More evidence that mediation won’t amount to much


As if it wasn’t already clear from the comments of Steelers owner Art Rooney, II, there’s more evidence that this week’s mediation session between the players and the owners won’t do any good.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan has scheduled just two days of mediation between the players and the league: They’ll start today and wrap up tomorrow. So it’s not like this is going to be a lengthy session where they could hammer out the details of any significant deals.

And Breer also reports that no active players have been seen on the premises. Mike Vrabel was supposed to be there until his flight got canceled, and with Vrabel unable to make it, apparently no players will be there.

So the mediation will consist of a whopping two days of talks, with no players around for the first day.  Don’t expect much progress.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Vikings linebacker Ben Leber is attending the session today.  Either way, don’t expect any real progress.  Besides, any progress likely will be undone once the Eighth Circuit rules on the pending appeal and one side wins, and the other side loses.

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  1. When my kids fight over a toy I settle the fight by taking the toy away as they have nothing to fight over.

    I am using the same logic here, I cancelled my season tickets for 12,000

    I stopped NFL sunday ticket for 300+ bucks

    and I am not going to be ordering my yearly new rookie jersey.

    There, now you have 12,500 less dollars to fight over.

  2. So you’re saying that these mediation talks are meaningless? That seems to be what you’re saying, but I just want to be clear.

    Maybe it would be better if you wrote 3 or 4 more articles saying the same thing just to make sure I have it straight.

  3. For being such a powerful League, the NFL has really turned into a joke. They have to know how foolish they look right? Way to give it 110% De Smith and Goodell.

    Don’t mind me as I get amped for college football this year instead of the NFL. Thanks for nothing.

  4. Thanks for confirming… I have no expectations that either side wants the NFL to flourish. Might as well scrap the season and let the “talks” languish in the court system… I’ll get my football fix with NCAA games… so long NFL.

  5. So how can we criticize the owners for “only” having 4 owners in attendance when the players only planned to have 1 player in attendance? Does Vrabel speak for all Manning, Brees, Brady, and others? Does Vrabel have voting rights for all players?

    Even worse how can hold either party accountable if the court ordered meditation is only planned for 2 days after a 4+ week gap since the last mediation session.

    What was Judge Nelson’s intent with the court order mediation using the “control” of her court? It struck me as odd when she choose not to order both parties back mediation under the Federal Mediator, and now the on-again and off-again mediation from her hand picked judge / mediator….

    Let’s hope for a ruling by the 8th Circuit and forced mediation back under the Federal Mediator. By all accounts that is the last time there was any productive discussions and progress. Remove the leverage of the de-certification (sham) and anti-trust litigation, and reengage in mediation discussions & negotiations towards a new CBA!!

  6. This is where PFT writer FLO-maurice usually suggests all 32 owners should be there, or nothing can get done. These irreperable damages that the players are incurring due to the lockout must be incredible…

  7. If no owners were going to be there, you guys would be all over them. No players? Only one was going at all? Not so much.

  8. yup, let’s mediate with people who want to end this bs. Ooooops, where are the players?? Maybe they should forfeit like any athletic contest where a team does’t show up?

  9. Nothing shows how much you don’t care more than not being there. What a great message to the fans. So are the lawyers going to play Gin Rummy for two days and then tell the press how hard they negotiated? This is a complete farce! I’d rather hear nothing from both sides than any spin doctoring.

  10. No kidding! Wow! What a revelation! And just what head-in-the-sand ostrich actually thought this was going to go forward now? The players became enthralled with their chances of retaining the golden egg deal the NFL had given them with the last CBA and they’re going to go the whole route in the court system. That ensures that there will be no positive movement on this for MONTHS while the lawyers rack up their billable hours. The only common sense thing to do at this juncture would be for both sides to agree to play the 2011 season under the 2010 rules while this nonsense plays out in court and hope that it will be settled/solved by next February. That’s what you get when you ask the lawyers to “help”.

