Goodell, Minnesota governor meeting Tuesday

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With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell already in the area for mediation of the lingering labor dispute, he’ll be getting making the most of his time in Minnesota by spending time on the almost-as-thorny problem presented by the Vikings stadium.

Mike Kaszuba and Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune report that Goodell will meet with Governor Mark Dayton on Tuesday morning.

A legislator who has been invited to the meeting said that one of the topics will be whether the Vikings and the NFL are willing to cough up more than the $407 million that already has been committed to the project.  The problem is that plenty of people in Minnesota think that the team and the league should pay for all of it.

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  1. Hell yes the team and league should pay for it. If they want to cry wolf about only making their paultry billions of dollars per year, and they want the courts to treat them as a normal business, then they can damn well afford to pay for their facilites that they need to conduct that business.

    I say, owners and players both keep their current income flat (and only increase with the rate of inflation) and all future excess proceeds go to those locals that have to put up the public money for these parasites.

  2. I wonder if Goodell and the Governor will be on a party boat on lake Minnetonka?

    Fred Smoot has references…

  3. If I was Zygi Wilf, I’d already have it out there: “We aren’t staying. Thanks for your lack of support. Hello Los Angeles. Thanks for your warm and gracious welcoming.”

  4. Would love to see Rog walk into the Governor of Loserville’s office whistling…”California Here I Come”.

    Wait… Loservile has only cubicles, not offices for their elected officials.

  5. Minnesota, the land of 10,000 mistakes. Where football wanders off into the snow drifts never to be seen again.

  6. All the idiot people out there that have NO CLUE about the overall benefit the Vikes bring to the state, and will bring to the county and state due to construction JOBS, hotel JOBS, retail JOBS, restaurant JOBS, facility JOBS, transportation JOBS, county JOBS, city JOBS……on and on. This is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT at it’s best, one the re-circulates $ to the local economy due to JOB creation alone is worth the investment.

    I find it just astounding that people have no clue that the Vikings are a state, county, and city INVESTMENT due to ancilary businesses and JOBS that have been and will be created.

    This doesn’t even speak to the emotional investment most in the state have of the team.

    Don’t let the haters blind you to the Wilf is a “cheapskate”. By the contrary, Wilf is willing to put up the largest share. The county/state WILL benefit from their investment. The Vikings pump $$$millions into the area by their existence alone. Millions $$$ leave if they leave. It would be fiscally irresponsible to allow them to do so!!!


  7. Hard to believe that Minnesota opted to build a new ballpark for the Twins, but won’t ante up for the Vikings. Methinks they have their priorities mixed up.

  8. Wow Duece that is an uninformed point your trying to make, How much money do you think NFL teams bring to cities when they demand 407 million paying for stadiums?

    Then to boot maintaining and upgrading said stadium usually runs another 200 million minimum a decade for taxpayers.. So lets say 607 million is a fair estimate. Construction workers average 48k a year. 1000 construction workers equals 48 million and i doubt they use that many workers.

    Hotel Business?? Give me a break how many out of town fans typically fly in for away games and even then there are only 17 games in a season. It is not even close and if you think citys get back what they pump in to get these teams your a fool.

    These crooked owners basically are handed a big loan for their businesses they never have to pay back to the city even after they start raking in the money.

    Now all you out of work NFL Employees who degrade all posts not supporting owners. Give me your lame azz hands down .. Thank you come again

  9. I’m a Vikings fan. Don’t get me wrong, I think they should stay in Minnesota. HOWEVER, the people of Minnesota are clearly showing no support for this team. They claim they don’t wanna use taxpayer money for a new stadium. It comes out to $.77 Cents …YES CENTS…per taxpayer, for 10 years. WOW PEOPLE. $7.70 EACH. You lost the Lakers back in the day. You really content on having the Twins and whatever the NHL team is? Enjoy that. I live in Phoenix, i’m a 45 minute flight from L.A. Move em out here. I can’t wait to get my season tickets.

  10. The state is starting to irritate me. I think its a little ridiculous to expect the Wilf’s and organization to pay for all of the stadium. That’s been done like what, one time? The state is going to see excitement and benefits from building a new stadium (as they have with Target Field and Xcel) but yet they don’t anything to do with the costs. All the millions of dollars these players make, gets taxed to Minnesota. All the millions they spend here, boost our economy. You lose all of that immediately if they leave.

    Zygi putting up $407 million (over 40% of total cost) is more than fair. That’s the 3rd most all-time I believe.

  11. “YOU NEED TO INVEST $$$ TO GET $$$$BACK!!!!”

    If you mean Invest=Corporate Extortion, sure.

    This society wastes too much money on sports anyway.

