Carson Palmer sells his Cincinnati house


If quarterback Carson Palmer plays for the Bengals in 2011, he’ll need a new house.  Or to rent one.  Or to stay in a hotel.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Palmer has found a buyer for his home, a five-bedroom, 5.5-bath bungalow with an asking price of $2.1 million.

Palmer wants to be traded, and he plans to retire if he isn’t.  Though the Bengals seem to be ready to move on, it remains to be seen whether they’ll trade him or simply force him to make good on his threat.

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  1. The smart thing to do would be to trade him and get some value back. That would be the smart thing to do, so enjoy your retirement Carson.

  2. LMAO…Palmer knows from his “inside” player sources that there will be no football this season, and that his wages will drop significantly when the “free for all” league resumes business in 2013. Therefore, as an astute businessman, he is cutting losses and expenses and moving on to the next phase of his life. Very intelligent man, that being why he is not part of the litigation.


    …seriously though, I wonder if having an NFL star celebrity name attached to a house makes it more valuable… never really considered it…

  4. You don’t want to throw your usual 2 cents into the last paragraph letting us know which side your on, and what we the readers should think FLO-Maurice?? Come on, we all know you must have some agenda here to push!!!

  5. “Palmer has found a buyer for his home, a five-bedroom, 5.5-bath bungalow with an asking price of $2.1 million.”


    Damn! That must be one huge trailer.

    In which of the millions of trailer park communities in Ohio would that be

  6. Oh how Mike Brown has really screwed this up. Carson Palmer has said countless times he wanted to end his career in Cincy, how he loved playing for the Bengals, but his biggest problem was the personnel moves made by Mr. Brown.

    Mike Brown has refused to cut or trade Chad Johnson when it was clear that Carson hated playing with him, I honestly believe that Chad Johnson along with poor moves to solidify the offensive line has forced Palmer’s hand.

    After the departure of Eric Steinbach and the retirement of Willie Anderson the O-Line has been in shambles. Mike Brown has neglected it ever since. Refused to go out and get a solid center, and a LG, while also neglecting the RT spot. Andrew Whitworth is a fantastic player as is Bobby Williams, but you can’t block 4 pass rushers with 2 guys and Mike Brown has been so damn cheap it’s pathetic. Then comes the selection of Andre Smith. When every single team and their mother were completely scratching Smith off their board the Bengals select him with their 5th overall pick. He has been easily one of the biggest busts in the last decade and if weren’t for JaMarcus Russell. But thats understandable, and has definitely been over shadowed by this next thing.

    Carson Palmer hates Chad Johnson. He absolutely despises him, and hated him as a team mate. Palmer never liked him, he tolerated him. And if go back to Palmer’s best years, 2005 and 2006, his favorite receivers were T.J. Hoosh and Chris Henry. Both guys who never complained and both guys who busted their butts to be great, both quiet guys who went about their business and showed up every single day. I think this has to do with mostly Chad Johnson and how
    Mike Brown refuses to cut him and hand the reigns to Carson. If you look last year at the last couple games, Carson had his best performances with T.O out and Chad Johnson out. Johnson has been a cancer for the Bengals and Carson didn’t want anything to do him any more.

    What a disgrace Mike Brown is, he is easily the worst owner in the NFL.

  7. Let him retire and become butt buddies with Favre. Maybe they can watch MNF together.

  8. Palmer is so overrated, it’s crazy. He is terrible, hasn’t had a goodseason since 2005

  9. That house (pictured in the Cincinnati Enquirer article) sold for $2.1 million?

    In L.A. $2.1 million gets you 1,100 sq. ft. in Panorama City with your washer and dryer on your back patio. FML

  10. The bungalow style has its roots in the native architectural style of Bengal, India. During the late 19th century and the waning days of the British Empire, English officers had small houses built in the “Bangla” style. The houses were one story with tile or thatched roofs and wide, covered verandas. These houses were provided as rest houses for travelers, so the association was created early on that these were small houses for a temporary retreat. In 1906, an article appeared in Stickley’s “The Craftsman” magazine suggesting “Possibilities of the Bungalow as a Permanent Dwelling.” Once they were accepted as full time, year around residences, the simplicity of a summer home fused with the idealistic philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement. “

  11. I love how this somehow precludes Carson from ever playing for Cincy again. (Not this article, but many others do have this theme)

    Many players do not have their primary residencies in the City which they play for. This move is to placate the wife, who HATES Cincinnati. (Cant blame her, it sucks compared to California) Sure Carson doesn’t want to play here either, but selling this house isn’t the end all be all of this scenario.

