Redskins deny that Dan Snyder said Steelers planned to move up to 16

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As it turns out, the deal between the Bears and Ravens wasn’t the only 2011 first-round trade that didn’t happen.

Peter King of points in his new Monday Morning Quarterback column to comments over the weekend from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder regarding a deal with the Steelers that didn’t go down.  Snyder told SiriusXM that the Redskins had a tentative deal in place to slide from No. 16 (after sliding down from No. 10) to No. 31 with the Steelers, who would have moved up into the teens.  When the time came to do the deal, the Steelers opted not to proceed, presumably because the guy they were targeting was off the board.

Taken at No. 15?  Mike Pouncey, identical twin brother of Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey.

Though it’s possible that the Steelers were eyeballing another player (King things it may have been Nick Fairley; J.J. Watt is a possibility as well), the pre-draft chatter had suggested that coach Mike Tomlin had given the front office an “edict” to move up for Mike Pouncey.  Whether it was all aimed at creating the impression that the Steelers were trying to reunite the Pouncey twins in Pittsburgh, at a minimum a hollow effort apparently was made.

Snyder’s comments inadvertently call into question the true extent of the franchise’s love for eventual 16th overall pick Ryan Kerrigan.  Then again, maybe Ryan should be flattered; he was their second choice after “pass.”

UPDATE:  Redskins P.R. exec Tony Wyllie tells PFT that Snyder appeared on no SiriusXM radio show over the weekend, and that Snyder has not done any interviews since Super Bowl week.  King’s premise was clear; “Washington owner Dan Snyder said on Sirius Radio over the weekend that the ‘Skins and Steelers had a deal in place for Washington to trade the 16th overall pick to Pittsburgh for the 31st pick plus other choices.”  King tells us that he was relying on Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider’s report to that effect.  Said Wexell in a May 14 tweet, “Dan Snyder said on Sirius Radio this week that the Redskins and Steelers had a draft day deal in place, but ‘the player was gone’ at pick 16.”

23 responses to “Redskins deny that Dan Snyder said Steelers planned to move up to 16

  1. Don’t leave us hanging. Did King mention where we might find a good cup of airport coffee? I sure don’t read the column for the football.

  2. Or maybe as much as they liked him in that spot they knew the extra picks they’d have picked up would have allowed them to multiply their chances for a successful pick.

    Who am I kidding though. The Redskins don’t care about football!

  3. Why would Kerrigan take it personally? The Redskins were obviously trying to move down to stockpile more picks. It wasn’t a matter of them thinking, “oh Kerrigan stinks…let’s get out of here.” On the contrary, at # 16, Kerrigan was their top choice of ALL players available at that time.

    Is being the 16th player taken some sort of insult?

  4. Wish it would have happened…..

    …Then we could have gotten Andy Dalton @ 31.


  5. If we could have gotten the ‘skins to straight-up trade #16 for #31, that would have been okay, but if we were going to have to give up something else–and of course, we were–then Mike wasn’t worth it. He went too high. And we don’t have enough need at Fairley’s position to make that trade worthwhile.

    We need help on that o-line, so if we could have taken Pouncey at 20 or higher, that might have worked out well for us. But having twins on your roster isn’t necessarily a good thing. I can also see the potential for conflicts.

  6. As slim as this story is, it’s arguably the best sign that Ireland might know what he’s doing. Miami should have taken a Pouncey in 2010.

  7. How many would be trades do you think are made on draft day? What teams try to trade up and down and nobody ever knows about it? A lot I’m sure.

    I don’t think organizations should talk about would be trades that never happened, nobody needs to know…to avoid these kinds of discussions.

  8. sure sounds like Danny Boy is “just signing the checks” now. He should stay as far away from the draft war room as humanly possible.

  9. As asked before uh where is the story? I mean come on every team has their board and who they will select….if the Skins had Kerrigan there @ 16 I’m sure the thinking was if we get a good offer that will give more picks you do the deal…good teams aren’t built with one player/pick they are built with numerous picks and a good eye for talent.

  10. This would be a great story except that, according to media relations and SiriusXM, Dan Snyder has not been on the station since the draft took place.

  11. I’m glad Miami snatched Pouncey up…. Aside from better QB play, interior line help was our biggest offensive need.

  12. who cares? does anybody really care what this joke of an owner has to say?

    Go sue another newspaper or fan for god sakes….LMAO.

  13. So, basically your “Update” means you haven’t learned a damn thing from the Mike Wise embarrassment, but if it could get ya a few hits, you will run with it…

  14. King is nothing but a Big Lazy Slob that has not been doing his job for a very long time. He tries to slide by and most all he writes or says today has no basis in Fact. Peter King is and has been a Joke for some time now.

  15. As RThandler stated before:

    Dan Snyder did not say anything about the Steelers
    By Dan Steinberg
    Fun story in Peter King’s column this week about Dan Snyder doing a radio interview over the weekend. In this Sirius interview, Snyder apparently said the Redskins had a deal in place to trade their first-round pick to the Steelers before Pittsburgh backed out.

    King went through the story and what it means for more than 300 words. Which led to an item on Pro Football Talk which claimed Snyder’s words “call into question the true extent of the franchise’s love for eventual 16th overall pick Ryan Kerrigan.” And then came a tweet from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, which also passed along this interesting scoop.

    Except both Sirius and the Redskins told me that Snyder did not appear on any Sirius radio programs over the weekend, or at any other recent time. In fact, Snyder has not done any radio interviews since Super Bowl week. Also, the Steelers never called the Redskins about any trade, according to a Redskins spokesman.

    And so, please ignore both of these stories, and carry on with your lives

    So whats up Peter King???

  16. @Jimmy Smith … um, I mean, kyleortonsarm …

    I see Perrish Cox was just back in court. How many Bronco arrests was that last season? Cox, Alexander, Fields, Dumervil …

    You guys get a group discount at Lawyers R Us?

    Better run along now, little one. Recess is almost over. Maybe today you’ll read a story about idiots who live in glass houses.

  17. mike Pouncey will be a Steeler just not for the next 4-6 years or so, ben doesn’t need a great line anyway

  18. Peter King has become as trustworthy and useless as the Commissioner whose butt he kisses. I wouldn’t bank on anything King says anymore.

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