  12. The state wants to use the building when the Vikings aren’t, so why should the Vikings pay for all of it? It’s not a football only facility…

    High School championship games, concerts, rodeo’s, moto cross, circuses, public events… In reality, the Vikings will use the building less than the state will. Not to mention all the tax and concession revenue the state revenue service and state run commissions get back from it.

    Stop being so short sighted Minnesota.

  13. love all the love with ohh the benifits will be so great…however sorry tell you no they wont. dont get me wrong i love my vikings and ope the stadium is built. however according to agreement the state in total will pay close to 700mill thats around 66% of cost and than on top of that we pay to maintain the stadium. Not to be even sourer the wilf family has thhe agreement stating they get to have first 320 million in profit than the rest is split 50/50 after that a year so tell me exactly how that works the state pays 66% but only gets 50% of profit after 320 mill is skimmed off a year doesnt seem very fair to me. Hell to make it worse some of you forget that 34% wilf will pay isnt out of his pocket maybe 100 mill is out of his pocket probably less but the nfl has a stadium fund that they take money from everywhere else every year to put towards that fund. That will provide probably 75% or more of the money wilf is saying he will pay. So dont act all high and mighty that Wilf is sacraficing so much. On another note i support the stadium and would love to see it built.

  14. It’s like this see… we take the money from the poor and the working stiffs see… and you gives it to me see…

  15. Also they plan to buy up like 2 blocks extra with the current agreement with the agreement that Wilf and the vikings ownership will get to build restraunts and other stuff such as hotels on the site with them making all the returns on it.

  16. 1) The tax contribution would be less than 2 dollars per citizen per year.

    2) The amount given to the Vikings per year would be many times less than the amounts given to other notable companies in Minnesota.

    3) Despite popular opinion, the State of Minnesota and most states in general DO give money to certain types of businesses in various ways, including small start ups. Minnesota does already give large amounts to several notable corporations. Minnesota has funed the Twins stadium and even funded fully a Gophers stadium. Nobody even cares about the Gophers and they could have easily played in whatever is good enough for the Vikings.

    4) Whoever posted that link, I did go to it, and it is complete junk. The entire article is some guy speculating, poorly, how he thinks stadiums could hurt local economies. It is retarded that you would think that “proves” anything. There are reasons that states time and time again fund stadiums that they benefit from. It makes sense, shockingly. Same reason we fund a convention center that brings in pittance in comparison.

    5) Committing another 12 million a year for 30 years is going to have a relatively minimal impact on the current 5 billion defecit. It is annoying that detractors always talk about the total amount and compare it to the current defecit. We have time to pay it off. Hopefully we are still paying it long after the defecit is cleared up.

  17. Bob Kraft privately financed Gillette Stadium and the State of Massachusetts helped with building the infrasture and roads around the sradium.

    6yardslant, all those events would be revenue into your owners pockets as there are countless concerts and events at Gillette when the Patriots are not playing that the Kraft’s benefit from

    I would like to see a return to an open air stadium where the game is played as it should be, not under the sissy domes.

    For Viking fans, I hope it will work out but I get the sense under Zygi this team is destined to move.

  18. To Duece5:

    The first part of the article you posted reads “I’ve seen a professional baseball game in person just once, and the memory of the boredom lingers.” This guy is obviously biased and threw a bunch of numbers out there. Anybody can make their point by finding biased numbers to try and sway people the other way. This article is not credible. I agree that in a perfect world, we should’t raise taxes to fund billionare’s pet projects. But IF the Vikings leave because of that, than by all means raise my sales tax and I’ll bear the burden of an extra $50 or so a year to keep the Vikings hear.

  19. I live in an “ecumenical” family. I am a life long Vikings fan, my father is a fan of the Chicago Bears and my 19 year old son is passionate about his Green Bay Packers. In football season things get interesting in my household…however, nothing breaks the bond of family.

    Several years ago, when my son was 13, we took a trip to Green Bay to see the Packers play the Patriots in a pre-season game. My son was all dressed in his green and gold while I was in blue jeans and a neutral polo shirt. We set in a section full of season ticket holders. One of the season ticket holders asked my son why I wasn’t wearing any Green Bay gear, my son responded “Oh, he’s a Vikings fan!” I thought, “Oh no, are they going to beat the crap out of me?” Instead, they were very nice to me…they were some of the friendliest people I have ever met in my 50 years.

    I have NO hatred for Green Bay or their fans. Is it fun if the Vikings win? Yes. Am I dissappointed when the Packers beat them? Yes. Is it a passionate rivalry? Yes. At the end of the day, I can reach out to Packer fans and earnestly say, nice game. I congratulate the Packers and their fans on defeating the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Am I envious…of course.

