Braylon Edwards due back in court in July for pre-trial hearing


While a settlement remains possible, Braylon Edwards’ DWI case is currently headed towards pre-trial hearings.

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports Edwards’ next court appearance will be July 22.  He was required to be in court on Monday morning, but didn’t show.  His attorney said Edwards’ flight from Los Angeles was delayed this morning.

It’s possible Edwards’ teammates will get involved, in an effort to say Edwards wasn’t drunk when he drove them.   It’s also possible a plea agreement could be reached.

“It’s possible we’ll work things out before the 22nd,” said Edwards’ attorney Peter Frankel.

It’s hard to say how much Edwards’ free agent stock will be hurt by the issue, if at all.  The Jets remain the favorites sign Edwards, whether he asks for the moon or not.

7 responses to “Braylon Edwards due back in court in July for pre-trial hearing

  1. Good thing Edwards is taking this seriously….whether or not his flight was “delayed”, you’d think if he cared enough he’d have been in town for his hearing the night before. Guess he’s not too worried about it.

  2. Maybe it is just me but if I had to be in court in New York on Monday morning coming from LA, I would have arranged to arrive by Sunday night and not chance it by taking the red eye.

  3. First off if this happend (skipping a required court date) to ANYONE that wasn’t famous there would be a warrant out for their arrest.

    Second, is Braylon really going to argue that when he blew .16 he wasn’t drunk when he was driving teammates?

    Third, is he really going to argue that having illegal tint on his car is no reason to have been pulled over in the first place?

    Lastly, if Braylon is found anything but innocent look for him to get no additional penalty in Ohio for being on probabtion. Again, normal people wouldn’t get it so easy.

  4. After his court appearance Edwards was also charged with heinous crimes against fashion.

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