Source: Ike Taylor plans to test the market

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Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review interpreted recent comments from cornerback Ike Taylor as indicating that Taylor will return to the Steelers.

If Taylor does, it will happen because the Steelers offered him a market-value contract, or at least something very close to it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Taylor fully intends to test the open market whenever free agency begins.  So even though Taylor had good things to say about his eight years in Pittsburgh, when he says that the ball is in the team’s court, he apparently means that it’s up to the team to match (or at least come close to matching) any offers he receives.

The fact that Taylor isn’t regarded as a top-tier cornerback may not matter all that much.  The draft wasn’t regarded as having a deep class of high-end talent, and beyond Nnamdi Asomugha and Antonio Cromartie, there aren’t many/any big names in the free-agent pool.

10 responses to “Source: Ike Taylor plans to test the market

  1. As much as I hate to say it you will see him in another uniform if and or when the season starts. Someone will over pay him because there are few good free agent to be corners out there and the Steelers are smart enough not to over pay. Bye bye Ike.

  2. Without Polamalu to bail him out, any team that takes him has found fool’s gold….Say what ya want, but the steelers secondary revolves around one man………and It’s not Tom Brady’s whipping boy

  3. Well I’m going to miss Ike Here in the Burgh for two reasons. The first and most important is the interviews. Ike talks like he has marbles and peanut butter in his mouth and it is always amazing to here it when he tries to speak.

    The 2nd thing I will miss is the 21-28 points the Steelers lose each year when Ike drops his obligatory 3-4 balls that are guaranteed to be house calls if mush mouth catches them.

    Good Luck Ike!!! You will be missed!!!

  4. Add that to the ongoing Detroit Lions Defense shopping list:

    -Stephen Tulloch
    -Nnamdi Asomugha
    -Rocky McIntosh
    -Ray Edwards
    -Ike Taylor

    If anyone of those guys are added to what the Lions already have, then Rodgers won’t come back from the next concussion.

  5. Peace it IKE.

    I’ll never forget the dropped pick in OT in Kansas City. Next play… 30 yard play and they kick a FG to win.

    I have tickets to the game this year in KC and I hope I don’t see you on the field bruh.

  6. I agree with jw731 about Polamalu’s importance in helping Taylor to not get burned deep. Frankly, as a Browns fan, I hope Taylor stays put in Pittsburgh. Green Bay proved what a West Coast offense can do against Pittsburgh, especially in the passing game. But for two critically timed drops, the Pack would have run up 41 points against the vaunted Steeler D and Taylor was picked on several times. Stay put, Ike. The Browns receivers need all the help they can get this year. 🙂

  7. I know my iggles don’t have jack at the RCB, but PLEASE, Nickels, don’t pick up this bum!

  8. Of course he’s going to test the market. Professional football is a business, and it’s infantile for people to keep expecting the players to treat it like a pick-up game at a backyard BBQ. Ike has a close relationship with the Rooney family, and I’m sure that will factor into his decision, but if the Steelers bid significantly lower than other teams, he’ll have to go with the best deal available.

    I like Ike and think he’s a good, solid corner. But he’s not and never will be a great corner. I wouldn’t mind seeing him walk if we’d depart dramatically from our usual stand regarding high-priced free agents and go after Asomugha with every means available. No one is better than Troy at that safety position. But he’s wearing down and getting injured more frequently. We need that superstar shutdown corner to help take some of the pressure off him and to step in when he goes down. Ike has proved he just isn’t that guy.

  9. Some of you supposed Steeler fans disgust me with your lack of knowledge. So uninformed and clueless – yet so confident in your lame-assed “opinion(s).”

    Ike is far from “fool’s gold.”

    Ike is real – sure, it’s well known that he has bricks for hands – but Ike is a big, fast, physical shut-down corner who is strong on run support too.

    Mans up versus number ones every week game in and game out.

    Was raw out of Lousiana-Lafayette and worked his ass off to learn how to play Steeler football – and he has!

    Busts his ass every year in season and out of season to both learn the playbook and be in top shape. He is the antithesis of an Albert Haynesworth-type player.

    Ike is loyal, a true baller and he knows our scheme.

    All you shortsighted pea-brained morons who dis on Ike don’t know jack about football. No way any of you chumps ever fastened a chinstrap either – it shows.

    Real Pittsburgh Steeler Fan

    Yeah, he’s got bricks for hands — big deal. Babe Ruth

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