Reggie Bush: Obviously, I’m taking a pay cut

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Saints running back Reggie Bush has accepted the fact that whether he stays in New Orleans or plays elsewhere in 2011, there’s no way he’s making the $11.8 million that his current contract calls for him to make.

As he continues to walk back from his previous comments about being finished in New Orleans, Bush said he hopes to have the opportunity to work out a new deal with the Saints when the lockout ends.

“This is something that me, my agent and the Saints have to collectively come together to talk about and just come to a meeting point — a happy medium — because obviously there’s going to have to be some type of pay cut,” Bush said. “There’s going to have to be some type of renegotiation.”

Bush is right: It’s obvious that no one is paying him anything close to $11.8 million this season. There’s a lot we don’t know about how player compensation will work in 2011, but we do know for sure that no team is going to give an eight-figure salary to a running back who has never rushed for even 600 yards in a season, and whose total yards from scrimmage have declined every single season he’s been in the league.

But Bush is still optimistic that something can be worked out for him to stay in New Orleans.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to play for the Saints for six, seven, eight, 10 more years,” Bush said.

Considering that Bush will be 36 years old in 10 years, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he won’t play for the Saints for 10 more years. But despite what he tweeted on draft day, Bush may be in New Orleans for at least one more year.

28 responses to “Reggie Bush: Obviously, I’m taking a pay cut

  1. I’m surprised they don’t make him pay back some of the 48 million he’s taken

  2. And Kim Kardashian is a bit of a sl*t. These are things we all already know. Top notch reporting.

    Next, PFT tells us that Christian Ponder was a reach!

  3. One of the most overrated players in the NFL. This guy can’t even be an effective runner behind the Saints offensive line.

    Please go to a crappy team so we won’t have to hear about you anymore, Reggie.

  4. Maybe he can do one of those Maurice Clarett incentive laden deals for the 10 years. Might be tough to pay the bills, but he’ll stay employed.

  5. I think Bush would be the best 3rd down back on about 23 teams but New Orleans isn’t one of them.

    If he is re-signed as anything other than a punt returner, they will be getting phone calls for Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory.

  6. Bush has always been my favorite player. As a fan of his I would love to see him stay down in new orleans im a huge saints fan ever since his arrival. He has great talent just needs to focus on his role and not do to much to overwork his body. aka Pr/Kr and 3rd down back or wide receiver. He deserves a contract close to pieree thomas regardless of the wear and tear he has suffered. If you can run a 4.3 and you get hurt you can still out run alot of NFL players.

  7. Reggie Bush: “Obviously I’m not as good as people expected me to be, and I can’t accept the fact that there will be competition for my job now.”
    He is the type of guy that shouldn’t use Twitter.

  8. Bush to paly 10 more years……only if New Orleans overpays him 2 more years and the he gets traded to the Vikings.

  9. I’d say if production for a $11.8M back is 1,800 yards than Reggie is a $4M guy, at best. Plan on his final figure being near that for 2 years at best.

  10. Where’s all the “owner-lovers”? Shouldn’t the Saints owner live up to this contract???? But…if it were someone else holding out, you’d whine all day. Bunch of hypocrites you all are!

  11. …I hope it works out for us to keep Reggie – although he should relinquish his cell phone – all the haters just wish they had him on their team & would buy a jersey the first time he scored for them…btw – mark my words, everybody’s new baby chris ivory will be the odd man out – watch…

  12. i don’t particularly like bush but i do think that he can have significant value for a team. i don’t think that team is the saints though. with ingram, ivory and thomas back there they are pretty much covered. if he went to a team that needed a third down back and a guy that can get out in the slot sometimes, i think he could get out there for a lot of snaps and be a solid contributor. that player is still not worth 11.8 million though.

  13. Why would the Saints have to come to a “happy medium”? If the Saints decide they want to keep him, then really all they have to do is maybe pay a little more than the next highest bidder which probably wouldn’t be that much.

  14. At least he helped the Saints win a Super Bowl. A lot of overpaid players can’t say that, like, say, Carson Palmer.

  15. I wonder if Pierre Thomas should be more worried than Reggie about the Ingram pick…

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