Peter King thinks Ochocinco will land in New England

We’ve occasionally mentioned Chad Ochocinco’s flirtation with the New England Patriots this offseason.

While Marvin Lewis thinks Bill Belichick is “too smart” to go after The Ocho, SI’s Peter King believes Belichick may just be crazy enough to do it.

“At the end of the day, I think he’s gonna be with the New England Patriots,” King told Florio on Monday’s PFT Live.

For the rest of the conversation, check out the video below.

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22 responses to “Peter King thinks Ochocinco will land in New England

  1. Whats up with the stupid video ads on the site now? Its annoying that they automatically play

  2. Not gonna happen. People keep pointing to them taking a troubled Randy Moss or a disgruntled Corey Dillon, but the Patriots had strong needs at their respective positions at the times they were acquired.

  3. I would not be surprised, especially with Belichick wanting guys who are versatile like Ocho-boxer/soccer player/bull (s#%^**$#)rider/etc. He might be a perfect fit.

  4. Not sure how Chad’s “look at me” attitude would go over here in New England but with all his antics he has never been a troublemaker or shown up on a police blotter.

    If you have ever seen Sound FX BB miked up ,there is certainly a mutual level of respect between BB & Chad.

  5. You may get away with these talking bull$*%t adds once there is a season, but how many people are walking away now (like me) and may forget you exist in a few months?

  6. The Pats need a deep threat. If Ocho can play that role, Belichick – who seems to get along well with Chad and vice versa – might take a chance.

    But it looks to me that Ochocinco’s slowed and isn’t the deep threat he once was.

  7. Aaron Hernandez already wears 85. Somehow that would create more drama than it should.

  8. Well, if Peter King says that this will happen, then I will say it won’t.

    Odds are I am right and all I have to do is play those odds.

    In all seriousness though he has slowed, but he will also go over the deep middle as well as where linebackers live if that is what the D is giving.

    Randy…not so much. That’s big difference between the two.

    If they shore up the edge rush for the D, then what the hell go for him if it works within whatever cap is created.

  9. With the way he got handled by that bull, he’s lucky he didn’t land in the ER.

  10. Sounds like a fantastic idea. It meets a need that both sides have. Could get both Belichick and Ochocinco a ring next year.

    Count me among those who never quite understood the hate leveled at Ochocinco. Bit of an attention-hound, yes, but as someone else pointed out above, never a criminal or someone bogged down in questionable morality. He just has fun and is very demonstrative about it. If that Pats made Moss work as long as they did, they can make Ochocinco – milder in every way, with just as much upside – work.

  11. Ocho can still be one of the top 5 receivers. He just needs to know his playbook better and have a QB that is focused on winning.
    A coach like B B can make it happen.
    Even with things as bad as they were in Cincy last year, him included, he prob gets 1k yards if he didn’t miss the last few games.
    He gets 1300 – 1400 in NE.

  12. No … not happening!!! Peter King also predicted during the offseason of 2008 that Ochocinco would be traded before Labor Day!!! He’s still on the team to this day!!!

    Media predictions are way too based on beyond overly generic information and research!!!!

    The Bengals brought back Chris Henry after he was “too out of character” for the franchise!!!
    However, Laveranues Coles and Antonio Bryant were too bereft of ability to be worth any of their cash. Those two are now out of the league.

    Until Ochocinco truly cannot play anymore, Mike Brown will cut him. For now he’s Brown’s biatch!

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