Dolphins new hire won’t do much for morale

The press release came through the e-mail pipe earlier today.  The Dolphins have hired someone we’d never heard of into a big job that doesn’t directly have anything to do with football.  And so it was destined to be mentioned in the Tuesday morning one-liners.

But then a reader pointed out something we should have realized without a reader pointing it out regarding the addition of Mark Brockelman as Senior Vice President/Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of the Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium.

Just last week, the Dolphins informed employees that they’d have their salaries cut by as little as 10 percent or as much as 20 percent.  If we were getting our paychecks whacked without any apparent reduction in work hours or responsibilities due to a problem that we didn’t create and will have no role in fixing, we’d really want to know why there was a need to hire a new CFO and CAO of the team and the stadium at a time when the belt is being tightened, and we’d also want to know how much of the money that the non-executive employees are sacrificing will be going to the new kid in the corner office.

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  1. ha! teach the NFL to hold football out on us! We’ve got plenty of time to disect and analyze EVERYTHING now!!!

    Nice catch, too. I’d be p*ssed a bit, too.

  2. What is it with you and the NFLPA wanting employees to demand all this financial information from their employers. As far as I am concerned, if the Dolphins want to hire a new CFO, it’s between the owner and the new CFO. If the janitor or the receptionist is pissed because they had to take a pay cut, too bad so sad. Go work somewhere else where you can make more money. Or better yet, go back to college and get a degree in finace so maybe you can start competing for CFO jobs.

    Never forget that most employees do just enough work to not get fired . . . and most employers pay just enough so employees don’t quit. This is called the market clearing price for employment. On in this case, I am sure that most if not all the employees of the Dolphins are either glad they still have a job in this economy or happy to take a pay cut to work for an NFL team.

  3. Of course, league shill finphan58 ( or whatever) – who regularly rails against the players – probably has nothing to say about this. He is probably one of the 10%ers cleaning the stadium latrines.

  4. wowww thats a bikram yoga stretch right there…

    ill be the first to admit that its weak the fins cut pay while other organizations didnt have to.

    but, they hired a cFo (emphasis added). I think its more likely the fins management was pissed off about the fact they had to cut pay and all the bad press they got as a result. Hence, a new financial officer in place with the intentions of making sure finances are in well enough order so it doesnt happen again

  5. Jill Strafaci was the Senior Vice President of Finance and Harold Talisman was the Chief Administrative Officer. Both are out and Mark Brockelman replaces them. Don’t know how morale can be hurt when they essentially took two paychecks and reduced them to one. Though I doubt PFT will update the article to admit they jumped the gun in attacking the Dolphins.

  6. Per Jeff Darlington: “Jill Strafaci was VP of Finance. Harold Talisman was Chief Administrative Officer. Mark Brockelman essentially replaces both of them.”

  7. Ross is the worst owner this franchise has ever had. Although he seems willing to spend money in free agency, he does crap like this to make the organization look bad. IMHO management should take cuts before the “little people” who keep the organization running. How does he expect to maintain any acceptable level of morale? The employees of the Dolphins have a right to be pissed.

  8. I don’t work in the NFL, but everybody in my company took a pay cut last year. And they changed upper management, too. No doubt these moves were related, just as they likely were with the Dolphins.

    And, since I doubt they’re paying the new guy what his TWO predecessors were earning combined, the Dolphins effectively cut executive pay with this move, too. That’s more than happened with my company, who did a simple 1:1 trade out.

  9. Um becauseeeeee Miami’s new owner keeps bringing in minority owners, who else is going to tally up all that and figure out who gets what

  10. I think the one thing that was not mentioned in the pay cut article was that no HOURLY employee’s pay was cut. Which i do not believe anyone deserve a pay cut, but I’m happy that the LITTLE GUY was spared.

  11. As a CFO, I can fully attest that this is one of the most important hires a company can make!!


  12. MichaelEdits….. do you have a problem with kids who are disable with MD? Bill Its not a joke.

  13. All part of the process of cleaning out whatever is leftover from Wayne or Joe.

    Last time it was ticket sales,overhaul coming in that department. Public blame on one department. Sharpen that resume.

    Its all about dollars, nothing personal when your on the side of the desk keeping a job.

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