Rex Ryan’s book isn’t a flop, or is it?


Omitted from the Rex Ryan book tour, Mike Francesa of WFAN pointed to the fact that the book hadn’t cracked the top 100 on as proof that it’s a flop.

Earlier today, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News posted back-to-back tweets pointing out somewhat more flattering figures.  Per Mehta, Ryan’s book, Play Like You Mean It, ranks 11th on the New York Times bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction, and 13th for all nonfiction.

So that means Ryan’s book is finally kick ass and making Francesa look foolish?

Nope.  At, and as of this posting, the book has slumped to 437.

Either there are a ton of fiction books that are kicking butt right now, or someone’s numbers are out of whack.

49 responses to “Rex Ryan’s book isn’t a flop, or is it?

  1. Maybe they should’ve waited until he did something great to write a book about him. That’s usually the subject of a biography: someone who did something great. What has Ryan done other than coach some good defenses and embarrass himself and his wife with their foot sex videos?

  2. Well, it would be quite a feat if the book cracked the top 10……..(or feet)

  3. Amazon has shifted its focus to selling books for Kindle since they are the creators of Kindle.

    Sports books often sell for years and years after they are published. If the Jets are making another playoff run around Christmas time, I’m sure it will be a top seller this Christmas and in ones in the future.

  4. Does his book include advice on how to flip the bird to a crowd of rednecks and delicious delicious recipes?

  5. Normally it is clear what you want your readers to think by your bias, but I am confused Flo-Mo, what should we believe??

  6. Amazon is one of many outlets for a book to rank on and you don’t need to be Top 10 there to have a bestseller. Those rankers also fluctuate throughout the week.

  7. Wow, could your ignorance show even more than Francesa’s? The NYT Best Sellers list is the TOTAL sales of a book from all sources. Amazon’s list is just that, sales at Amazon.

  8. “Either there are a ton of fiction books that are kicking butt right now, or someone’s numbers are out of whack.”

    Do you ever research your stories? Amazon counts electronic (Kindle) sales. NYT only counts sales of physical books.

  9. Have to agree with killxswitch.

    Since I haven’t read the book nor do I plan to, I am guessing it is more fiction than non fiction like the Jets Super Bowl chances.

  10. Is this really news worthy? What the hell does this have to do with anything pertaining to the actual football season or future football seasons? PFT, there are a lot more stories out there, maybe go into depth about player workouts, free agents, what coaches are doing during the lockout and so on, this crap about some coaches book sales is just scraping the bottom of the barrel, literally.

  11. Rex Ryan’s book makes for a great coffee table book….

    I need somwhere to place my cup of coffee so i don’t ruin the table

  12. He should have included some pop ups of pretty feet.
    Then J-E-T-S fans would have bought more

  13. I trust Amazon

    So obviously Amazon isn’t the only place people by books

    I didn’t know that the NY times sold books…

  14. his book is no. 11 on the ny times best seller list. so whats the point of this article again?

  15. Amazon is not the only place people shop, but it is a great overall indicator of what people overall in the nation are buying, not just New York. Plus it’s a combined rating , not just fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, cartoons, Quarterback of the Future, etc….

  16. I think the difference is simple. Someone bought a crap ton of books from stores (aka for Ryan to autograph). Did a little test. Took the book right above Ryans, Dick Van Dykes memoir and checked its Amazon ranking, 63. And the Amazon rankings are for books, period. The NYTimes rankings being used are for hardcover-nonfiction and nonfiction ONLY. A restrictive set compared to Amazons.

  17. Since they don’t build Borders in trailer parks, Jets’ fans are only buying through Amazon. If Amazon shows that Rex’s book is 437th, it must be so bad Jets’ fans aren’t even buying it…

    Or they can’t afford it which wouldn’t surprise me either since many of them can’t afford dentists.

  18. Are there any foot fetish photo’s???? That should help move the book along…

  19. Francesca is a dingaling. This is a really difficult time for the publishing industry, and football-themed books traditionally don’t sell as well as other nonfiction genres. It’s a great day when a football entry cracks the top 15 on the Times list. The NYT is a better gauge of overall sales than Amazon, and just making the Times list will help generate sales. Besides, all that matters is how much money the book is earning. If Ryan has made back his advance and then some, his book is a success no matter where he places on Amazon.

