Matthew Stafford plans to play “16 games or more”

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Matthew Stafford, the oft-injured quarterback who has played 13 games and missed 19 games since the Lions chose him first overall in the 2009 NFL draft, says he expects to play every regular-season game in 2011. And maybe some playoff games, too.

“I’m excited about No. 1 being healthy going into the year and hopefully playing all 16 games or more,” Stafford told the Detroit Free Press. “We have all the core guys, major guys, coming back, which is great, and we’ve added some new guys.”

Stafford has been throwing with some of the Lions’ receivers and says his surgically repaired shoulder is 100 percent healed.

“I feel great,” Stafford said. “Healthwise, I feel as good as I ever have, so I’m ready to go.”

So Stafford will be ready to play a full season. As long as the NFL has a full season to play.

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  1. “Matthew Stafford plans to play “16 games or more”

    Umm, I think your soft shoulder will have other plans……………….as usual.

    BUT, if that soft QB could actually stay healthy I am intrigued to see what Detroit can do this year. I am starting to like this team, Hell I may even adopt them as my second team

  2. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..

    I can’t remember the last player that was quoted in May not “feeling great” with “plans to play 16 or more”

    Let BJ Raji pancake you once and all of a sudden the plans go out the window..

  3. Know he won’t. The reason he is oft injured is because the Lions have no o-line. And they did not improve that o-line in the draft. I expect Stafford to get hurt by week 6, that is of course they play this season.

  4. I plan to be interdependently wealthy by 25… doesn’t mean its gonna happen, especially with that o line.( at least they addressed it in the draft…..)

  5. Waiting for this guy to come out and pull a Pennington in week one. “What do you mean you ripped the shoulder out of the socket? No one even touched you.”

  6. Before all us Lions fans and writers get all anxious over a playoff birth in May, keep in mind he is just saying what all NFL players are supposed to say. No one goes into a season saying, “I hope to at least play half the games, but I know the playoffs aren’t happening.”

    That being typed, I’m glad he’s saying the right things and am excited for an exciting season of football. End this ridiculous lockout. Good things happening in Detroit this fall!

  7. I hope his shoulder is 100%. It will be fun watching guys like he and Bradford taking the reigns away from Brady, Manning etc.

  8. I have to admit im impressed with the direction of this franchise… The Lions will be a force to reckon with a lot sooner than later. Good for them their fans deserve it.

  9. Gutsy player, I hope he stays healthy. It would be nice if the Lions didn’t suck every Thanksgiving. Stafford, Calvin Johnson, N. Suh, N. Fairley, B. Pettigrew, and coach Spags should be enough for them to contend for a wild card spot at least.

  10. Matthew Stafford plans to play “16 games or more”… over the next four seasons.

  11. @shaggytoodle

    Umm…Steve Spagnoulo doesn’t coach the Lions he coaches the Rams. Your thinking of Jim Schwartz.

    Hopefully Stafford’s shoulder can hold up this year, if it can the Lions will be a solid franchise and definitely heading in the right direction. They won’t be the #1 team in the NFC North but they might be able to give Chicago a run for a NFC Wild Card spot.

  12. Maybe he get’s hurt every year so he doesn’t get blamed for not living up to the standards everyone has for him. It’s like he’s Peyton Manning or something. Oh, the Lions would be great if he only was able to stay healthy. Here’s his NFL stats…
    TD–INT 19–21
    Passing Yards 2,802
    QB Rating 67.1

    I think Billy Volek has better stats than that.

  13. It’s not really up to Stafford. If the Lions don’t bother preotecting him, then the season is not going to go how he would prefer. He’ll be getting pummeled game in and game out.

  14. Hey Matt! Let’s focus on playing 16 games in a season that is not locked out before worrying about this one….

    As far as the “or more” comment, unless he is referring to support for an 18 game season perhaps no one has informed him yet that he plays for the Lions? Can’t see the logo from the training room maybe?

  15. Although the Lions are headed in the right direction, fans need to remember that just last season (2010) they had a record of 2-10 at one point before winning their last 4 games ….. They won their last 4 games by 7 points or less in all four ….. (GB, TB, Miami, Vikes)

    They could easily be another draft or two away from being a playoff type team …..

    To finish 8-8 in 2011 would be about right for the Lions at this point …… As long as Stafford is still dropping back in 7-step drops, he’ll end up on the IR again in 2011 ….. Too bad, he actually is good ….

  16. dafranchize says:
    May 16, 2011 1:34 PM

    Umm…Steve Spagnoulo doesn’t coach the Lions he coaches the Rams. Your thinking of Jim Schwartz.

    You got the wrong guy


    killxswitch says:
    May 16, 2011 1:20 PM
    Gutsy player, I hope he stays healthy. It would be nice if the Lions didn’t suck every Thanksgiving. Stafford, Calvin Johnson, N. Suh, N. Fairley, B. Pettigrew, and coach Spags should be enough for them to contend for a wild card spot at least.