    I think an on-going rivalry between the Packers and the MINNESOTA Vikings is good for the NFL and good for both teams. When there is opportunity for this out-of-state fan to be able to contribute to the building of a new stadium in Minnesota, I will do so.

    Again, congratulations to Green Bay fans for having the current Super Bowl Champions. I hope the Vikings time will come soon!

  20. Doesn’t Roger Goodall have more important things to worry about? Like destroying more evidence of the Patriots cheating? If Goodall isn’t at the mediation meetings, who is going to carry Robert Kraft’s bags and tuck him into his hotel bed at night???

  21. Check out the sad, messed up photo of their liberal governor! That says it all!

    I swear something is in their drinking water.

    Remember, this is the lone freaking state that in 1984, held out for Mondale!

    Long time Viking fan, but don’t blame Zygi if all else fails, he moves the team from those ingrates/idiots.

  22. As a lifelong Packer fan, I will take no pleasure in losing the Vikings to another state. The Vikings and Packers go hand-in-hand with the Bears and the Lions, and I do not want to see that messed up. Somebody needs to step up soon. It’s looking kinda bad at the moment.

  23. theallegedone says:
    … They claim they don’t wanna use taxpayer money for a new stadium. It comes out to $.77 Cents …YES CENTS…per taxpayer, for 10 years. WOW PEOPLE. $7.70 EACH.

    And then someone else said $2/yr? These numbers are meaningless, and I’m guessing you’re only counting state tax contribution. The biggest problem w/ the stadium plan in its current state is the undue burden placed on ramsey county via sales taxes.

  24. stellarperformance says:
    May 17, 2011 9:28 AM
    As a lifelong Packer fan, I will take no pleasure in losing the Vikings to another state. The Vikings and Packers go hand-in-hand with the Bears and the Lions, and I do not want to see that messed up. Somebody needs to step up soon. It’s looking kinda bad at the moment.

    A large part of why football is so popular is because of the long time rivalries that have been established between teams (and fans). Any “real” football fan would not want to see this disrupted in any way. Listen, I lived in Minnesota for a time and I work with people in Wisconsin and I can tell you that the rivalry between GB & MN is probably stronger than GB-Chicago in some ways. Each team has stupid over the top fans………but the majority appreciate the rivalry the way they should.

  25. krow101 says:
    May 17, 2011 7:53 AM
    It’s like this see… we take the money from the poor and the working stiffs see… and you gives it to me see…


    No, it is like this see..

    You don’t pay at least at .000000000000000000001 of the total cost of your home team new home, they MOVE!!


  26. wow only 7.70 per tax payer. I hope the stadium deal gets done. I’m actually too far away to enjoy the stadium, but understand how nice it would be to bring back tailgating and home field advantage in december and january. I want to see it. I will even donate 7.70 and I’m not even in the state LOL.

  27. The state’s contribution is coming through user fees, taxes on sports memorabilia, and a sports lottery game. Anyone outside of Ramsey County who doesn’t want the stadium doesn’t have to pay a cent. The proposed additional sales tax imposed in Ramsey County to pay for the stadium is 0.5%, or 5 cents for every $10 spent. There is no sales tax on food or clothing, among other necessities. How much does the average person spend on non-food and non-clothing within a single county in a typical year? $5000? That would be an extra $25 a year. Not exactly $2 or $0.77, but easily affordable by someone spending that much. So it isn’t about the money, it’s about the principle. At least people will have their principles while their football team is playing in LA.

  28. wigwam101 says:
    May 17, 2011 1:46 AM
    Hard to believe that Minnesota opted to build a new ballpark for the Twins, but won’t ante up for the Vikings. Methinks they have their priorities mixed up.

    The state also contributed to the new field for the University of Minnesota. So I believe their priorities have been mixed up TWICE!

  29. I heard that the vikes will actually pay people for no reason at all, they’re just gonna throw money from a blimp over Minneapolis and St. Paul!

    Ha ha ha ha!

    How stupid do they think taxpayers are? It will cost more than 7 buck over 10 years to pay for a billion dollar stadium and infrastructure improvements. And only for Ramsey County residents?

    Where’s the money coming from if the state leg passes this? Not only Ramsey county… And cleaning up the Super Fund site? Hmmm… The Ammo company went out of business so you can’t fine them and anyone thinking the Tea Bag congress which defunded SuperFund is going to allocate funds? Ha ha ha… Seriously…

    My guess is, it will cost about 50 bucks a year for most Mn residents that pay income tax. Ramsey County folks that pay taxes will get hit about 750-1000.

    And Zigi will go we we we all the way to the bank!

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