Sam Bradford gets bronzed

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As if colleges throughout the country didn’t already have their priorities out of whack when it comes to their football programs, a recent trend has emerged on a growing number of campuses.  Football players who achieved great things during their blink-of-an-eye careers receive permanent recognition with the creation of a statue.

The latest recipient?  Former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2008.

At least the folks at OU aren’t hopping onto the bronze bandwagon; they’ve been commissioning statues for every Heisman winner from the school for years.  And so Bradford’s image (hopefully in something other than Urkel attire) will join the likenesses of Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims and, Jason White at the Heisman Park located outside Memorial Stadium.

Our colleague John Taylor of CFT — a site I may end up working for if this lockout lasts into September — has the details.

15 responses to “Sam Bradford gets bronzed

  1. That picture is funny. It looks like he’s auditioning for a lead role in ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.

  2. How big is Heisman Park at OU? How many acres does each current member get to display the memorabilia of their college days….just asking

  3. You guys always choose the absolute worst pics of people. At least that one’s not as bad as the Al Davis pictures you keep using. Those have given me nightmares.

  4. The statue will be life sized and anatomically correct, but it will have a better haircut and the mouth won’t be hanging open. Oh, and they fixed the droopy eye too.

  5. It was bad enough when all the dorks dressed up to try to look like jocks, but this thing about the jocks trying to look like dorks is getting out of hand. Are they getting tired of bopping sleazy tarts with big hair and fake tits?

  6. I bet a dollar to doughnuts, not one non-OU fan could have remembered that Jason White won the Heisman Trophy.

    Jeebus who else was in the running, Elmer Fudd?

  7. Bradford looks like a freaking Hipster. He probably had a statue made before they went mainstream.

  8. The picture PFT used of Sam was taken months ago. He did not look at all like that at last night’s ceremony. It’s a shame PFT couldn’t use a photo from last night, but what do you expect, really. Lazy is as lazy does.

    @willycents…Heisman Park is on the east side of the stadium at OU. The statues are approximately 15 yards apart and there are walkways where fans can go by and take a look at the 5 Heisman winners that have played at OU: Billy Vessels, Steve Owen, Billy Sims and Jason White. Bradford’s statue will be moved there in time for the start of the OU season.

  9. Something tells me this announcement will not be followed by a million and one wannabe sports writers and elite snobbish journalist giving their biting opinions as to why he shouldn’t get his likeness bronzed so quickly like they did Tim Tebow and ever media jealousy disguised as hating Cam Newton.

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