  11. The good news is Boylan is the type of judge that works hard to get this stuff settled prior to court. The bad news is De Smith and Roger Goodell do not want to get this worked out without screwing the other over.

    At some point someone needs to step up and give both of them a vote of no confidence and lets move on.

  12. I’m sick and tired of this bullcrap man who cares if football start’s or not i’m fed up with all the crap that comes out of their mouths!!

  13. I agree that the talks won’t amount to much but how about blasting the players for once for not being there on day one of mediation with a team that can approve a deal on the spot.

    That has been your mantra for the owners, criticizing them for not having all 32 owners there but when not one player shows up for day 1, they get a pass?

    Where’s the scathing commentary?

  14. No players? And PFT keeps telling us in round about ways that the players want to negotiate. It is BS.

    FACT: D. Smith walked out of CBA negotiations, decertified the union, had certain players file suit, did not attend at least one court ordered mediation session, and now, apparently isn’t going to encourage players to be at mediation.

    Fans, players and PFT personnel that really want football need to tell D. Smith to get his butt into negotiations.

  15. It’s becoming clear why this site is on the players side. If there’s is no football, then business becomes flat to nil for this site. However they should put aside selfish interests like they’ve been advising the owners and not the players and project what professional sports will be like if the players strategy of bargaining in bad faith for PR purposes and then decertifying. That is going to be the template for all professional sports players union going forward if De Smith succeeds with this. I’m not pro owners, far from it as I think the prices of preseason games are simply exploitation but there must be better ways than what the litigious De Smith is doing

  16. Every time one side does or says something stupid, the other side steps up and makes sure each looks equally ridiculous. 1 player. Really. Thanks, NLFPA. I tend to side with the players if I pick sides at all but I’m starting to side with just waiting for college football. What a bunch of idiots, both sides.

  17. I am not one to bash the writers of these articles, but seriously, at least three articles explaining how “worthless” the present round of negotiations are? really?

    How about this guys….write an article that ALL fans, whether pro-owner or pro-player, can stand behind. How about an article that states, in no uncertain terms, that we, as fans, have had enough. An article that states, that we, the fans, will no longer tolerate your greedy, selfish ways. How about an article that you can send to those in power, that will give them the idea that the fans are done. How about letting us fans react to said article, and send that to the powers that be.

    If an end to the constant spin and BS is what we all want, including PFT, than why not help the biggest losers in this. C’mon PFT….Do the right thing, somebody has to!!!!!!

  18. what a mockery.

    what an insult to the intelligence of the fans. This is all PR. Why would a court insist on 2 days of meaningless mediation, when for months nothing has evolved bearing fruit? No players even SHOW UP.

    How frustrating that our game. Not THERE game, OUR GAME, is being trahsed and torn up for greed.

    Not our game? I’m betting over 75% of all readers are over 25. That said, the vast majority of us have put in a helluvalot more money into the NFL than the players coming in (simple math; more jerseys bought, tickets paid for, cable fees upped, etc..). It was our money that helped build the largest sports emipire in the country and they play us for stupid with their games and rhetoric.

    Although I am a loyal fan of the site, continuing to log on and see the same crap being tossed back and forth with no true thoughts for the fans is sad. Sure they say they feel for us, just no where near the feel for their own wallet. Fine, be honest and say that rather than play us as if we are buying the greed.

    I personally would love to see the season skipped for the reason the owners would lose money AND the players would lose. Sure, we would too initially, but it just might preserve the game we’ve come to love if it gets some heads in check with what is really important;

    because it is you and I, the fans, that write those checks in reality. “Don’t know what you”ve got, til it’s gone.”

    I’m betting a new incentive will be fresh with a renewed love for the game if they have it taken away for a season (not too mention the lack of game checks).

  19. Didn’t buy my hat this year for thew draft haven’t bought a jersey and wrote cbssportsline that I don’t intend to commish 3 of my fantasy leagues and cancelled my Sunday Ticket….Wonder how many Millions fantasy league sites are losing????? Theres another thousand less to argue about

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