  17. imagine that, people going out of their way to hate on the lions…seems original

    i love the “wait until he gets pancaked by bj raji” comment lol what happened to aaron rodgers week 14??

  18. woodyg: They also lost 7 of those games by 8 pts or less so by your logic, they were just as close to being in the playoffs as they were to being 2-14. If you’re going to argue the pts they won by, then you must do the same for the games they lost and how many points they lost by.

    Bust this team all you want because it’s easy but in today’s terms it’s also inaccurate. This is a very good team and they lost 7 of 10 by a TD or less WITHOUT their starting QB.

    Also, to the person that listed Stafford’s stats over the last 2 years, please look at last year by itself. yes, there weren’t many games but the stats were good in those he was in. He won every game he completed and had the lead in the games where he got injured.

  19. People think the NFL and the fans are all cynics… Here we have a bonafide starting QB who plans to play all 16 regular season games and the preseason. He’s an optimist to think the NFL will get a deal done so soon. He can’t have been suggesting the post-season.. they are the Lions afterall…

  20. im not totally convinced he will play 16 games but all this china doll talk is rediculous. the plays hes been hurt on he was absolutely smashed into the ground. its not like he got hurt everytime he got hit since hes been hurt 3 times and hes takin more sacks than that.lets let his career play out before we call him names.

  21. i love the o-line haters on this website. the lions ranked 6th overall in sacks given up. that’s not bad at all. the only reason he got re-injured was because they rushed him back to sell tickets…

  22. My apologies Lions fans, I often get Schwartz and Spagnuolo mixed up. Both got HC gigs the same year after being successful 4-3 defensive coordinators for other teams.

  23. So ignore the fact that Stafford has been in hot tub duty more than starting QB duty, then ignore the season (his rookie one) where we have the most games to judge him by thus far, and then of the 3 games last year only look at one (because he didn’t finish the other 2) and judge him?

    Ha ha ha! Oh wow, now I see why detroit fans as so optimistic! What some fools!

    Stafford is all hat and no cattle thus far. There’s no thinking that him starting all 16 games would make any difference. All you detroit folks just keep drinking the Kool-aide! Hey, buy a Ford Windstar too!

    Truth: Offensive rank for lions: #17. Pretty craptastic, right? That must be what lost ’em all those games, huh?

    Defensive ranking for lions: #21. Whoopsie… And thinking a rookie that slipped because of issues relating to laziness is gonna be the thing that makes detroit a top 10 defense, is the same talk we’ve been hearing since June Jones was the offensive genius in charge and Fonts was scarfing down donuts on the sidelines.

    Put up or shut up already.

  24. I’m excited to see Stafford play in 16gms this year too..
    Then again, I just realized the Lions completely IGNORED the need for OL help in the Draft. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME!?!?!? Lol

  25. Lions fans are trying to overtake Vikings fans as being the least grounded in reality. All this paper champion stuff is unhinging you all.

    Someday I’d like to see how you guys handle your team actually finishing < .500, but that aint gonna happen in my lifetime.

  26. tjrubleysaudible:

    First, if you’re going to say something like,

    “Someday I’d like to see how you guys handle your team actually finishing or <) needs to be the other way around. It means greater than or less than.

    Next, all the people ragging on Stafford are hilarious. The kid has played very decent when he's on the field. He'll be ok in time. We all hope for him to stay healthy. If he does, sweet!!!

    Next, there are idiots in here, I'm looking at you goombar2, that wouldn't give him a break no matter what he did. That's fine, time will tell. He has the intelligence and ability to be a great QB if he can stay healthy. I'm not really sure why people would have to rag on the fan base of a team that has gone through some of the toughest years in football (thanks Matt Millen). So we're happy our team is going in the right direction. That's what you're supposed to be happy about as a fan.

    Lastly, to all the morons talking about the O-line. Trust me, Schwartz knows a lot more about football than any of you bloggers do. He's doing a fine job and that defensive front, even with one of the morons in here calling down the Fairley pick up, is going to be absolutely dominant for the next decade. We're finally getting the pieces.

    If Stafford can stay healthy, we have the beginning of something very special. Can't wait to see the band wagon jumpers come out of the woodwork like they do in NE, Indy, New Orleans, NY, etc. when we start doing well….LOL It'll be funny

  27. Billy Voleks stats. And he doesnt get paid 10’s of millions.
    TD-INT     27-15
    Passing yards     3,746
    QB Rating     84.9

    Make the trade Lions. Marts future is being the biggest bust since Jabust Russell.

  28. I really hope Stafford can make it through a whole season but Shawn Hill better be on ready stand-by

  29. I love when people that dont watch the Lions try to make educated opinions on them. Stafford has been hurt which means the o-line is awful, name me one o-line that keeps their qb upright all the time there isn’t one. The o-line is not as bad as everyone puts it out to be its just average, but adding someone doesn’t help protect staffords shoulder he is still going to get hit.

