Alex Smith confirms he’s likely to return to 49ers


Again and again this offseason, we’ve heard from 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh that he wants to retain quarterback Alex Smith and expects to do so.

We haven’t heard a lot from Smith.  The fact he didn’t sign with the team before the lockout started appeared to indicate an interest in testing the market.  Until Tuesday.

Smith told reporters after a workout he was likely to return to the 49ers. Mindi Bach of writes that Smith asked not to be quoted directly, but clearly indicated he’s expecting to remain on the team.

When last season ended, it was hard to imagine a scenario Smith came back to San Francisco.  He wanted out, and the organization didn’t figure to want him back either.

But Smith and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh have hit it off, with Smith saying Harbaugh’s offense reminds him of Mike McCarthy’s 49ers attack from Smith’s rookie season.

Perhaps it’s only a marriage of convenience in a bizarre offseason, but it’s a marriage that will improbably last another year.

27 responses to “Alex Smith confirms he’s likely to return to 49ers

  1. I was hoping for a quick end to the lockout but now I’m rethinking. I’m not sure my liver will survive another season of Alexcuses.

  2. Yay!!!!!!!! Good news!

    Since my brother is a long time niner fan! This couldn’t be finer news!

    5 freaking super bowls is ENOUGH!


  3. Alex Smith, the biggest number 1 overall bust of a QB,..well white one anyway,…and they draft a guy with a name I wont bother to try and spell that plays the QB style that even a UFL team wouldnt draft him for…Kkkeaappernnkkppik is really a guy that should have been an undrafted free agent…ok he wasnt not a top ten pick, but oh my Lord that was the most ridiculest draft pick ever,…clearly nobody in the NFL really watched any Nevada games.

  4. He will lead the Niners to the division title. Dingleberrys offense had the strategy of a 4 year olds pee wee league and the Nolan years he had as many weapons as the Swiss army. Give him a decent coach who knows mre plays than run at the righ side of the line and smith has a chance to be pretty good. Just wait, he is top 1o this year and makes a pro bowl alternate.

  5. In Jim and Trent I trust. Alex is a stop gap for Colin. To tell you the truth, its perfect for Colin. He can learn a lot from sitting for a year or two, to really groom into the Star he can be. I’m with this. Go 49ers.

  6. Being a Rams fan, this is “uplifting” news… and Jimmy Hairball, if Smith doesn’t work out (for the 25th time…) I’m assuming that you can revamp the STERLING early careers of Jamarkus Russell, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Heath Schuler and maybe, just maybe Ryan Leaf is finally out of prison? Why don’t you build your franchise around those 10 cent heads? We’ll keep Bradford and you keep riding your train wreck du jour.

  7. goombar2 says: May 17, 2011 8:30 PM

    Is it just me or does the headline sound like a threat?


    I love you.

  8. This announcement was obviously made on Friday the 13th. Welcome back Freddy – the nightmare continues!

  9. The Alexcuses crowd is amazing. Are there Lions’ fans saying “if Joey Harrington had ONE more chance” or Raiders’ fans saying “JaMarcus didn’t get a fair shot”?

    Six years of failure. Soon to be seven.

  10. A marriage between 2 men in San Francisco?
    That’s not something you hear about everyday.

  11. The strange thing is that everyone always says how smart Alex Smith is (although it doesn’t show up on the NFL football field). Does this sound smart to you ??? The Niner’s GM has stated that Alex is not his QB of the future and the Niner’s HC has stated that he wants a durable and accurate passer who is a good leader etc,all things that Alex has failed miserably at.
    To top it all off the Niners are only offering alex a 1 year deal,since everyone (except alex it seems) knows that Colin Kaepernick is the starting QB for the niners as soon as he gets schooled up by Harbaugh and gets ready to go.
    So Alex ,being sooo smart,is coming back to the Niners where he gets loudly booed at almost every incomplete pass and where he is not wanted for more than 1 year and where he has NO future at all,unless he wants to be a backup his entire career(and of course we know that is what he really is,a backup quality QB in the NFL,if he improves).
    If Alex was really smart he would leave for a team that runs an offense that fits him somewhat better than the WCO that Harbaugh is installing. And he could start whatever future he has with that other team 1 year sooner if he left NOW.And since we all know it takes Alex more than a full year to learn and get comfortable in a new offense,and even then he is not very good,then that would mean that he will not even be up to his usual poor standard until 2012,just when Kaepernick is becoming the starter. So why stay if all it does is delay your possible future with another team for 1 year ???
    Sounds like alex mighht be afraid to get out in the cruel hard World and fight for a spot ,when he is getting a spot handed to him once again. Alex has ruined two HC’s that also contributed to their own demise.I hope Harbaugh can withstand a year with the Coach killer !
    IMHO I believe that with the better coaching the Niners have now that even a poor QB like Alex can win the NFC West.
    But the real Harbaugh 49ers will not be seen until the real QB of the future is ready to go(Colin Kaepernick !).
    My suggestion,for what it is worth…sign Hasselbeck for a year or 2 and let Kaepernick sit and learn for a year.It would be better for the Niners and better for Alex if he just went away.
    But it looks like he just won’t go away,sort of like those killers in those slasher movies,they always come back to kill again, 🙂

  12. This is the first time in 7 seasons that Alex smith starting is good news for the 49ers. With first pick of the 2012 NFL draft the san francisco 49ers select, andrew luck quarterback standford!

  13. Another first time headcoach with a new regime that starts his tenure in sf with a first round pick with the name A. Smith… Great omen , can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

  14. …Jesus. All you Alex Smith haters, shut up! Seriously… all of you are haters. And, if you don’t know or understand what being ‘haters’ is… heres the definition…. Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success. And lets see, now everyone is going to comment on success, right? What success has Alex Smith had? Oh, that’s right, made it as a starter in the NFL, actually plays infront of thousands of people, millions on TV. What have any of you done? Probably nothing with your lives. Sit at home, jerk yourselfs off, and watch football during the season and porn the rest. So until any of you so-called 49ers fans/others actually get out on that football field and throw a few touchdowns, last over 6 years… then say something. I’m tired of all you judging someone just for having some bad games. Act like its easy. You guys just really dont understand what all a QB has to do, neither do I, but I know its more then calling plays and looking good out there. And remember… its not just the QB’s fault… thats why football is a TEAM’s sport… its not tennis. So next time, think before you speak. Thanks.

  15. A. Smith hopefully will mean A. (good) Luck in 2012. I hope not, but we’re gonna suck again this year. The Niners better sign him for a lot less money. Harbaugh is getting conned.

  16. j4m3zm0n3y trying to defend Alex Smith will not give you brownie points! Trying to compare fans to NFL qb’s is ridiculous! Fans are paying this guy to lose and you want us to shut up? You said he had some bad games? As long as he is in a niner uniform and continous to have “BAD GAMES” HE WILL BE CRITISIZED BY THE NINER NATION!

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