    Carson may not return to Cincinnati. But selling his house doesn’t rule it out entirely. Its not hard for a man who makes over 11 Mil a year to find a decent apartment to rent for six months …

  12. Cincinnati Bengal Truths:

    Carson Palmer is overrated

    Mike Brown is the worst NFL owner

    Bengals will once again be the laughing stock of the league(after a brief respite)

    Have the coolest looking helmets(wanted to try and end on a positive)

  13. dafranchize- So Chris Henry was Carson’s favorite target over Chad, huh? Let’s see here, Chad had 184 catches for 2799 yds from 05-06. Chris Henry had 67 for 1027 in those 2 years. Palmer sure had a funny way of showing Henry he was his favorite target by not throwin to him. By the way, Chad led the AFC in recieving yards 4 years in a row, and with a qb that apparently hated throwing to him. Seriously dude, you should at least know a little bit on your subject matter instead of spewing pure jibberish.

  14. Palmer is so overrated, it’s crazy. He is terrible, hasn’t had a goodseason since 2005


    What an idiotic statement. The fact alone that he was the Pro Bowl MVP in 2007 shuts your argument down.

  15. I can’t believe the idiots commenting on this site. I am from NYC, but don’t let the Bengals cheap owner and unsuccessful franchise fool you about Cincy. Do your selves a favor, travel a little, get our of your caves….

  16. Is there anyway that the NFL can take over the Bengals franchise like Bud Seagal is attempting to sieze the Los Angeles Dodgers? Mike Brown is a disgrace as an NFL owner.

  17. Im so tired of reading all this BS about trading him..

    1. NO ONE is being traded right now.. LOCK OUT!
    2. Mike brown is an idiot yes.. BUT!
    He has spent a great deal of money on someone that signed a contract to play football for the Bengals. And for that person that re-ups a couple years back to say trade me or else.. Its like having your cake and eating it to. You cant take 50 million dollars and then say Im taking my ball home..

    Im pretty sure CP would be gone if not for the lock out.. from the articles I have read his team mates are done with him as well… This is not how id like my kid to learn about sports..
    Even thought Im a big CP fan.. It sounds like arich Cali kid not getting his way..

    I love my Bengals..

    And for those that say WOW you have only been to the play offs twice in 10 years can suck it..
    I dont see the Joe Montana coming out of the locker room to save the 49rs.. Or maybe we could get the Chargers owners to fire the good coach and hire some one to ruin that team..

  18. Take that , Mike Brown! That dumb a$$ is too stupid to trade him and get value. Now they will ruin Dalton by having to start him game one.

  19. I am NOT a Carson Palmer fan at all for obvious reasons but can you actually blame the man for not wanting to play with the frick and frack show?? I mean when Stinko and Owens sat the bench at the end of the season you actually saw some substantial football being played by the Bengals……Owens is not as bad as is actually serious about football. Chad is all about the dog and pony show. Good Luck Carson whatever you do….

  20. Palmer is an average quarterback at best. Poorly thrown passes, interceptions, lack of mobility, telegraphing passes, lack of leadership, no support to community….the list goes on and on. Why should they trade him…his value is minimal? Let the cry baby sit.

  21. You make a compelling argument, but I would have to say Dan Snyder is the worst owner in the NFL.

    Say what you will about Snyder, but I’d take him over a cheap owner any day. Atleast he actually wants to win, and is willing to spend his money to do it (even if he does tend to spend too much on players who are never worth it).

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