    For the guy that busted out the stats on Stafford you’ve obviously never seen him play, why do you think all the analysts and writers say they could be good if he stays healthy its because everyone that has seen him play since that Browns game his rookie year knows he is going to be special.

    Oh and the lions finish .500 nice try on the joke though.

    But honestly none of you guys have probably ever watched an entire Lions game besides the Lions fans on here so watch them before you make judgements.

  30. woodyg says: May 16, 2011 1:50 PM

    Although the Lions are headed in the right direction, fans need to remember that just last season (2010) they had a record of 2-10 at one point before winning their last 4 games ….. They won their last 4 games by 7 points or less in all four ….. (GB, TB, Miami, Vikes

    How many did they lose by 7 points or less? It goes both ways.

    Lions, when healthy, can compete with the best in the NFL. Stafford was obviously the biggest injury, but what people DON’T know is that Louis Delmas and Deandre Levy both missed a lot of time due to injury. Levy was out all of Camp with a groin injury and you could see his impact over the last 4 games when healthy.

  31. tj: You may not be a Lions fan, but if you can’t seen a good nucleus on this team and a chance for some magic then you’re not looking.

    This team finished 6-10 which you’re correct is not great. But remember, they did it with their #2 AND #3 QB! Now, I’m not saying that Stafford is any of these QB’s but how would the Packers do without Rogers? And Indy without Manning? Yes, Hill played very well in Stafford’s place but Stafford IS a better QB when healthy.

    Couple that with the fact that 7 losses were by 8 pts or less and I would imagine Staffy would have been good for 8 pts so, now that 6-10 record looks more like 13-3…think about that for a second. Lets say even with stafford they only win 4 of those 7 (which would be the ones lost by 1 pt, 2pts and 3pts) and they are now 10-6. So, why shouldn’t we be positive and see something here? No one is calling them SB champs, but definitely playoff contenders. If you don’t think they are then you sir are stuck in the Millen years still. Things change and in the Lion’s case they’ve finally changed for the better.

    Does jealousy cause your hate? Or are you just “that guy” in your group of friends? The one that is perpetually grumpy and a negative nancy.

  32. tdk: I don’t even need to comment on how ignorant your comparison of Billy Volek to Stafford is, do I?

  33. In your dreams. He is too injury prone to make it through a season. Could be because he plays for the Lions.

  34. Wow simple, you’re a Lions fan, I used a symbol wrong, and you still got the point? Imagine that. The Barry Sanders Curse will continue to own your club, misused symbols or not.

    Here, read between the dots: ..|..

  35. Why would I be jealous of Detroit? I think Lions fans should take a back-handed compliment for what it is. If I really didn’t think they were any good, would I waste my time taking jabs at them, weak as they might be?

  36. Ha ha ha! Yeah, I’m not the one trying to claim my 6-10 team is playoff bound when my fav team plays in a division that 3 of the 4 teams have been in the championship game the last two years.

    And all of that because my team finally got in striking distance of 500!

    I’m not saying the lions suck or that they’re not headed in the right direction, but how about bragging when… I dunno, you finally break 500? Maybe bragging about how great your D is gonna be after it makes top 20? Scratch, top 10…

    Oh, and bragging about an average O-line if you play in a division that features top 10 d-lines with pass specialist, Clay III, Peppers, and Allen… Might be kinda lacking in smarts? Just saying…

  37. The best part of this article is the last words of the title of the article…

    “Or more”


  38. There’s nothing wrong with Lion fans being optimistic in May but ‘delusional’ is a different animal ….

    Two playmakers (Johnson & Suh) out of 53 just won’t cut it …… Vanden Bosch is close but all of the rest will have to not only stay healthy but step-up to the next level for the Lions to vastly improve their record …..

    The Lion’s DBs alone will assure the Lions of a 1-5 North Division record in 2011 …. AR & Cutler will both carve up that leaky mess …..

    Lion Fans …. Be happy with 8-8 in 2011 then look forward to 2012 or 2013 ……

  39. I can not tell any doubters that they are 100% wrong about Stafford being a “china doll”. The truth is that we do not know if Stafford will or can stay healthy enough to showcase his talents (which no one should debate that he has) I wish Matt telling us that he is 100% would just make that happen.

    With that said, I am taking an optimistic approach to the season and Matt Stafford’s health. If it was truly a case of timely unfortunate injuries (which are in no way career ending) than I believe good things are going to happen for this Young QB.
    Stafford will however be the most scrutinized QB if we have a season, and will have more pressure on him than he has had in career this far. He has to stay healty enough to play in every game this season, and perform at a high level in order to silence the haters and doubters.
    I like most Lions fans, are afraid of another sidelining injury, because that means we have to start all over again in the franchise QB search as this is the year that defines what Matt Stafford is.
    Go Lions and Go Stafford, we Lions fans deserve it…..

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