Redskins say there was no draft-day deal with Steelers


On Monday, Peter King of mentioned in his Monday Morning Quarterback Column that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said on Sirius radio over the weekend that the team had a deal in place to send the 16th overall pick to the Steelers for the 16th pick, and other stuff.

Intrigued by the news and reasonably assuming that the information in King’s column was accurate, we posted a blurb on the story.  Which prompted all hell to break loose.

Redskins senior V.P. of public relations Tony Wyllie called to say that Snyder wasn’t on Sirius radio over the weekend, and that Snyder has done no radio since Super Bowl week (his tour included PFT Live).  Wyllie called back to say that, moreover, the underlying story isn’t true — there was no tentative deal in place with the Steelers.

King has since clarified his column to point out that the item was based on a Saturday tweet from Jim Wexell of, who as far as we know was not conducting any social experiments:  “Dan Snyder said on Sirius Radio this week that the Redskins and Steelers had a draft day deal in place, but ‘the player was gone’ at pick 16.”

We’re not sure what any of it means at this point, but it’ll give us something else to discuss with Peter King on today’s PFT Live, which starts at noon ET.

34 responses to “Redskins say there was no draft-day deal with Steelers

  1. 1. What does Jim Wexell have to say?
    2. What does the Serius radio have to say?
    3. Unless King is going to tell us those, who cares what he has to say?

  2. I’m sure the implication was that it was Pouncey. But why is this even news? A tweet… that’s so funny. Nice job King… well done.

  3. Oh…How quaint…..King just happens to be on your show today, while no other NFL news is relevant……I’m not to assume this isn’t a hit generated pile of dung?……You Guys should go to Vegas, either to count cards or get married…..

  4. whoops, sounds like a “stretch” of the truth to me…lol…At least King finally staed his source, and that it was obviously “inaccurate”…lol

  5. Mike Huff when he was asked on a Radio Program stated that “of course I want to stay with the Raiders” with all the talk of him wanting to go to Dallas bull.

    Wow I can be a Sports Reporter Today just by looking over the Internet and using other peoples work to pawn off as my own, lay the Con like I have some inside scoop on the information.

    What a shame, 80% of what this King tries and Pawns off is nothing but garbage with little ever being right.

  6. wow peter king making stuff up, thats a first.

    I heard espn is hiring, and seems like you have just what it takes to work there peter.

  7. So King saw a tweet and analyzed it in his Monday morning column. You read King’s column and decided to repost and also cast aspersions on how much the Redskins like their pick at. Now the whole chain (based on a tweet) is unraveling. Sure you’ve posted a retraction (or sorts) but how many people read your unfounded allegations against the Redskins and took it as a fact. Nice work!

  8. “Daniel Snyder said on Sirius radio over the weekend that the team had a deal in place to send the 16th overall pick to the Steelers for the 16th pick, and other stuff.”

    Looks like Mr. Snyder has really turned his draft strategy around. Trying to trade the 16th pick to the Steelers in return for the 16th pick and other stuff? Danny boy, you wily dog, you.

  9. Redskins PR department is about as reliable as a source as Dan snyder is a general manager.

  10. …”King has since clarified his column to point out that the item was based on a Saturday tweet from Jim Wexell of…”
    So Peter King uses tweets as his source for news in his MMQB column for SI?? Why does this guy get so much credit for being such a great journalist?? Seems lazy to me.

  11. This just in ,Peter King comes out of the closet and admits hes gay. He is also the suger daddy for some young immagrant boys. This information comes straight off a bathroom stall in Detriots airport so its more reliable then an actual column by King himself.

  12. is there ANY type of BS filter at the PFT offices? I think people compete to see what kind of ridiculous stories they can get you to print. you take all the sport out of it though.

  13. Peter King is awful. I don’t believe anything that guy says or writes and moreover don’t care. I stopped reading when I saw “Peter King of”

  14. I could swear you set up stuff like this to happen, because when it all comes full circle, it just so happens that a person involved is on that day’s (or the next day’s) PFT Live

  15. If I ran SI or ESPN, any reporter who based a story off another reporter’s tweets without back checking and finding at least one other credible source would be suspended without pay first offense, fired second offense.

    I mean, really. How lazy has sports journalism gotten in this country?

  16. Wexell is a hack. Among his best work is reporting the hiring of Russ Grimm as Steelers head coach. If Wexell reports it it probably is wrong.

  17. It used to be that journalists verified their stories before printing them.. How could King use a tweet for his story without making a few phone calls to back it? Sadly, this seems to be the norm in the media, not the exception.

    Shame on you King for not being any better than a run-of-the-mill blogger.

  18. Shocker – Peter King back tracking on a story. How is this guy still employed anywhere?

  19. Peter King is NOT a journalist IMO,he’s a glorified highly paid blogger. He has 0 writing skills and doesn’t write with proper sentence structure or grammar so he’s more like a blogger.

    All this could have been clarified to begin with if he hadn’t been so eager to “break a story” and had simply reposted that item and noted it was a tweet. I bet if it were true he wouldn’t have clarified that he took it from someone else.

  20. Was this the same radio show that Snyder discussed his front office’s desperate attempt to trade up into the top two picks of the draft so they could get Blaine Gabbert?

    Hey, why not just go the whole way and start reporting that Snyder’s marriage is in trouble. After all his wife has been seen throwing a jersey at him over dinner. Don’t bother checking the source, I’m sure it is legit.

  21. Pound for pound, Peter King is one of the better pro football writers. Would not try to wrestle a hot dog away from him, or the last slice of pizza.

  22. In Peter King’s defense, he wasn’t paying attention to what he was writing in this week’s column because he was eating a really, really expensive baguette.

  23. Either Snyder was on the radio or he wasnt. If this turns out that he was not on and did not say these things. Well then Peter King is no better than Mike Wise. He should never be taken seriously again.

  24. So Roethlisberger Hater, and noted Kordell Lover Jim Wexell looks foolish again? Oh go on…..

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