turns out that same unstoppable offense ended up finishing 27th overall.

    So while Suh alone makes this line great, I’ll still take a wait and see approach to Fairly.

  5. Having a great defensive line can make the whole defense better. It makes the LBs’ jobs easier consistent pressure on the QB makes it easier on the DBs. Hopefully Matt Stafford can stay healthy, cause this’ll be an exciting team to watch in the next couple years.

  6. I’m a Huskers fan. When Detroit drafted Suh, I said, “Congrats on drafting a future Hall of Famer.”

    Suh gives you 11.5 men on the field every defensive snap. I’m excited to watch his career, despite being a diehard G-Men fan.

  7. Paper Lions, the hype might be more than they can handle. I believe this team now has enough pieces in place to make a run for the playoffs, can they live up to the pressure?

  8. If you can get a full season from Matthew Stafford, watch out for the Lion. And this is coming from a member of the 49ers faithful.

  9. egreen4590 says: May 15, 2011 8:52 PM


    Eh I like

    The SUH-perb Sack Attack

  10. WHY WOULD ANYONE GIVE A THUMBS DOWN TO bigdaddy44? HE speaks the truth. good idea bigdaddy. i will c&p and send it around.

  11. was a little kid back in the day but very astute in enjoying the biblical greatness of the Steeler front four of White, Mean Joe, Arrowhead and Greenwood. It was effing awesome!!!!!!

    Now Detroit has some sick rhinos of their own. Suh is off the charts – it’s ridiculous. And they already had Vandy and his crazed motor on the edge. Now they bring in Fairley. That is filthy.

    Recall Cutler, McNabb, Delhomme, etc. just getting DESTROYED by Suh? Anyone know what I’m talking about???

    Oh boy — that figures to be just page 1, Chapter 1 in a long, miserable tale of havoc and destruction for interior OLs and QBs.

  12. Maybe if Stafford stays healthy the Lions will reach the playoffs too. They have assembled a decent team.

    The Lions schedule is starting to look much better.

    How many players are left from the Millen era?

  13. Lions fans deserve some time in the sun. Only true fans will have stuck with the team through times as tough as that franchise has gone through.

    They’ve got some exciting offensive playmakers and the basis of a stellar d-line. However, the offensive line looks like a major problem and the defensive backfield looks like it will need all the pass rush they can get. They’re in a tough division as well.

    They’re going in the right direction but they may not be ready for the play-offs for a few years. They’ll probably have their biggest impact in the damage they wreak on the health of rival QBs.

  14. The Lions could be a great team this/next year. Yes, I meant great. They have talent on offense and defense. Stafford needs to stay healthy. The D-line group should mask the deficiencies of the secondary. This team could easily win the division. The Packers did a lot with the injuries they had but if Rodgers goes down for any length of time (like Stafford) they are done. The Bears got a lot better but their defense is getting a little slower with age. Lions should go 10-6 and could be even better with a few breaks that have usually gone against them.

  15. The front four looks like it could be better than the Buccaneers’ line during its peak, but I have to wonder if the linebackers are there to make it matter. Obviously there’s no Derrick Brooks there, but there’s also not really even a Jamie Duncan, Nate Webster, or Shelton Quarles. But the line’s definitely in place to not only terrorize a quarterback, but to make whatever linebackers are in place a lot more effective.

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