  20. Book should be titled “2 wins shy of being the team I said we amazing feet!”

  21. He should have named it “Eat Like You Mean It.” Or maybe “Cheat Like You Mean It.” Oh wait that’s Belichick’s memoir name.

  22. He’s coached his team to the conference finals!
    The Conference Finals!!!
    Not only should the book be number one but we should be tearing down that Lincoln memorial to make room for this man statue. This man, this messiah,this legend who almost won a conference final, his name should be on everyone’s lips.
    Almost Won A Conference Final!

  23. Well, I went to buy it at Borders the other day and they had 2 copies left, so it must be selling pretty well.

    For the record, who the hell buys from Amazon? I’ve never bought a thing there. Just go to a book store lazy arse.

  24. For God’s sake, Rex, go on the dude’s show or he’ll trash everything you for the rest of your stay in NY. Sheesh, a whiney media dope who thinks his blessing should have been sought by Ryan. Now Ryan is in HIS doghouse? When did radio hosts become bigger than the players and coaches they yap about?

  25. Haha the foot jokes are so funny. Its not like we havent heard every single one now for months over and over. Some of you guys are really so creative. People can say what they want and make all the jokes you want. Whats funny to me is nobody ever attacks his coaching because they cant. If anybody understands the jets history they would know exactly what ryan has accomplished for the jets. A few people wrote on here what has he done besides lose to champ games. That is just so ignorant its disgusting. He has made them more than relevant again and he has excited and energized the entire fanbase. Rex is everywhere and people hate it. I dont know if its jealosy or what but nobody can give any credit, even when a cool football book comes out. The jets could win the SB this year and people will still find negative bs to say and not give any credit. If any other new head coach came in and was a quiet guy and kissed ass like alot of other coaches do and accomplished what rex has so far they would get so much more credit no doubt. So to each as own i guess i know most jets fans including myself would rather have nobody else running the team besides ryan.

  26. @halo81 …

    I’ve bought everything from food to clothes to furniture through Amazon. It has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with price, availability, and the value I place on my time. If I need to buy a newly published book, Amazon gives me a better price than retail stores and free shipping as long as I spend $25. Right now gas to the nearest bookstore would run me about $48.

    Thanks for the input, but I’d rather keep my $48 and work out my lazy arse on the treadmill in the next room.

  27. Who cares what either one of these fat loads has to say anyway. Just a foot lickin freak and a pompous a-hole!
    End the lock out already so Christian Ponder can lead my team to the promised land!

  28. The problem is that the book is listed as non fiction when it is actually a fiction book.
    Its a fictional story of the greatest football team that is lead by the greatest staff of coaches that has all the greatest players in the NFL. Midway through the story one of the great players from that great team is cheated out of his defensive award by another team. This angers the great team and they beat two evil teams in the playoffs until the mean wizard in Indianapolis cheats to beat them. Then the greatest team vows that they will win next year and they do defeat the mean wizard from Indianapolis the following year. Then the greatest team defeats the big bullies from New England. But then the greatest team is cheated by the evil men in black from Pittsburgh. The jolly leader of the greatest team then declares that the evil Green and Yellow team should not be champions. The jolly leader of the greatest team then declares that in Volume 2 the greatest team will when the championship.
    See Fiction.

  29. halo81 says:
    May 16, 2011 4:21 PM
    Well, I went to buy it at Borders the other day and they had 2 copies left, so it must be selling pretty well.

    For the record, who the hell buys from Amazon? I’ve never bought a thing there. Just go to a book store lazy arse.

    Dude you still must be living in 1994, who buys books or anything for that matter @ Barnes or Borders where the prices are definitely higher, from books to electronics you just name it Amazon offers for the most part great deals with free shipping to boot.

  30. You realize that the NYT Best Sellers list is a joke right? The publisher ‘buys’ copies of their own book to get it onto the list in order to generate publicity and make OTHER people think its a popular book.

  31. @doe22us

    As far as reading goes, the Kindle is still second to an actual book to me. I love my Kindle but I’d rather get the real thing. I’m a young guy too, so I’m not even old school like that. Personal preference, I guess.

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